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  • Since very few of you understand the question, I'll ask again, hopefully in a more understandable fashion!?


    All is subjective. Wether to murder someone is not a question of right or wrong. If a society says it is not allowed that still doesn't make it wrong. Another society may say it is allowed that still doesn't make it right. Hence subjectiveness. The concept of right and wrong comes from God.

    One society may accept drug use, another may not. One society may accept abortion, another may not. Speed limits are different in different sates. Is it wrong to go 65 miles an hour? It may or may not be against the law. But that doesn't make it wrong.

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  • Why do people try to argue that religion is the main cause of war?

    Man and his sinful ways is the cause of war. Religion is inanimate. To say that religion can do anything is folly. A hammer can either build or destroy. But by itself it just is. It takes action by someone to decide what the hammer will do. One can claim to be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, but this does not make it so, ones actions make it so. A monkey can claim to be a fish, but that doesn't make it a fish. To then reject a fish because of the monkeys actions in the name of the fish is foolish. Man is the problem, not religion.

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  • If you don't believe in God, how can you possibly believe in right or wrong?

    Logically if there is no God, then there is no absolute right or wrong. All right or wrong is subjective based on personal and societal views. Basically nothing matters. There is no consequence in the hereafter so only the now matters. Thus pleasure should be the primary goal of any individual. Or society. Based on evolutionary law the strongest survives. All society should then have the primary goal of taking from the weaker to give to their own society. And why should anyone care if this involves death and distruction of the weaker, isn't this simply natural selection. In fact caring about your fellow man is actually a flaw in you making you one of the weaker. If you only have X amount of days on this earth and then there is nothingness then it is only resonable that you should do anything you want. Especially in a more liberal society. The more liberal the society, the more you should take advantage of getting what you can get. If it is easy to get away with it then do it, it isn't wrong, nothing is.

    Of course if there is a God, then right and wrong do exist. And so does consequence.

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  • Are you a good person?

    O.K. So I just read a post on a question that said most atheists are good people.

    Are you a good person? By what standard do you judge yourself? Do you compare yourself to your neighbor, A thief, Hitler?

    The truth is none are good. Not you, and not me. Try as we might. There is only one standard that we can truly be judged against, and against that standard we all fail. That is why we need forgiveness, that is why we need a savior, that is why we need Christ.

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