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  • ¿Que ago la ame pero ya no y amo a mi amante pero ella a mi no?

    Tengo UNA novia q ame mucho pero ya no la Quiero.tanto y tuve UNA amante q no quise pero ahora me enamoré de ella. Pero ella ya no me quiere y apenas me Di cuenta que tuvo novio ... Me.quiso mucho y la perdí tuve 2 opotunidades con ella y no acepte hacer Su novio POR que tengo a mi novia y no la deje POR que tuve relaciones sexuales con ella y se me Asia mala onda dejarla después de eso ahora la mi ex amante me odia y tiene novio y yo no amo a mi novia ya y la verdad me siento triste .... No se que hacer

    POR favor que es Lo mejor que hacer

    3 AnswersMatrimonios y Divorcios7 years ago
  • ¿le gusto a mi amiga ¿¿?

    quiero saver si le gusto a mi amiga.....eya me trata muy bien y siempre cuando me escribe en el face me dice tqm que me quiere mucho....

    pero no se si le gusto.....tambien siempre en el salon me voltea a ver y me da una sonrisa....tambien me dice que soy una persona muy buena con eya .......pero no se si le gusto......tambien cuando le dije que me voy a ir a cancun se puso a llorar

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    Ok i am in phrobation for a battery against a school employe in the state of florida.....i never singed any documents saying i cant leave the country because i flew to mexico but i cant come back ......i need to know what can happen to me .....PLEASE ....will i get arrested in mexico and be send back to usa...Please Help

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police9 years ago
  • how to update mac powerbook g4 to firefox 3.6 step by step?

    I currently have firefox 2.0 and I download 3.6 and don't know how ti install it ..

    Does any body know how ti download and install step by step.....THANK YOU ..

    I have powerbook g4 with 10.4 mac OS

    512 mb RAM

    80 Ud


    1 AnswerMonitors9 years ago
  • how to install mac 10.5 for free?

    i am currently running Mac 10.4.11 but i cant play youtube videos any more so i need to update my Fire fox but it wont update because its says it needs mac 10.5 or higher please help .........

    I really need it .....i have a mac powerbook g4 2006 model...and 512mb ram....and 1.67 ghz processor

    2 AnswersSoftware9 years ago
  • What can happen to me.?

    OK, at school a teacher on mine took candy away from me and I tried to get back from her and take it away from her hands. Then she accused me for Battery on a school employee which was her and I got arrested but I never hit her but the officer said you touched her so you are getting arrested for touching her because its against the law. So now I went to court and the judge placed me in home detention but i am going to court in a week from now and the judge is going to decide what is going to happen to me.


    I really need to know. thank you.

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Glitches on my home menu of my tablet?

    i recently received glitches on my tablet since i udate it to android 4.0 it is an acer iconia a200 glitches only happen on the menu screen but they dont happen when playing apps or browser etc. only in the menu screen

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds9 years ago
  • is it to late to start boxing?

    ok, i started boxing just 3 weeks ago my age is 15 but turning 16 in a month.

    my question is if i am to old to start training to become a pro boxer.

    i practice 5 times a week for three hours and have a personal trainer who gives me free lessons at no charge in fact he buys me boxing shoes and handwraps and he is very cool and lets me borrow his own equitment.

    5 AnswersBoxing9 years ago