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  • What do I say to my friend with an eating disorder?

    She sent me a picture and she was so happy she can't fit into her shorts anymore. I don't know how to reply back to her. Please help. :(

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  • Do you think I'm a bad friend?

    Do you think I'm a bad friend? Ok so me and my bestfriend were going to go trick or treating but my mom checked my grades and there were a few that were bad and now she said I'm not allowed to go so I texted her that and said she had every right to be mad it was my fault and now her Halloween is ruined because of me slacking off in school and she doesn't want to talk cause she's mad what should I do?

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  • What would you say if your friend said this to you?

    "If you really honestly think that it's all right for you to drink and drive, then by all means it's all right for you to drink and drive because all you can do is take care of your own self."

    I don't know how to respond to her statement can someone please help?

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  • Where were you on 9/11?

    For me I was only in kindergarten and I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I was in AM Kindergarten in Mrs.A's class when the secretary made an announcement that there having an early dismissal so I got outside and I got in my moms car and she was driving faster than usual so when we got home she ran inside and sat on the couch and thats when the second tower had fallen and it was playing on the tv and I walked in and she was sobbing and I remember asking her mommy whats wrong why are you crying and she just looked at me and continued to cry. I now know why she didn't answer see my mom was born in new york and my dad lived there most of his life and when we watched the 10 year anniversary their were fellow officers from my dads old precinct that risked their life to save others in the towers and friends of my moms who were their that tragic day. Then the next day she was driving me to school and she looks at me and goes you know your father worked the third shift when he was an officer and he got out at 7:30 am and i said ya and then she finishes by saying if we still lived in new york your father would have stayed to save the people he could. So maybe you weren't alive when 9/11 happened or maybe your to young but if you think that today is a stupid day and see no point in remembering it than shame on you on that tragic day it showed heroism in every hero that helped out from the hero's who helped in NYC to the Pentagon and Flight 93 I salute you and will always remember you for your brave acts. R.I.P to the fallen hero's you will never be forgotten.

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  • Should i audition for a band someone is putting together?

    i mean i guess my singing voice is good but my family says i'm good and my two best friends say so to but i was talking about it to other people and everyone was like ooooh let me hear you sing and i'm a shy person so i was like no and i dont wanna get judged for not singing to them... wow i got off topic so should i sing to those people and then see if they say im good and then audition.

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  • What did you think about the ending to the legend of Korra?

    I hope they continue it but I didn't seem like it cause korra learned her airbending got her bending back entered the avatar state. Mako fell in love with her.. And to top it all off amon died maybe I mean he May not be dead but im pretty sure he is.

    6 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • Why did they close the Reading Railroad?

    Ok so the reading railroad is mainly known for one of the four railroads you want to buy in monopoly well it was also very important in WWI for transporting troops and iron well I passed it in the car one day and I never knew why it closed so why did it close? And to clear up any confusion it's not pronounced reading like your reading a book it's pronounced reding

    2 AnswersRail9 years ago
  • Why did they close the Reading Railroad?

    So alot of you know the Reading Railroad as one of the four Railroads on the monopoly board but for most Pennsylvanians it was am awesome railroad and it made our little P.O.S city actually popular any way all I'd like to know is why did they close it down and did anyone ever stop to think hey if we open it then we wouldn't have the highest poverty rate in the US?

    3 AnswersHistory9 years ago
  • I'm speechless a little girl was murdered by her own mother such a tragedy?

    So I'm in 10th grade and I get a phone call from the school and they say we send our condolences to the _______family for their loss so then I go to Facebook and everyone has R.I.P __________ __________ and I clicked on one status and I just cried people asked how did this happen and it said her mom was going through divorce and she lost her job and I guess snapped and murdered her 11year old daughter then killed her self how can a mother just do that how?

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  • If the FDA is supposed to protect us from harmful food why arent they?

    So I finished watching Food Inc. and I feel like the meat packing industry is worse as when Upton Sinclair wrote the Jungle sure their are differences but they still are the same there's only 13 meatpacking industries in the Us so that's like 2 million cattle standing in their own $hit for hours and already having E.Coli from the corn they force them and then when they get slaughtered their not even cleaned so you have a chance of getting E.Coli how can the FDA call that sanitary and functional it's not it's disgusting!

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  • I'm afraid of my dad right now please help!!!!?

    Hey so my dads been drinking tonight and I'm scared that he may kill my family no it's not a joke I'm actually frightened I'm in the corner of my bed with a wooden baseball bat and a old police night stick please help cause we had a fight and tonight was my play and I had a great time but I went to get dinner since I didn't eat yet and as we were driving back home we stopped at an intersection and I look over and there I see what I think is his license plate so I was like mom that's dad and she was like no he's turning it's not him and I was like I'm pretty sure it was and she was like no he goes the way were going to get home so then I was In my moms room and he pulled up his car and sure enough it was him at the intersection and idk I might be over reacting but idk please help!

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  • What are your opinions on the end of the world in 2012?

    Hey so my friend and I were talking about this one day and we don't think the world will end in december 2012 but she brought up a point that even though the world might not end some people might do some pretty f***** up things like terrorists and so on so what do you think could this happen? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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  • I have a few questions on The Ping Pong Diplomacy?

    did china and the us stab ussr and taiwan in the back during the ping pong diplomacy?

    1 AnswerHistory9 years ago
  • I have a few questions on The Ping Pong Diplomacy?

    So i'm doing this mid term assignment for my history class and my topic is The Ping Pong Diplomacy I've looked through my text book and haven't found any thing and we haven't learned about it yet so i have a few questions

    1.Whats the propaganda in the ping pong diplomacy

    2. was there a back fire

    3. who did U.S and China "stab in the back"

    2 AnswersHistory9 years ago
  • Do you think i should try out for a lead role in my schools play Grease? [10 points]?

    so my school is doing a production of grease and i want to try out really bad but its my 1st audition and idk if im that good of a singer im trying out for Jan heres a youtube link of me singing

    please help me vocal auditions are tomorrow and i dont want to embarrass myself.

    1 AnswerTheater & Acting9 years ago
  • Does anyone think Justin Beiber was disrespectful on Michael Buble Christmas special?

    I mean disrespectful by the way he dressed his shirt was fine but when it got to his pants they were half way down his butt! To me its disrespectful because well its a Christmas special and for you not to have decent pants on that are halfway down your @ss is rude you should look nice or at least put a belt on. What do you think?

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  • Does Jan in Grease [the movie] sing anything? Please help?

    So for our school play were doing Grease. I want to tryout for Jan but i want to practice the parts she sings since the vocal teacher is well lets just say hes not nice. So anyway what songs if any does Jan sing please help. Thank you and god bless.

    1 AnswerMovies9 years ago
  • what is appendicitis?

    so i know that its when your appendix bursts and something spreads through threw your body but i have a couple of questions. you know if it'll burst [does your stomach feel weird before it bursts ]

    2. Can your appendix burst if your 15?

    3. do you die right after it bursts or do you have time to get to a hospital.

    4. why does why appendix burst?

    5. Are there any ways to prevent it from bursting?

    thank you and please answer

    2 AnswersInfectious Diseases9 years ago
  • What do you think about under age drinking?

    So im 15 this popular girl same age shes in my grade. This girl lets call her tammy. Tammy got really wasted like she had to be at least 5 times over the legal limit she went to this football game completly wasted and got arrested then passed out in the middle of a crowd had to get her stomach pumped. Wat do you think about under age drinking im against it. But whats your opinion?

    6 AnswersParenting9 years ago
  • Has Disney ruined club penguin After December 6th you'll have to pay to play club penguin?

    OK so i just logged onto club penguin and in a little caption it says you'll have to pay to play which is ridiculous! I think Disney ruined club penguin with the new puffle look and all this other stuff some of it is cool but most of it is just dumb. What do you think?

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