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  • Chemistry Question?

    Hello, so I need a Chemistry class but I'm unsure of which class I should take since there are different kinds of Chemistry. I like psychology and dermatology. The Chemistry classes I am having trouble choosing from are Chemistry for Health Sciences and Fundamentals to Chemistry. Has anyone taken any of these or does anyone know what the difference is and what you learn in each one and which would be harder?

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  • Psychologist or Dermatologist?

    Hello, so I an in college and having a hard time deciding on my major. Should I choose psychologist/psychiatrist or dermatologist?


    Also, I am in a community college so there isn’t a specific psychiatry or dermatology degree so what degree should I be taking? I know that for psychology it is an Associates in Arts, but for dermatology would it also be an Associates in Arts or Associates in Science or what other degree, I’m not sure what degree is the best to transfer for dermatology. What would you people recommend would be better?I have pros and cons of eachPsychology:Pro: Helping people with their mental strugglesCon: Might get overwhelming hearing what people are struggling with, difficulty emotionallyDermatology:Pro: Helping people feel better about themselves by fixing their skin problems, more money than psychologyCons: Nauseating surgeries, more maths and sciences, difficult intellectually

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  • Do you know the song? French Song- Female Singer?

    Does anyone know a French song, that has a female singer and there is a video that goes along with it and two people are dancing on the side of a building or the Eiffel Tower, I forgot. I m pretty sure it s a Pop genre song.

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  • I am not sure the name of a song, I only know the the beat and rhytymn to it.?

    The song is a girl singing, i, oh i i... and then a guy also sings a bit, there is whistling in the background, help? I am pretty sure it is a current song maybe at least after 2010? Not sure exactly. So, the girl sings i, oh, i i and then something is said and then it goes back to i, oh, i i. Please, help! Thank you!

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