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married with one son and four grandchildren. in my late 50's. my religion is Roman Catholic. i am a retired preschool teacher.

  • breaking a lease in Missouri?

    my husband and i rented a duplex in January of this year. we are both disabled. since moving in both of our healths have gotten worse. in the state of Missouri you can only be charged twice the monthly rent rate for a security deposit. we were asked to pay $3,000. we just recently found this out after our doctor strongly recommending we move. i have fallen down the basement stairs 6 times in the last few months and my husband who is a heart patient and has severe neuropathy in both legs and feet has to walk from where we have to park on the street, the driveway belongs to the other half of our duplex, to the front door of our half of the duplex. we found an apartment that is disabled accessible for both of us. our problem is that when we move we were already told by our landlord that we will not get the rest of our rent back that we paid upfront for a year. we are okay with that but what about the deposit. we feel that because we are breaking the lease that the landlord should be able to keep what should have been the legal amount but we were overcharged on the deposit by $1900. can we legally get that back? has anyone been in this situation before in Missouri and what was the outcome?

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  • how do you forget someone that you hurt ages ago?

    to contact this person would only cause trouble with their marriage and mine but i feel that i owe them an apology for my treatment towards them years ago when i broke off my friendship with them at the request of my fiance who i feel wals in the wrong to do so. it has become an obsession with me

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  • how do i handle this after all these years?

    many years ago when i was young ,stupid and naive i was in love with a man that was in the armed forces. he switched religions while stationed overseas. he never told me how he felt about me and i never asked him. we exchanged letters all the time. he would come home for about 2 weeks every so often and we would visit for a few days. he came home on one visit and he gave me information on the religion that he had converted to and told me to read it which i did. i chose not to convert. it was never mentioned again. i met a guy at school ( i was still in high school at the time). he did not know about this guy until he came back home on a visit. by this time this guy from school and i were engaged. my fiancee told me after he met the other guy that i had to make a choice. i could either remain friends with him or i could marry my fiance. i called my friend up and said that i couldn't be his friend anymore that i was engaged to be married and my fiance didn't like my friendship with him. of course being the gentleman that he was he has held to that. he got married and had a family of his own. my fiance and i got married and we had a family. all these years i have felt very guilty how i handled this situation and now realize that i had other choices that i could have made at the time. i have my ex-friends address and phone number. should i contact him and let him know that i was stupid to have let our friendship end the way i did and that it has bothered me all these years or should i let bygones be bygones?

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  • can anyone explain to me the thinking of mormons?

    where do they get the idea that we came from another planet and that members of mormons are gods and goddesses and that Mary and GOD actually had physical sex, ect. this sounds to me more like a cult that a religion and to convert to this cult takes more vanity than anything else. i had a "friend" who converted to this cult and then used our friendship to try and convert me years ago. i read up on it the other day and was horrified by what i read. i don't understand how any sane person can truely believe all this trash. i don't usually put down others beliefs but this is so horrible.

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  • we have a dog moving in with us that belongs to our grandson that refuses to leave the?

    house. no matter what we do. next month they are moving into our home to live with us and i refuse to have this dog peeing and pooping wherever it wants to. it there any way that we can train this three year old dog to at least pee and poop in one area of our home. maybe on newspaper or something? please HELP!

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  • does anyone know where?

    where i can get a copy of the book by David McCallum titles A Man who Is Illya or close to that title. i am willing to pay a reasonable price for it if it is in good shape plus shipping and handling

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  • from book of Genesis...?

    in the book of Genesis it states that the Sons of GOD married the Daughters of men. where did the Daughters of men come from? in my personal opinion i believe that the Sons of GOD were the offspring of Adam and Eve. therefore the Daughters of men had to come from apes. i believe that GOD used both creationism and evolutionism to start everything on this planet. in case you are wondering i am a Christian and a Catholic.

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  • engine light came on and thenn went off and is now back on...?

    we have a 2003 mazda mpv. the engine came on a few months back. we had to take our car in for some other wok on it (nothing to do with the light). when we got the car back the light was off. a few days ago it came back on and is now staying on. at the same time that it came back on the car started to make a shivering and sputtering sound that it did not make before. any one have any idea what is going on? it started when my husband bought a little gas at a different station than he usually buys it at. we have tried several different gas additives but none seem to work. we have to have it inspected in April but not sure if it will pass like this. PLEASE HELP.

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  • why when i answer some questions on answers and on my email?

    i get a page that says that Answers is undergoing repairs and will be up and running shortly or something to that affect. i get this a lot. it even happens when i go to answer a question from answers that is in my email. it's really bumming me out here. it happens on a regular basis. almost constantly. probably putting this in a wrong category but not sure where to put it.

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  • Looking for Family.Need help?

    i was put up for adoption 51 years ago. i was born in Summit,Arkansas on October 22,1955. my birth name was Madge Arvinia Ramsey. my mother's name was Catherine and my father's name was John Ramsey. i know that i have several half brothers and sisters out there somewhere. i had full brothers and sister that have died. my sister's name was Patricia Ann Ramsey. my brother was Jerry Lee Ramsey and another brother was Lester George( George Lester) and a younger brother named Wade. these names were their birth names not their adopted names. if anyone can help me get get into contact with any of my family members online i would appreciate it. if no one knows them but they know a way to help me try to find them i would deeply appreciate it. they can contact me at my regular email which is or i can contact them. Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me. i realize that this is supposed to be a question and answer area but i don't know any other way to try and find them. Many Blessings to every one whether you can help or not!

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  • problem with harassment?

    i answered a question recently and received a best answer for it. now this person is sending it to me about 20-30 times a day and is messing up my email every day. it is getting to the point where it is getting to be harassment. i don't know how to get a hold of some one at Yahoo to get this person to stop and leave me alone. can some one please let me know how to get in touch with some one at yahoo to let them know that i need help with this person?

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  • need help on finding merchandise?

    want to open my own store need to find out how to locate merchandise for it.

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