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  • Why was there fire in my dreams?

    I dreamed that my ex died in a fire and in the dream i was really really upset and i woke up feeling sad. But in real life we broke up 2 years ago and every things fine. And i also dreamed the same thing about my other ex and were fine too. And in my Second dream they were talking about the other kid who died in a fire weeks earlier, and i actually had this dream...what does it mean?

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  • Medical Alert Tattoo?

    I am 14 and I have type 1 diabetes. I want a medical alert tattoo on my wrist/forearm. I have both my mom and my dads consent. So if you have anything bad to say go shove it back up your *** where it came from. My question is what do I need to do like during the healing process or just in general to keep it in good condition? And I CAN get a tattoo,i am old enough in the state of Idaho and if you're gonna argue with me about this take your bullshit somewhere else. My friend Jared has tattoos and he said he would talk to his guy and see if he can get me in. He got his first when he was my age and hes 20 now. Basically, what do i need to know and or do? And im wondering about pain as well. im not especially worried about it..i have an okay pain tolerance. thanks

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  • What Do I Do? A question..about a boy?

    so, me and this guy. We have been on and off for about six months now. I really do love him...or love him in the only way I know how. I have tried so very hard to move on, ive dated other guys...but hes always the one I go back too. We aren't perfect! our relationship consists of being okay, then having a fight, giving each other the silent treatment, us making up, him getting another girlfriend two hours later, him telling me he loves me even though hes letting me know he has another girl in his life besides me, he breaks up with her, then tells me ive always been the one and always will be. I really really care about him. We have been in a fight for about two months, he called me a ***** and told me to never talk to him again. But i know...he doesn't mean it. or i hope he doesn't. My friends, family, bestfriend, everyone HATES him. Because i have been different and depressed ever since ?

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  • Why wont my phone send texts to certain people?

    I try to text a certain number and my phone rejects it. i get a text about 15 minutes later saying that it wasn't sent. i don't know how to fix this. its super important that i talk to this person. don't even say call them on the phone because i know. i really, really, really need to text them. PLEASE HELP ME! o btw the number has a slightly different area code than mine. Thanks

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  • Boy troubles :( plz hel. ( no critisim)?

    Ok so my friend went out with this guy and they broke up, but he has a cousin who likes me( he told me this) but anyway I've never met him but he goes to my rival school. Anyway he's moving to Idaho and he told me that he really wants to meet me and he told me that he loves me. Plz don't say that he's lying or anything because I could tell he was not. But he's moving and he doesn't think that long distance works out very well, I agree but I don't know what to do now

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  • How do I get into Bronco riding?

    Ok well I have been riding horses for 8 or 9 years so basically since I could walk. I am 13 and I don't have a horse but I would like to get into Bronco riding and I was wondering how I could get into that. Thanks and I live on Washington if that helps ( NOT washington D.C)

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  • how to ask for a four wheeler?

    My little sister has a 90cc quad and she loves it. I want one now (not a 90cc) but i dont know how to ask my parents for one without it being to weird because i have never really shown my tom boyish side to my family. My dad has told me i can have one before but not recently. All my family loves them but idk how to ask for one and not make my sister mad (she doesnt want anyone else riding quads) but i have free will so i can if i want too. Thanks :)

    1 AnswerMotorcycles1 decade ago
  • How much does a guinea pig cost all together?

    Ok well I want to buy a guinea pig, I have $70.00 and I want to know how much everything costs together. Like all the food, cage, the actual guinea pig, etc! I live in Washington if that helps :)

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  • My friend does bad stuff and idk how to help her?

    Ok so my friend drinks ALOT of alcohol and she smokes ALOT as well, she cuts and does weed as well. I don't know how to help her. She recently got suspended for 2 months for having weed in school and the cuts and scars on her arm are super bad :( it makes me sad to see her like that, and I wanna help. She has a really hard home life and her parents are practically drunk all the time and they don't give a **** what she does. She's tryed to kill herself before ad stuff. All her friends besides me do all the same stuff. I was gonna talk to my youth pastor about it and my parents know about her too and so do her teachers everyone trys to help but they all get shot down by her.. Everyone except for me. Plz help me help her :) thanks a bunch

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  • What color should I dye my hair?

    Ok umm well I have natrually auburn hair and right Now it's currently dirty blonde because of my grow out. I have dyed my hair before, it's been red, brown, and blond. I have really really dark brown eyes and a normal skin tone. Not to tan but Not deathly pale. I am pretty ( not trying to sound concited) so I want a color that won't wash me out, thanks :)

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  • My best friend moving :(?

    Ok so my guy best friend might be moving back to Cali!!!! This can't happen! I will be sad I mean I already miss him. It's not official yet but not yet. I'm trying to be really supportive of his decision but it's hard.... I give really good advice and solve alot of peoples problems so him trying to help him out. It's working but I don't want him to leave I mean we've been through so much.. Fights, breakups, school, etc together. How will I let go of him and go back to the way things were before I met him? O btw if it helps we will stay in touch and were 13 also it's NOT official yet :) thanks

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  • Don't know if I will ever see him agian....?

    Ok well it's a long story. I went to camp and I met this guy, he was totally into me ( says my friends) he was making major eye contact with me, giving me full body checks, looking for me around camp, he seemed to be anywhere I was also his friends and counclers would like nudge him in a way that said there she is kind of way whenever I was around and they would look at me then talk then look agian and when he finally got up the courage to talk to me he was really sweet and nice and we became friends then I started liking him, but then camp ended and I didn't get any info about him just his name and stuff like that but he just left me, I just want to know what people think about this :) and no I'm not like obsessed with this just curious

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  • Does he like me atleast a little bit??? ( no critisim)?

    Well there's this guy that I kind of like, he doesn't go to my school and he lives kinda far away from me but he always talks to me like I'm " his girl" but sometimes he gets really pissy like he's bipolar ( he's not) but he wants a pic of me and he asks me about my boobs sometimes also he talks about kissing me alot and he says we should hang out and go to a movie sometime also he asks me who I like alot but sometimes he tells me who he likes then he changes his mind alot plus he's my friends ex, he talks to me so sweet like when he asks about my exes he says I'm to good for them. ( sorry it's so long)

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