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  • What the scariest situation you've ever been in? Example: Paranomral Activity and/or ghost stories!?

    I'm a YouTuber interested in doing horror narration on my channel. I'll be posting weekly videos under the topics of paranormal stories, urban legends, and more. Please note that by answering this question your story may be used in one of my YouTube videos.

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  • What should I do about my crush?

    I've had a crush this guy since sixth grade, we were friends, but at the time he had a girlfriend and when they broke up I didn't have to the courage to tell him how I felt, besides it was sixth grade. My crush on him kept developing more and more intensely and then he moved away in the middle of seventh grade. I'm now a freshman in high school and he moved back. I haven't forgotten him and I think about him every day. I haven't talked to him since he moved, I've seen him in the hallway but he hasn't seen me. I wish I could just forget the way I feel about him but I can't. I still get butterflies when I see him in the hallway and I still smile every time I think about him. What should I do? Should I talk to him or should I just ignore my feelings and hope they go away?

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  • Healthy Weight Loss Ideas? Should I Be Taking Vitamins?

    I'm 14 years old female, 5'2", and my goal weight is 120. I've been overweight my entire life and now that I start high school in a few months I've decided it's time to make a lifestyle change. I'm completely ready for a commitment and I am aware that weight loss doesn't happen overnight. I suffer from severe anxiety and social anxiety which causes problem with my self esteem. I've had past issues with my self esteem but recently I've learned how to love myself and not to care what other people think. I started dieting about a week ago and am using Lose It to monitor my calorie, protein, and carbohydrate intake. My daily calorie goal is 1,012 calories, I know that the healthy standard for calorie consumption is usually around 1,200 but I've done lot's of research and this is safe for me. I've started exercising daily by taking my dog for a quarter mile walk, doing several arm, ab, leg, butt, thigh workouts, and cardio. I've also been doing yoga once a week for about two months but now I've upped it to about every other day. I stopped drinking soda and moved on to water and an occasional flavored water. I don't eat things like cake, cookies, chips, or snack foods anymore. I don't eat a lot of meat, hardly any to be honest so my protein is always really low. I just want to know if you have any ideas for positive lifestyle changes I can make to make this weight loss any easier. Also, should I be taking supplement, vitamins, or drinking proteins shakes? Anything helps.

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  • Where can I find a charger for my elite audio fm radio wireless headphones?

    Last night somehow my dog got into my drawer where I keep my electronics while they are charging and chewed up the charger for my elite audio fm radio wireless headphones. The charger will not work and my headphones are dead. I've looked online and all I can find is the actual headphones, no charger. I just got these headphones not even a week ago as a gift from my teacher and I don't want to have to by a new pair of headphones just to get a charger. The headphones are 40 dollars on Amazon but I have no idea where I can get only the charger! Please help! I love these headphones and want to continue using them, they are the only headphones I have. Radio shack closed down and that's the only place I would know where to find them so if you have any idea where I can find a charger for my headphones please let me know! I really appreciate any help you can give!

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  • Is my hair going to fall out?

    I accidentally used hair loss shampoo, is my hair going to fall out? Literally in a full blown panic attack right now. Please don't make fun of me for making this mistake, I know I was stupid not to read the label and if my hair does fall out I'm the one one to blame. However, the packaging didn't say it was for hair loss until I googled the brand because my scalp was burning. I washed my three times with normal shampoo just five minutes after the incident and since the burning has stopped. Please help me.

    Hair3 years ago
  • Can the county attorney send my mom to jail for me being absent? READ DETAILS!!!!!!!?

    Hello. I'm currently in the 8th grade. I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2016 and have been battling the school ever since. Currently I am at MST ( middle school transitions ) but my home school, specifically my principal, has turned my mom into the county attorney for me not attending her school. I have been at MST since January 31st and my other school has been trying to get me back at their school for months. My question is, can my parents get in trouble for me not attending school when I have been at MST the entire time? We have proof from my psychiatrist about my anxiety and why it's not good for me to be at that school.

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  • My family never want to do anything. Any advice?

    I am fourteen years old and I could really use some advice. It seems like my parents can't go two hours without taking a nap. They sleep the whole night despite getting up one to two times but they go back to sleep. And no my parents are *you know* and they aren't staying up doing drugs either so please don't comment about that. It's not like they aren't taking care of me because they are it's just that I want to go and do stuff but they never want to do anything and I can't go out and do things by myself because my parents won't even let me go for a walk without them (we live in a bad neighborhood, not super bad but there are druggies basically on every other street corner.) I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder about six-ish months ago and as part of my recovery it's important that I go out and do thinks and don't become a couch potato. I want to go and do things because lately I have been feeling more motivated. Don't get me wrong I love sitting down and watching Netflix but not for five hours a day, it gets old fast. I've tried talking to my parents and asking them to please get up and go do something together as a family and they always say later and then later never comes. We never do anything as a family, I can't even remember the last time we played a board game or just sat down and talked about our days. I guess my question is, how can I make my parents understand that I don't want to sit around and do nothing all day? Just telling them doesn't seem to work.

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  • I'm going to be homeschooled for high school, any advice?

    I suffer from severe anxiety and have trouble at school and in social situations. I've always been a straight A student and I've never been in trouble at school but my anxiety makes it hard for me to learn because it can be very overwhelming at times. Right now I am in 8th grade and am going to a special school that helps kids transition back to regular school, the problem is that I can't go back to my home school because of the issues with anxiety. My school district doesn't seem to understand that just because I smile and get good grades that I still have really bad anxiety. I have a psychiatrist who has talked to the school about my anxiety but they still insist that it's not real and are not willing to do anything to help me. My parents and I have discussed it and we have consulted my doctor and we all agree that the best thing for me is homeschooling, I understand that homeschooling is not a cure for anxiety and it's something I will have to continue to work on probably for the rest of my life. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me about homeschooling or even about my anxiety because I have never done homeschooling before and neither have my parents. I'm going to be using an online program called Time4Learning as my primary curriculum so my parents won't necessarily be teaching me, the computer will be. I will accept any advice and/or help I can get. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and respond.

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  • I need help coming up with a book title. Any ideas?

    Here is a little summary of the book:

    While investigating her parents death, seventeen year old Angela discovers that her mother not only had an affair, but that the man her mother cheated with is her true father. Throughout the book Angela tries to find the man who murdered her parents and realizes that her new found father may be the culprit.

    Angela wants revenge and that is what she is going to get. I've been searching for a title for two weeks and everyone I come up with is already the title of a book. Please, if you have any ideas comment down below.

    Here are the ones I have come up with so far (not sure if I like them that much)

    The Man Who Murdered My Parents

    What Did You Do?

    What You Did

    Hunting Pierson

    Because Of Me

    Why Not Me?

    A Dish Best Served Cold

    Revenge Is My Drug Of Choice

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  • How should I kill of my main character's parents?

    So I'm writing a novel and a big part of who is my main character is, is that her parents died leaving her alone with no other family. I'm just not sure how they should die, I was thinking maybe a car crash but I want some more ideas before I decide on anything. Please helps. Thanks!

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  • Netflix shows I should watch?

    It seems like I have watched every show on Netflix and I'm running out of ideas, please help. Below are a list of shows that I have watched.

    Grey's Anatomy

    The Vampire Diaries

    Pretty Little Liars



    The Originals

    Private Practice


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  • How do I tell my crush I like him?

    I wrote a 600 word message that I am planning on sending but I don't know if I should or not. We talk about everything and are close but I don't want to make things awkward or weird or something.

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  • Homeschool Adived?

    I'm starting home school in a month and I'm super happy about it but it's midway through the year. The reason I'm doing home schooling is because I have severe anxiety and my anxiety has started to make me physically sick so I can't continue to go to public school. I'm using to program time4learning as my primary schooling. I just need some advice because I've never done home school before and neither has my mother.

    3 AnswersHome Schooling4 years ago
  • Ideas for script...?

    I'm writing a TV script about three girls who are kidnapped, they wake up in a room with no memory of what happened. Im looking for I DEAS of scenes and plot twist and just any ideas you have... The girls are in high school, they are popular, beautiful, intelligent. Even after they are rescued I want the story to go on, maybe they are being stalked or tortured through social medias.. Do you have any ideas about what should happen while they are kidnapped or after? Thanks...

    1 AnswerDrama4 years ago
  • Town name ideas?

    The town is going to inhabit werewolves and other supernatural creatures. I have the whole story plan written out I just can think of a name for a town.. I want it to be fictional... I've tried for three days to come up with a name and I have nothing..

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  • Tips for writing a great love story?

    I'm writing a novel, it's a love story and I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make it great. I really want it to be the best story I've ever written. I want the reader to really get involved in the story and understand that characters. I want people to not be able to put the book down after they start reading it. I want it to be romantic but yet realistic full of happiness and heartbreak and love and just everything that makes a love story a story. Please help...

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors4 years ago
  • How do I become an actress?

    I want to become an actress but I don't know how to get started. I'm starting a YouTube channel to help me get out there. Im only a teenager but you have to get started young if you want to make it. I'm passionate about acting and I want to make it my life's work.

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  • A name for a book?

    I'm working on a book it's going to be somewhat like pretty little liars. It's about four girls who are just starting high school, they are all very popular and and are sort of like a clique but they are not bratty or mean. When Claire Whitmores queen bee status is threatened she begins to torment the girls throw social media and text messaging, to save herself from getting in trouble she doesn't use her real identity. It starts out a just little threats and comments but she becomes even more angry when the girls become even more closer despite the recent scandals. Claire escalates her threats and eventually spins a whole web of lies and secrets the girl have until the out it to a stop... I plan on making it a book series. I love writing and this book is going to be my best piece. I really want to to express how girl are in high school, jealous and threatened and I also want it to show the characters feelings and how they handle the threats. They will go through relationship and friendship ups and downs. I just can't think of a name I want it to something to do with Liars something. Something that's catchy but not a cliché and something not too long.

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  • I have really bad social anxiety what should I do?

    My anxiety is so bad that I can't go to school anymore. When I'm at school I get panic attacks everyday all day and it's so bad that I can't breath and I can't stop it. I was going to do homeschool but my school doesn't allow it. What should I do? I can't go back to school. It's not like I can just get over it I can't. I just found out I can't do homeschool and school starts tomorrow. Please help me! I can't live like this.

    5 AnswersMental Health4 years ago
  • Do I have to go to college?

    My parents didn't go to college and I know it's important for them that I go but I just don't know if it's the right fit for me. I've always been the smart kid of the family but I just don't know if I belong in college. Obviousky I want to do something with my life and be successful but I just feel like the way to do that ifls to just get in with my life instead of wasting four years at school. I need advice.