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  • If Christians claim that observing the world is proof of divinity, how do they know which god or goddess is re?

    The Christian (Abrahamic) god is a relative latecomer on the scene. Much of Genesis is based on Sumerian religious texts far older than the supposed "creation." The Earth had already been "created" long before the Christian god came on the scene.

    So, why do Christians automatically assume that their god did something which there is clear and present evidence that he did not?

    There are other, older gods and goddesses predating "yahweh." Many, in fact. So, how do Christians explain this? Why do they think that other gods and goddesses will disappear if they wish them to?

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  • what is capable of a large scale, persistent glamour with several witnesses?

    My son recently purchased a house. When we were going through to see what had to be done, we saw a pile of old air conditioners. My son jokingly asked if this was where air conditioners came to die. My brother suggested we scrap them for the metal. We moved on.

    Several weeks later, we went to get them out of the basement They weren't there. We were afraid that someone had taken them, but it didn't really make sense. We called the previous owner to ask how many had been there... He said just a small one on the side, and he was very certain of it.

    So, basically, something or someone pulled a glamour on us... The question is what is capable of that sort of thing?

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