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  • Whats a good country cake-cutting song?

    I have googled so many and keep getting the same ones. We like one or two of them but we still want more options.

    We met at a country bar and I would love to have a fast paced country song about a sweet love since it will be played while we cut the cake.

    I can't think of any and it's really bothering me.

    Do you know any fast-paced COUNTRY songs that would be perfect for the cake cutting?

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Do you know where I could find a poem?

    I am hoping to conceive this month and want to tell everyone at my son's first birthday next month that he is going to be a big brother.

    At first my thought was the "Big Brother" shirt but everyone is doing that. I thought of maybe getting a poem and putting it in a card and reading it outloud. I think it would be really sweet and very memorable.

    Do you know of any poems from baby to big-brother or about becoming a big brother?

    Thanks in advance!!

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  • What are some puns around pregnancy?

    I am interested in perhaps putting together some pictures of common pregnancy puns ("bun in the oven", "barefoot in the kitchen and pregnant", etc) and putting them in a slide show and seeing who gets it first.

    What other pregnancy puns do you know of? Feel free to give ideas on how you would take a picture of it.

    I would love to do "Knocked Up" but I have no idea how I could capture this in a picture!

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  • Name ideas for second child when the first one is named...?

    Our sons name is Nolan.

    We are TTC and have begun the dreaded talk of names again. We have decided we want our children to all have 5 letters in their name. We have some name ideas but I would be interested in hearing some others I may have overlooked.

    What names do you suggest for a boy and a girl? The only stipulations are that they are 5 letters long and along with our son already, we want the name to easily be said/read (I don't want him or her to have to correct the teacher's pronunciation on the name).

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  • Breastfeeding Moms: How soon after birth did you get a regular period?

    I have breastfed my son for 11 months (He only feds from me 3-4 times a day now, mostly to help him settle to get to sleep).

    I have had short little periods which typically last 3-4 days compared to the 7 days I was used to before. I started getting them 4 months after birth and was getting them every 2 weeks or so, and then gradually every month.

    With it being so light, I never really counted days to see how long my cycle is (which I regret).

    We're now TTC #2 and I was just curious if any of you got pregnant while breastfeeding, or if you needed to stop in order to get pregnant.

    I know I have my period so therefore I should be able to get pregnant but I'm just worried my horomones might screw it up.

    Any tips.

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  • Have you tried using "The Shettles Method" to conceive a girl?

    Have you used this method or any other method to conceive a girl?

    Did it work as you hoped?

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  • What are the genders of your children?

    I was just curious what gender are your children and how far apart are they?

    I've noticed that the closer they are in age, they are usually the same gender.

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