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  • Unjailbreak iPhone 4s running iOS 5.0.x?

    I would like to jailbreak my iPhone 4s, running iOS 5.0.x (I might upgrade to 5.1.x before.) I have all of the instructions to jailbreak it, but I can't find many resources on reversing the process. I know that jail breaking the iPhone voids Apple's warranty, which is why I want a way to unjailbreak the iPhone in case I need to go back to Apple for whatever reason. Basically I want to reverse the process so that it looks as if it was never jailbroken in the first place (iPhone and itunes are free of jailbreak files.) I also want to know how jailbreaking an iPhone affects iCloud. Thank you for your responses.

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  • Is there a "cut off" for financial aid?

    First of all, I am unclear on the different types of financial aid. I understand that scholarships, and student loans are two types of financial aid. Are there more types? Also, is there a certain income level where it becomes difficult to get aid? I'd rather not disclose my family's income here, but it would be helpful to know if there is a "cut off" level on financial aid. Finally, it would be very helpful if you could point me to some websites so I could explore this myself later. Thanks!

    Financial Aid9 years ago
  • Poll: Does your school allow you to bring your own laptop?

    My school is deciding whether or not to allow students to bring in their laptops to cut down on their tech costs. I'm just curious if this is done at other schools. Just a yes or no is fine :)

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  • The title of this book I read?

    I remember reading this book when I was in 4th grade, and I'm trying to remember the title, author, or series of the book (any would be fine.) It was about this wizard (not Harry Potter :)) who lived in a time similar to the Dark Ages/Medieval era. He would travel with this other warrior like person (maybe related to him?) and they were fighting some evil power. I remember that in one of the books there was a bell tower, where they had to break this bell for some reason. There was some time travel in this book. In another one of the books the wizard's traveling companion was injured in a duel with a prince. They take shelter in a seemingly abandoned tower. In the tower, there is another sorceror/demon who is trapped in these circles drawn on the ground...? I know this is very vague, but help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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