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  • Do I need to open a checking account with a bank to get a credit card?

    Let’s say I’m with Chase and and another bank has a Credit card I would want in the future. Would I need to open a Checking Account  with that bank to Get that card or can I just link my Chase checkings account to pay my bill? 

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  • 2nd Stimulus Check ?

    So what’s the deal? they said we’d get it late August or late September. Are we getting it or not 

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  • How accurate is Credit Journey by Chase?

    I’m A chase bank member With a Bank of America credit card. I applied and got approved at BofA because it was very likely for me to get denied by Chase. Anyways I can’t see my FICO score because my account is not 6 months old yet. I’ve had it for 5 months and on Credit Journey it says my credit score is 690. How accurate is credit journey compared to an actual bureau. 

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  • FICO Score ?

    I can’t see my FICO score because I don’t have more than 6 months of Credit History. On Experian, it says that my score is unavailable but it shows my credit report. It shows that I have 5 months of on time payments with my credit card and that my credit is fair. Would that mean that my credit score would probably be 650-700

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  • Chase 5/24 ?

    What would count as an inquiry for that rule Chase has. 

    Approved Bank of America Card with 690 credit Score 3/02/2020

    AT&T Services (Internet Bill) 3/02/2020

    Denied Chase Freedom Credit Card 2/20/2020

    Denied Best Buy Credit Card 2/24/2020

    Credit2 days ago
  • Is the Discover Student worth it?

    Im referring to either of the Discover Student cards. Is it worth getting an inquiry for Chases 5/24? I am a college student with a Chase checking and saving without a chase credit card.I want the Chase freedom card. which one would be better for the long or short run. I have a 690 Credit Score. 

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  • Discover Student Cash Back or Chase Freedom?

    I have a credit Score of 682 with my Bank of America Cash Rewards Card and my AT&T Internet bill. Im a chase bank member but getting accepted to any Chase card is difficult even if youre a loyal chase member. What do you all prefer. I would want to do both starting 2021. Do you think that would be a good idea? Or which one do you think is better. I know I would have higher chances into getting approved to Discover, but I also prefer staying with Chase

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  • Chase 5/24 rule for Credit Card?

    I have been Chase bank member with a Checking and Savings since June 2017. I want to get their Chase Freedom card but don't want to get rejected because because of the 5/24 rule on Inquiry. 

    I currently have 4 inquiries on my Report which we position me of 4/5. 1: Denied from chase last time I applied for the card (This is when I had 0 credit history) 2: Denied from Best Buy. 3: AT&T Internet Bill. 4: 682 5 Month credit score with Bank of America. Chase told me to apply again starting 2021. My main question is if my AT&T bill and BofA card would actually count as an inquiries. would that position me at 2/5. Can someone explain that 5/24 rule more clearly.  I know that 24 is 24 months  

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  • Pattern Day Trader Restrictions ?

    So I was marked as a Pattern Day Trader on Robinhood cuz I had to take advantage of selling at 300%+. What now? Am I still allowed to trade and hold?

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  • Venmo MasterCard Costco?

    For anyone who has both please respond. 

    So I have a Costco membership and the Venmo MasterCard. On the Cashback/Rewards section for the card it states this for Using the Venmo card at Costco, “$20 cashback towards new membership purchase”. Does this refer that I will only get $20 cash back if I’m a new Costco member? It doesn’t really give more information. Anyone who has used it pls lmk 

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  • Found a cigar in my Moms purse?

    IDC if you say its her life etc... Smoking is bad !!!!

    I already asked her why she had it and I feel like telling my Dad cuz she's obviously keeping this a secret from him. No one in our household drinks or smokes besides my sister who is obsessed with Tequila. Should I tell my Dad or black mail my Mom in to getting me that Burberry Wallet, backpack and Tie I want 

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  • Disabling Instagram?

    How long can I disable my IG account? I disabled it and I don't know when I will come back to use it. I also don't want it to get deleted. anyone know? I plan to stay off for a couple of years 

  • How much does hair grow in a month?

    I just turned 24 today I am a healthy male who abstains from eating soda, chips, and candy. I like eating healthy and I work out on average 10 hours a week. My hair is 7 inches long and I’m just curious how much it would grow in month because I plan on letting it grow out during this quarantine. I haven’t cut it since March just that I don’t remember how long it was the last time I cut it 

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  • Credit Card Late Payment ?

    ok so I have a banana republic credit card and I used it to buy some face mask since it gives me 5% off. I ordered these mask back in June. However the mask were out of stock so they never processed the order. it finally ended up processing this month when the finally restocked. The payment due date was 7/11, however, it didn't show that I had a current balance and it didn't give me the option to make a payment although it did previously. It was very confusing because I had the email saying that the purchase had been complete. I was finally able to pay today 7/14 which is 3 days after the due date. Would this affect my credit score in any way? when I paid, it said that I had a current balance of $20 and a minimum payment of $0. The credit limit for the card is $1000.

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  • GF's cousin Affair?

    Ok so first of all she's not mY GF but we both obviously like each other and she's technically not her cousin, let me explain. this is how they are related; The sister of the mom of the girl I like is married to the brother of the cousins mom. I hope that made sense. They basically grew up together as cousins tho. Anyways, she gave me a BJ one time and we would have these crazy make out sessions. We would basically do 3rd base sexual activities on each other. Should I tell the her? The girl I like and I weren't anything serious prior to those incidents happening 

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  • Plucking out Grey hair ?

    I’m 24 year old male with thick black 7inch hair. I do however have a few white/grey hair that are very visible. If I move my hair around you can easily see Atleast 20. 

     ive heard a myth that if you pluck out your grey hair, more would grow. Is that true or can I freely just pluck out the visible ones ?

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  • Whats APR on a credit card?

    I don't really understand it. does it only apply when youre not paying your bill on time? Can someone give me and example of APR with a $500 amount 

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  • Credit Card Payment SCARED ?

    Due date 7/11

    Closing Date 7/14

    Currently Balance $0

    If I had a Pending transaction of $418, and I made payment today of exactly $418 on the same $418 pending transaction, what will the payment be considered? An on time payment even if the transaction is pending or would it turn into a late payment by the time it processes?

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    Credit Card Payment Question

    Due date is 7/11

    Closing Date is 7/14

    Credit Limit is $500Pending amount $418I am a young college student who has had a credit card for four months and ive used it in those four months spending more than $2000 always paying everything on time. I recently bought some something worth $418 and it is still pending to be processed. Since the due date is tomorrow, I just paid the $418 to the pending $418. Will that be recored as an early payment? I always pay every time it says current balance but since the $418 has not processed, the current balance has been $0. Just wondering what will happen during this type of scenario. I know they say to always stay under 30% of your credit line before the due date and closing date and ive always stayed at 0%. It is just that in this case, the purchase never finished pending. Any credit experts that can tell me what will happen, because from my understating, I paid what I used as credit so I should be fine right?

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  • Due date vs Closing date?

    Which one is more important so it won't affect my credit score?

    My due date is 7/11

    My closing date is 7/14

    My transactions are still pending and I've used 75% of my credit limit. 

    I'm a young college student who always pays everything on time

    Should I make the payment even if the transaction is still pending?

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