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  • Apple cider vinegar for cystic acne? ...because I'm feeling hopeless and cant help considering suicide.?

    Ive had acne since I was 12. I am now 18. If anything my acne is getting worse as where as before they were just pimples, now they are cystic spots that form an 'acne beard' over my cheeks, chin and jawline. It is very uncomfortable and looks ugly. I often feel self concious to the point that it affects my social life because I don't want to go out with friends or even walk around my neighbourhood because of the way I look.

    I had been on antibiotics since I was 12, but I stopped taking them and have been off them for about 1-2 years now because they were hardly clearing up my skin at all, in fact, I began to fear they were beginning to make my acne more resilient. Another reason I stopped antibiotics was because the doctor had no more to prescribe me. I've tried topical ointments also such as benziol peroxide (or whatever its called) and duac, they did nothing either. I've tried glycolic acid, it keeps the acne at bay slightly (maybe?) but that too seems to have stopped working after using it for a few months or so.

    Basically, I'm out of options. My face is a maze of bumps, pitmarks and scars. The only thing that really works for my skin is getting a good old fashioned sun burn. The only time my skin was fully clear was two summers ago when I went to France. France was 30 degrees everyday and the combination of sun and sea made my skin look near-perfect. Unfortunately, this perfection lasted about two weeks, then I came home again and my skin slowly got worse.

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  • Dreadlocks:everything i need to know?

    Ive considered getting dreadlocks for a long time. At the moment I have long hair that reaches to at least the middle of my back. My friend offered to do the rip and twist way. the only thing is I typically wash my hair every day ( which im trying to avoid) and I always has a shower everyday.( I also do sport and would like to be able to wash my hair often afterwards) What I m asking is, typically how long does it take for dreads to settle down? Do they detangle from washing? do I have to use wax on my hair? Am I more likely to get bugs/lice in my hair? (especially because I am a very outdoorsy/campy person)? Do they smell? and finally, Are they too high maintenance?

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  • Internalised homophobia?

    I couldn't see myself getting married to a man as, although I've had relationships with men before, they are usually short. I get bored of men quickly and move on, seeing them more as friends. On the other hand, I feel like I could easily stay with one woman my while life and never get bored by it. The problem is, I seem to have some sort of internalised homophobia that means I'm always afraid of being judged or I think its 'weird' even though I know it isn't (?) If that even makes sense?! Question is, how do you get more comfortable with you sexuality in the long term and not just for quick encounters with strangers at a party?

  • Girls. Do you talk openly about your period to friends and family (inclu. Males) or not?

    I don't see what the big issue is I would be fine with saying to my male friends that I'm not feeling up to something because I have my period...

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  • Experimentation with both guys and girls but still unsure of sexuality?

    I'm 18, I've been questioning my sexuality since i was about 14/15 but I've never quite managed to figure it out and consider myself pretty label-less. Being without a label works for me but its difficult to explain to many people and the ones I've tried to explain it to typically consider me to be either bisexual, a lesbian or straight and confused.

    Anyway, despite my confusion I've always thought I would know after I'd had sex. So, a few weeks back I went to a party and I drank and smoked some pot and when I realized a girl was coming on to me, I ended up having sex with her (Or, she had sex with me, I never returned the favor). It was a positive experience overall and I enjoyed it and didn't regret it once I was sober.

    A few weeks after that and I went to another party and under the same circumstances I ended up getting oral sex again, but this time from a male. I found this experience less enjoyable but I think this was because he wasn't as experienced as the girl had been.

    However, the catch is I was drunk both times and would not have had the guts to do either if I wasn't drunk. I'm questioning which one I enjoyed more and if it was really me or just the drugs and alcohol.

    I've only kissed one other girl and I was also drunk at the time, I wonder if I would do it while sober?

    I've kissed guys sober but usually dissociate and pretend I'm kissing a girl while I do and I typically get bored of it pretty quickly.

  • Makeup to use?

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  • why is Emo considered a seperate genre of music?

    I don't really understand how Emo is a genre of music. I mean, music that ive heard that is considered 'Emo' sounds more punk, pop-punk or hard rock to me. For example, My Chemical Romance is considered an Emo band but i think they fit better into other genres of music (they were more alternitive, pop-punk to my ears)

    Also, if Emo stands for Emotional shouldn't all music be Emo?

    Finally, some people seem to think that Emo is what you call music that is sad or has screaming vocals but the definition of Emo would be a lot different than that of say, thrash metal, but some people think that because of the vocals they are the same?

    Its just confuses me.

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  • how to know if a teen is at risk of becoming an alcoholic?

    You see all the things that alcoholic teenagers miss school, change friends ect. ect. but what I;m asking is how would you know if your teenager WHO IS PROBABLY NOT AN ALCOHOLIC is at risk of BECOMING an alcoholic. For example, maybe you know your teenager drinks but how would you know if their relationship with alcohol is a healthy/normal one or one that is on the verge of being harmful? Basically im asking what would the pre-warning signs be if you know what I mean...

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  • how to dry shrooms without a fan or food dehydrator?

    I have a hair dryer but i dont really want to be sitting there for 12 hours trying to dry them haha is there any way that i can dry fully so i can store them?

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  • acne antibiotics erythromycin side effects?

    I've been taking two a day for about 2 weeks now and recently ive been getting very itchy skin and cyst-like things on my back that are itchy. The itches are mostly on my back but itr really irritating. It could be something else entirely but im wondering if its the antibiotics? the itching only started recently and like i said ive been taking them for two weeks.

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  • Donating blood in Ireland?

    Im 16 at the moment so I know im too young but I've always wanted to when im old enough.

    What questions do they ask you?

    I want to get tattoos as well, can you donate blood if you have a tattoo? Also do they allow you to donate blood if you are a casual pot smoker?

    Can I just get told all of the questions they would ask?

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  • Camping near badgers?

    It's very likely there are badgers in the wood I'm going to go camping in tomorrow. There is a river there and we will be having a campfire. I've been there in daylight and never seen a badger but at night will they attack? How likely are they to attack a human? Will a flashlight or fire provoke them?? Does summer make a difference to the hours they are out?

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  • Just say I'm not crazy?


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  • What are the early signs of schizophrenia?

    Before you actually get it? In a teenager?

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