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  • Ok! Ipod/Computer problem! PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Ok, so every time my iPod moves an INCH, image capture appears, and two things that say unplug this powerful device so enable USB devices (or something like that) and it happens every time!!!!!!! It's getting really really annoying. Also, on my iPod for the music part, the names and the pictures of songs keep getting really really mixed up. I REALLY need help. Was it something I did? I need to fix it. Now. Please please please please help!

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  • Who are len and kaito?

    okay I see all these things for len and kaito. are they from a tv show? which one if they are? Because i keep seeing these videos of them and I was wondering if they're from a show or something. Like, what is mikumikudance?

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  • I'm trying to use a different account but it's not working!?

    Ok so I now have two accounts because i changed emails. This account works but whenever i do something on the other account it says that there is technical difficulties. I know the sight works because right when i switch to this account everything works. What's wrong?

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • When does soul eater get off track?

    I heard soul eater anime get's off track from the manga. I was wondering what episode that was

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  • Suggestens for a LIGHT romantic comedy anime/ manga.?

    I've seen these:

    Shugo chara

    ouran high school host club

    sword art online

    fruits basket

    arcana famiglia

    save me! lollipop

    kodomo no omocha

    special a

    Nothing like fairy tail or naruto. those kinda have a lot going on. I also need to know if it's english dubbed or subbed. I also don't want a sappy show. I don't want the show to be all about love. Like save me! lollipop and shugo chara are good examples. But shugo char is too long and has too much going on about battling and stuff but i could handle that. Save me! lollipop, in the manga it's better with the romance so please suggest something with a completed romance. I know im confusing you, maybe even myself... but please suggest.

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  • Pokemon platinum Pokedex?

    Okay where do I find these pokemon. I can battle a traner with them or find them in the wild. Where?







    Thank you!

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  • Otome/sim date games?

    I really love sim dates.

    I've done these and liked them

    -All Pacthesis games

    -The free zeiva games

    I really liked these. If you know any that are free and you don't need to register that would be great. I also don't like how in some games you have to wait for your energy to come back the next day or in a few hours. Don't mention anything like that. (star project, my candy love etc. =bad) It's okay if I need to download as long as it's safe. Thank you

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  • Need some animes! Or mangas but I prefer animes!?

    Okay here goes! The main character should be a boy but it's okay if it's a girl. I like it when there is one girl and lot's of boys or one boy and lot's of girls. I like fantasy and action but don't make it scary. Just light action. I also need GOOD drawings. It also has to be funny and can't be sappy. I also don't want it to turn out like a pokemon type thing.

    I've watched/read:

    mamotte lollipop/save me! lollipop

    gakuen alice

    shugo chara

    fruits basket

    fairy tail

    kodomo no omocha

    ouran highschool host club

    sword art online

    arcana famiglia

    ones I don't really want all the bad:

    special a

    tokyo mew mew

    lovely complex

    skip beat

    pretty cure

    peach girl (I think it's called that)


    (like all those sappy romance stuff. I've never read them but I don't want them to be all about the romance. Don't judge me what I just said. Sorry if I offended you. I want there to be a plot and them to fall in love after some time. But not too long. Like I said: GOOD drawings and comedy. Sorry if I seem harsh but I'm really picky. Oh, and I also don't want the characters to be like lame robots. have no emotion and that type of thing and no personality) thank you!

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  • What were all the places marco Polo traveled to?

    I know he went to china and stuff but what was his travel route? The google images are very confusing. I want to know all the places he traveled to.

    1 AnswerHistory8 years ago
  • What are some really good mangas or animes?

    Okay I like reverse harem when there is one girl and lot's of boys. Can the boys not be perverted? I've read/watched and liked:

    Gakuen alice

    Sword art online

    Ouran highschool host club

    Shugo chara

    fruits basket

    (I'm watching fairy tail right now)

    arcana famiglia

    Oh and the drawings have to be good. I was on edge for ouran high school host club. The other ones were perfect examples. Oh and the girl can't be completely in love and obsessed with a guy cause that's just annoying. And nothing like pokemon type thing. There can be magic but not like "Let's use this power! dragon fire..." ya. you get my point. Thanks

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  • I need a new manga to read/watch!?

    Okay I've read a few and watched a few. I like the reverse harem and I like great drawings.

    I've read/watched:

    Gakuen alice

    Ouran highschool host club (I didn't like the drawings though)

    momotte lollipop

    fruits basket

    shugo chara

    arcana famiglia (loved it so much but hated how it ended short)

    I'm okay with supernatural and magic but i don't like sappy love. I like how in arcana famiglia it wasn't very sappy and cheesy. I liked how she was strong and fighting for herself and how she was smart. I like things where the girl isn't dumb. Comedies are okay too. Just nothing sappy and good drawings!

    2 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago