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  • Help with SC4 (Sim City 4) (Graphics)?

    So you see I have Sim City 4 on a Windows 8.1 computer, but there is a huge graphics problem. The screen becomes distorted as if it is screen tearing everytime I move the mouse. It is not an FPS problem but it resembles screen tearing. I know that it is because this is very new hardware, and SC4 is such an old game but I would love to still play it. Here are my specs:

    AMD Phenom II 1090T (6 core)

    AMD(ATI) Radeon 6670 HD DDR3 2GB

    10 GB RAM

    PSU 460W

    I'm not sure if this matters, but it is in the config log so I'm gonna list it: Turtle Beach PX3

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  • Help with JVM!?

    So I have a 64 bit computer with 10 GB of RAM, and apparently I get this error:

    Error occured during initialization of VM

    Could not reserve enough space for object heap

    Could not create Java virtual Machine.

    The funny thing is though I put in the system path -Xmx3G since I get some errors with memory and it helps, but not this time.

    This is the command I get when launching a bat: gradlew.bat setupDevWorkspace --refresh-dependencies

    The next command I do is:

    gradlew.bat eclipse

    This come from to setup an Forge FML src for modifications of Minecraft (Can be found at:

    I have Java version "1.7.0_51)

    and the Server VM is build 24.51=b03 mixed mode

    The programs and the system paths are both 64 bit, and I don't have any old versions of Java installed.

    Anything I can do to solve this?

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  • Upgrading my GPU 6670 to 7870?

    So I wanted to upgrade my current GPU to the AMD HD Raedon 7870 (2 gb ddr3 I'm not sure), and I wanted to see if my computer is suitable or needs changes. If you could, please provide me a link of a very cheap price of it. If you can also, please could you find me a tutorial for beginners how to put a GPU on to a motherboard?

    Here are my specs:

    Windows Windows Version 6.2 (Build 9200)

    Internet Explorer 9.11.9600.16521

    Memory (RAM) 10232 MB

    CPU Info AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor

    CPU Speed 3203.3 MHz

    Sound Card Speakers (2- Turtle Beach PX3 ( |

    Display Adapters AMD Radeon HD 6670 | AMD Radeon HD 6670 | AMD Radeon HD 6670

    Monitors 1x; HP 2011x LED Backlit LCD Monitor |

    Screen Resolution 1600 X 900 - 32 bit

    Network Network Present

    Network Adapters Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter | Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller | 802.11n Wireless LAN Card


    Ports COM Ports NOT Present. LPT Port NOT Present.

    Mouse 3 Button Wheel Mouse Present

    Hard Disks C: 1385.4GB | D: 11.5GB

    Hard Disks - Free C: 934.0GB | D: 1.4GB

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  • POLL: What do you hate when people ask Computer Questions?

    I personally hate when people say OH I HAVE A WINDOWS 7. Like its gonna help our problem kid... seriously.

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  • Help with convection and conduction?

    I really don't understand the difference between the two. Plz don't give definitions, ik what they are. Convection is the one that confuses me the most, cuz to me it seems the same except it is through a liquid and gas, but isn't that conduction? Everywhere I search on the internet doesn't help me.

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  • Help with a math problem?

    Here is the problem: Ricardo's dog weighs 6 times as much as his cat. The total weight of his two pets is 98 pounds. How much does Ricardo's dog weigh?

    Show work please and a simple explanation.

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  • Printer is not working, HP Photosmart C4795?

    For some reasons, my printer doesn't feel like cooperating with my computer, and I lost my USB wire with it and the only choice I have is wirless. DON'T TELL ME BUY A WIRE I DON'T HAVE TIME. I used wireless before without problems but anyway, lets get specific. If you need to use complex terms, I understand according to my Yahoo Answers Username. I'm using Windows 7.

    Here is the wireless confiugration when it printed:


    Network Status: Offline (which is weird, the printer said it was enabled, the radio icon was on also)

    Active Connection Type: None

    URL(s) for Embedded Web Server: None

    Firmware Revision: SPM1FN0935AR

    Hostname: HP9171D0

    Serial Number: CN2IMF102055J7 (if this is private, I don't care nobody knows where I live :D)

    Admin Password: None

    802.11 WIRELESS

    Hardware Address (MAC): 0026559171d0

    Status: Disconnected

    PORT 9100

    Status: Disabled


    Status: Enabled

    Service Name: Photosmart C4700 series [9171D0]


    Status: Enabled


    WS Discovery

    Status: Enabled

    WS Print

    Status: Enabled


    (Obviously this is empty, I can't connect to the printer.)

    Here are the Wi-Fi network I was using since it was report. I'm only using my network obviously:

    SSID: P2Y26

    Mode: Infrastructure

    BSSID: f8:e4:fb:35:3a:b0

    Channel: 6

    Privacy: RSN

    Auth: WPA-PSK

    Encrypt: AES/TKIP

    Signal: -44

    WPS: No (which is strange even though I have the button, but when I click on it nothing happens.

    So hope for the best, this is really important.


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  • Help with a unit rate problem?

    So suppose for every 5 cups of dark chocolate you need 2 cups of cream. How can you write a rule you can use to figure out how many cups of chocolate you will need for any number of cups when making truffles.

    Explaination (Not a large one, it can be simple) and answer with some work, Thxs! Much appreciated!

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  • Help with a middle school math problem?

    So, here is the link to the pdf:

    I solved every problem, except I'm stuck on the last one, number 7. Please someone give me an explanation and answer, because I don't know what to do.


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  • Difference from bittorrent and utorrent?

    I'm not a idiot, I know their torrent clients and stuff and I use them regularly, but I don't see no difference. The GUI is exactly the same except one is purple and other is green! And even the ads are the exact same. How come?

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  • Question about gravity, kinetic energy, potential energy?

    How come the loop-the-loop climax on a roller coaster doesn't have the maximum amount of potential energy even though it isn't the highest point of the roller coaster ride? Their was 3/4 kinetic energy and 1/4 potential energy at the bottom of the loop-the-loop It is is completely upside down so gravity must be acting on or something like that. I watched this at school as animation, so can anybody clarify this?

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  • Help with math a problem?

    I need with this help math problem, here it goes:

    An average 125 pound person can burn 75 Calories in

    10 minutes while playing racquetball. At this rate, how many calories

    are burned per second?

    so they are asking for an answer that is like 1 cal/sec in that type of form. It can be a decimal or in fraction form.

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  • Math word problem help?

    Cicadas, which are flying insects, live underground until they are fully developed. It takes 13 years for one type of cicada and 17 years for another type of cicada to fully develop. In 1998, the two types of cicada emerged together.

    In how many years will the two types emerge again?

    Show all work.


    1 AnswerMathematics7 years ago
  • Scanning problem with HP Photosmart C4795 all-in-one printer?

    I'm trying to scan something to my PC, and I keep on getting the error: Scan Error. Try to scan from computer or see documentation. With wireless or not, same result. The drivers are installed because I can print to it wirelessly or wired with both of my computers. Anyway, I can't find the program for the scanning software. I used to have it, but it was remove for a computer reset. I don't have the disk and my warranty expired. And I don't want to download the huge driver including the suite since it is a waste of time unless you can find a individual suite program thing for this problem. Please I need this quick and I could scan before without any problem, even to both PC's.

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  • What is my phone zone area in nyc?

    my area code is 347, and I want get a Skype number but on this list, it says 347 and then zone 1, all the way to 13. which one do I pick? I live in east flushing. I'm trying to use this with a Google voice number which starts with 347.

    2 AnswersMySpace7 years ago
  • Question About the Oculus Rift?

    I was wondering if all games are supported for the occulus or only games that require looking around ( not only horrror games). Please someone tell me the explanation and if their is going to be any diffrence between the devloper kit and the consumer product.

    1 AnswerPC7 years ago
  • Good postal advertising in New York?

    I'm looking for a private postal advertising company or anything similar to that that can advertise a takeout menu. If possible, near the zip code 10018. It would be helpful if you provide a website of the company. Thank you :)

  • Help! Brownie Fail! Please check out question! Lol?

    Lol. Anyway, once we finished making the brownies, it was all hard like a rock and a bit flat. it was made from scratch from a nestle recipe. It was a rainy day, does humidty has to do with it? i heard some people say that but doesnt humidity make it moist? Was it too much sugar or overcooked? Plz help me.

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  • How many Lumens do I need?

    recently, my lamp in my bedroom has stop working so I needed a lamp. It has 200 lumens and it is 36 LED lights. the size of my room is about 3 1/2 meters long and about 2 1/4 meters long. my walls are white, so the walls will make it reflective. The lamp has to be in the corner in my room as there is my outlet and desk over there, Is it enough? It is a 3B studio lamp, brushed steel 36 energy saving LED lights desk lamp with flexible gooseneck.

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  • Please Help Me With Windows 8 Problem!?

    For a long time, I had windows 8 release preview from the official website. I originally had Windows 7 home premium. When I installed it, it kept a windows.old folder which contained my old windows 7 operating system. I made a very stupid mistake of deleting it as I thought I wouldn't need it anymore. So after a long period of time, it started restarting randomly and i got scared as it showed me a BSOD screen for a millisecond and my computer restarts every two hours. I found out the cause which was Microsoft wanted me to activate and pay for the full version of windows 8. I can't afford it and when I did slmgr -rearm on my CMD I got an access denied. So what do I do to stop the restarting? I don't care if the OS is windows 7 or 8 but I want my computer to stop restarting without losing my files on it.

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