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Well i like drawing, i love experimenting with cooking and i love my pets, i have 2 dogs and 2 cats with 3 kittens!!! i like any kind of music, preferably rock/metal/relaxing music, im also a vegan but i have nothing against meat eaters and leather wearers lol, and i guess thats it about me..... My Specialties are: listening to music eating pie sitting on a chair and drawing stuff for those who care, i live in toronto ontario, canada :P

  • Income tax/pay stub question in Canada?

    I haven't done my taxes in about 4 years, i grew up not knowing how to do it or being taught not to really give a crap about it - i realized that this could get me in trouble for "tax evasion" - i want to be able to do it accurately but i lost nearly all my pay stubs - is there anywhere i can call or go to a website that i can possible get these pay stubs? i was told there is a company that can give them all to me for free but i don't know anything about them

    anyone help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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  • whitening your teeth with dentist tray and gel?

    i was wondering is it safe to do this? whitening your teeth with dentists trays and gels, and what are some side effects that can accure after using this? has anyone had a bad experience? and i was wondering since i dont want to pay $400 for mold of my mouth, can i use any old cheap mold that isnt the same mold as my teeth? if not, why not? the gels only cost 5$ per gel so i figured i could save alot of money to just get the whitening gel and use my old mold

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  • i have a question about organic top soil?

    my dad bought some soil, which i am not planning to use yet because i think it may contain some animal by products which i do not intend to use on my garden, i was wondering does anyone know if Organic Top soil means no animal by products like bone meal, blood meal and cow manure? it also says custome blend on the bag, no phone number and a company name of Organix which i can not find anywhere in the internet, any help is appreciated

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • any suggestions to what i should do?

    i made a barrier from my garden soil and my grass with a pressure treated ACQ (akaline copper treated wood) but i dont want it leaching any preservatives in my garden, any suggestions to what i can use to maybe cover this wood with something or add some sort of protective layer of paint so it wont leak? will wrapping it in some sort of plastic work? any help is appreciated

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  • any tips on a newbie gardener?

    i am making a garden in my backyard and i wanted to plant the seeds directly rather then grow them indoors and plant them after, i was wondering how would i plant my seeds? should i just plant 1 or 2 in the same spot? just in case 1 doesnt grow or dies. are there any special things i have to do that i wouldnt normally do? any help is appreciated, thanks

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  • does rapid concrete leak any bad chemicals?

    i want to add 4 post on my garden to make a fence, but i am worried that it may leak some chemicals or might kill my plants because i heard concrete contains toxic chemicals, does anyone know if its bad to use rapid concrete near gardens and vegitables or if it will cause any harm to me if i eat veggies that are grown near them?

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  • would this be considered vegan?

    i was planning on making a backyard garden, but this triple mix soil has manure in it, would it be bad, as a vegan to use this? do the cows get tortured for their poop too? tell me your opinions, or information on manure that i may not know about, thanks in advance

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  • what would you guys suggest?

    theres a store here called sheridan nurseries, there price on triple mix soil is $3.99 a bag versus walmart of $2.50 a bag, which one would you guys recommend? would walmart triple mix soils have any less then a store that is specifically for plants?

    4 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • any vegans that live in toronto?

    that are the around the age of 18+ that would like to be friends? its hard to have a social life and go out with people that arent vegan, if anyone can help me to a website where i might be able to meet other vegans, that would be greatly appreciated

    those who come to give half a$$ answer for their points, dont bother posting here

    1 AnswerVegetarian & Vegan1 decade ago
  • can you help me with my gf?

    well now i know what NOT to say to my gf, can anyone tell me what i could have said diffrently to her? lol here's a link to the conversation and please zoom in to read, i still <3 her :P

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  • are swingers clubs safe?

    is it safe to go to a swingers club? do people there have to have proof that they dont have diseases? or is it just anyone who pays can join? and we do things on our own risk, can anyone tell me their experience or any tips for my first time here?

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  • Genetically Modified Foods question?

    well i was wondering, are the actual seeds genetically modified for growing? or are the food sprayed with a chemical that causes genetic mutation to what they want? because i want to plant a few of my own veggies and fruits, but im worried that the seeds might be genetically modified, can anyone help me out?

    6 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan1 decade ago
  • where can i find soybeans in toronto?

    i tried looking for them everywhere, but i cant seem to find soybeans frozen, cooked or uncooked, preferably not genetically modified, does anyone know where i might find some?

    1 AnswerToronto1 decade ago
  • im woried about my dog?

    she is acting extremely weird, i am downstairs in my room and i randomly hear her growling and biting at something, i go and see if anyone is bugging her, but no one is there, everyone is sleeping, she's been doing this for a while, i dont know what to do, can anyone help me? its really worrying me because shes biting for a reason, and i dont know why, is this a symptom of something? any help is appreciated

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  • can you still file for bankruptcy during a recession in america?

    anyones help is appreciated, no half *** answers like "LOLOL nopez"

    4 AnswersPersonal Finance1 decade ago
  • what is the song in the mazda 6 commercial?

    the advertisement is found in the MSN videos before you actually watch the video you clicked on, im not sure if it's shown on tv as well but does anyone know whats the name of this song?

    3 AnswersMazda1 decade ago
  • i want to get married but i dont know how?

    i live in toronto canada, me and my girlfriend want to get married, but i dont know where to get some info, and if it cost any money? can anyone point me to a website or something? anyones help is appreciated

    4 AnswersEngagements & Weddings1 decade ago
  • my girlfriend wants to have a threesome but.....?

    we dont know how to find a third member, how do we approach another person and ask them if they want to have a threesome? preferably a girl, where would the best place be to find people interested in that kind of stuff?

    anyones help is appreciated, no half *** answers like "no idea"

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • a question about the "man jewels"?

    is it normal for the penis head or glands to appear bumpy when its erected? or should i be worrying about it? it appears to be normal when erected but when more blood comes in, it appears bumpy, does anyone else experience this? i hope its normal

    3 AnswersMen's Health1 decade ago
  • i'm experiencing some weird chest pains, can anyone help?

    well sometimes when i work out, or stretch, my chest cracks some how, i dont know what exactly cracks but its in between the 2 chest muscles, but lately iv been experiencing some chest pain, and im not that physically active due to some real life things that keep me from it, it feels as if something hard is inside or "empty", i cant tell which one, but it bugs me, i touch my chest and in the center is a pain like a bruise, but no marks or no real lumps or anything, what might this be? anyones help is appreciated

    and if anyone knows why my chest "cracks" when i work out, let me know why, please?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management1 decade ago