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    My friend n i do some for fun now n then, but he is more...idk "addicted"? And couldn't get reg triple c's. So he got the um...cordicin flu one? It has 500mg each tablet of he is heavy so he has always taken more pills then me...ive only done the actual triple c's, so keep in mind he IS HEAVY...i know that can play a role in dosages. OKAY, SO, he took 20 tablets of the flu cordicne which is like10kmg of the ace that deadly, he is acting normal, but im still really worried for him, like should i go over to his house n force him to go to the hospital??? i looked up its not "deadly" till 12k mg, but u could still have liver failure? idk...someone help? ... OHHH BTW, HE IS BOUT 5"9 350LBS? (my guess)

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  • Do you need RUNESCAPE help?

    Do you wish that you had more time to train your skills, combat, quests? Do you wish you knew someone who could get those extra levels for you? My name is KJ, and I am an honest, laid back, caring person. I know that online anyone can say anything, so why should you trust me? Also, why on earth would I offer to help you out, without asking anything in return? Well, honestly, if I came across this, I would be VERY skeptical myself. So, the reasons why I am offering this is, I LOVE RUNESCAPE. And if you play as much as I do, you would know, sometimes you just get so bored doing your OWN crap. So, I am offering to help you with yours! I don't want to quit rs, just want a break from my crap. Also, I would give you my facebook info, so you will KNOW who I am and judge for yourself, IF your interested you can send me a message on facebook. IF YOUR NOT INTERESTED, then no need to leave hate comments. Just move along to the next yahooanswer question. My facebook:

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  • ALICE GREENFINGERS, the first one....not second?

    Ok, so I downloaded the second cracked/patched version, and to be isnt nearly as good as the first IMO, but I can not find a download for the first one anymore....anyone? Help? Free, safe, cracked/patched FIRST alice greenfingers????

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  • How to fight an eviction when no lease??...I NEED HELP..please?

    Ok, so I moved from oregon to south carolina over 4 years ago to be with this guy. He lives with his parents...yea I know...anyways, they welcomed me into their home and I have been here ever since. That was over 4 years ago, Him and I now have a child. His parents have ALWAYS threatened to evict us when they get mad, or to evict me when mad at him. Well finally they actually did it.....the thing is, I have been researching how to fight it, and it seems that you can't fight an eviction without being on the please only mature suggestions on how to help my situation. AM I SCREWED??? Also, I go to court on the 20th to fight it. Will the court care that I have no family, no job, not from around here? Will he care that the one who evicted me isn't the owner of the lease? Or that I was evicted out of pure spite? I have no job because I have a very sick child, and needs constant help. ....Please...I am desperate.. :'(

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  • Autism ... as the child grows older...?

    I am a bit emotional right now, so this is going to be short....but kids with autism, as they get older...are they ..normal? Do they have the thoughts and emotions as a regular child? Can they sit and watch a movie or listen to music, and fully understand it? Or sit and have a regular conversation with another person? .... I dunno if I am making mind is all over the place right now sorry...Please answer honestly and share experiences if you have them as a parent or even as someone with autism.

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  • Exactly what a Domestic Violence Shelter can do...?

    I like in york county south carolina, the government here SUCKS. I need to know if I go to a dv. shelter with my daughter, that we will get the help we need to MAKE in a place to live, job, car...the basics to survive...I need to KNOW ....that they will help me get these things...because if they dont, I will just have to end up going back to my daughters daddy.....which is not good....PLEASE, I need to know b4 I make this step that WE WILL MAKE IT.....

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  • Leaving my fiance, with our child, to a shelter...? PLEASE mature answers?

    This maybe a bit long, But you need to know this to answer,

    I have been with a guy for almost 4 years now. We have a almost 3 year old daughter.

    I love him. I have no family, or friends, I moved and left my life to be with him. I have no job and no money. My daughter is a special needs child and gets an SSI check. It is too small of a check to support us. The man I am with is narsistic, if you do not know the meaning of that. Please look it up to better understand him. He calls me so many names, my life has gotten to where I have chosen certain things to do as an escape from my life. I need a change. He is not willing to change. The only option I have is to leave, and go to a domestic violece shelter. But I need to know...100% not 99.9% but 100% that If I do this, They will help me get on my feet enough to make it on my own with my child. I do not want to leave if there is a 00.01% chance of me losing her because I can't make it. I know they put you into parenting classes, and they help you find a job, etc. But I need to know that I won't fail.....if that makes sense.....Please do not preach at me, and tell me your honest opinions <3 thanks

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  • I need "food shopping" advice ... soon!!!?

    We are going through some bad times right now....we have 200$ to spend on food for the entire month. My daughter, husband and me. I need some adivce on wat to buy that is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. And something that will LAST. You know? Im just at lost right now.....thanks

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  • Horny/Sex question for MEN...also woman if they want?

    Okay, so I grew up thinking that men were ALWAYS horny...More so than woman.

    My man and I had sex about 6 times a day when we first got together.

    I DO understand that after having a child it can not be as often. But COME ON!!!!

    We went from 6x's a day to 1-2x's a month. I will lie in bed naked and tell him to come here, I will say that I want to "sucky sucky" lol And he will be on the computer or doing somthing else and say no....I told him just yesterday..."What man turns down a BJ?" SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    He has said many tims that he doesnt get horny much anymore and trys to blame his age (just turned 31) But I know old men 50+ would do anything to get laid or a why is he not horny?

    This slowed down alot before this but got worst when he lost alot of weight really fast. Could that be the cause? And if so, he lost it all about 1 1/2 years ago...shouldnt he be back to normal? Do woman really get more horny then men? God I just dont get it.....

    PS. He has bragged to his friends that I was good enough to marry when it came to BJ' that there should tell you it is odd he would be turning me down...why is he not horny? grrrrrrrr

    PSS. I posted this B4 but got no responce and it never showed up on here that i could see....

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  • Christian song about trees and mountains and miracles? PLZ HELP?

    We are looking for a song that goes SOMETHING like this......

    I see miracles happening..........I see trees and moutains. He thinks that it is guy singing...not female. PLEASE HELP ME HELP HIM!!!! We have pretty much given up.....

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  • Toy ceiling Hanger? Holder? HELP!!!!!!?

    I am looking for that net that you hang on your ceiling/wall for you kids toys and stuff animals....etc .... I cant find one for one...for two I dont know the proper name for it so I cant exactly look it up now can I lol. PLEASE if you could post a link to what I am talking about AND/or give me the proper name so I can look myself.....PLEASE my daughter has too many toys lol. Thanks.

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  • Sims 3 and the world adventure pack add on HELP ME!!!?

    OKAY I NEED HELP NOWWWW I have sims 3 and the add on pack....i dont really like it as much but anywayz i wanna play the regular sims 3 and it isnt letting me....even when i launch the reg sims 3 it takes me to world adventure.....HELP how can i play the sims i have to uninstall the there ANYWAY around that??? PLEASE HELP!

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  • Sims 3 question....young adult and moving

    Ok ive tried to look at other ppls questions and answers but my question wasnt quite answered so here it goes. Ok my oldest sims daughter will be a young adult soon and i was thinking about moving her out to start her own life. i need to know how to play her and go back and forth to her and her parents and siblings house. can you plz try to be very clear, im so exhuasted at the moment and cant think to good lol thanks so much

    oh and if this makes any difference at all, i play on my laptop

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  • Healty but Romatic birthday dinner? HELP!!!?

    I cant do much for my husband this year. Little money, im sure you can understand. I want to make him a special dinner. The whole thing. Like...dinner, salad, roll, dessert....but im at a lost. I want something really nice and something special. THERE IS A CATCH! HE WILL NOT EAT IT IF IT IS NOT HEALTHY!!! And I mean healty. NO fatty soul foods lol...he is not a vegetarian or anything. He just counts his calories and fat and stuff. So if you could plz give me some ideas on wat to make for dinner/dessert, it would be a big would be a much bigger help! thanks so much!!!

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  • Grandma's shepard pie...gone :( help?

    My grandmother made the best shepards pie and taught me how to make it. I am now much older and have forgotten lol. Does anyone have any good shepards pie recipes? I know my grandma made it with....hamberger meat, green beans, mashed potatos...and i forgot the rest....dang it!!!!

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  • Birthday!?!?

    I cant do much for my husband this year. Little money, im sure you can understand. I want to make him a special dinner. The whole thing. Like...dinner, salad, roll, dessert....but im at a lost. I want something really nice and something special. THERE IS A CATCH! HE WILL NOT EAT IT IF IT IS NOT HEALTHY!!! And I mean healty. NO fatty soul foods lol...he is not a vegetarian or anything. He just counts his calories and fat and stuff. So if you could plz give me some ideas on wat to make for dinner/dessert, it would be a big would be a much bigger help! thanks so much!!!

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  • For the kids or not...?

    This has been asked many times before im sure but i need to ask anyways....Stay together for the kids or no...

    Put yourself in my shoes a sec plz, if you never had parents and went from home to home never having love. And you wanted your children to have a MOTHER and a FATHER with ONE home....but you knew in your heart that your man...or women no longer loved you and you were completly miserable....would you stay just for your child? Just so she could have wat you never had?

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    I just bought a 4 cd pack set of celtic irish music.... not only did it NOT have bagpipes but it sounded like hill-billie old southern drunk irish men.....UGH!!! I want some good ol' celtic/irish music WITH bagpipes that my daughter and I can enjoy. PLEASE HELP LOL

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  • What does the band FFH stand for I forgot....?

    The CHRISTIAN band FFH what does it stand for please show proff like a site or something if you can. thanks guys!!!!!!

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  • SMALLVILLE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 points!?

    I LOVE smallville but lost track of it after like season 3....I need a website that has ALL the episodes so I can get back in the smallville game!!! ANYONE????????? plz help me!!!!

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