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  • Why won't my ex-boyfriend talk to me?

    theres this guy and we were together for about a month but we were on and off. But he told me he liked me and we started going out. It was really good like perfect for a month or so but out of nowhere he sends me a text this isn't working and i want to break up i don't want to hurt you. after he said i will always love you. It sucked seriously. No flat reason why we broke up he just said its over. ????But we have broken up and gotten back together again in the past. He lied to me alot and just treated me like i was nothing. I thought he cared about me more. After we broke up hes texting me what would u say if i wanted u back. !????? okkay. well i don't know what to believe anymore. I always seem to care about him even though hes hurt me alot. I forgive him and we move on its like this circle. Now hes sending me mixed signals like i miss u and want u back but hes not responding to my texts. I think hes avoiding me on purpose and whenever i look at him he walks away goes in the other direction. I keep trying to talk to him he won't answer. I didn't do anything wrong its all him. I don't know why he won't talk to me anymore? is it he doesn't care but he said he did or what. i'm very upset. should i just give up and move on. thanks

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  • Scrunching Hair Help!?

    Step-by-step please :]

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  • Scrunching Hair Problems?

    Whenever I take a shower and my hair is damp or wet I always scrunch it with my hands and it looks very cute. But I try putting hair gel in my wet hair and scrunching it then allowing it to air dry on its own but the look doesn't stay. My hair is naturally curly and wavy but I can't seem to get my hair to keep that scrunched style. Even with gel. Once my hair dries completely it doesn't keep that look. I've seen people with their hair scrunched and they've got it to stay and still look that way after a day. Idk why hair gel doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? anything would be helpful. Thanks!

    3 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • Virgin Mobile Flare users?

    I am looking at the Virgin Mobile Flare as my next cell phone. Right now I currently have the Kyrocera Marbl. Any Flare users out there? Any info at all about the phone would be great! thanks but here are some questions I have and if you could answer them then great but you don't have to. Anyway. Does the Flare come in any different colors? faceplates? hows the music quality? special features? am I really ''upgrading" from a Kyrocera Marbl and is the Flare any betta than what I have now? How about the external screen? is it possible to change the colors of the external screen? and IM services like aim, yahoo, ect. available on this phone? if yes how much? How are the ringtones preloaded on the phone? wallpapers? screensavors? games preloaded? if yes what? again anything here you can answer would be helpful. Sorry the list is so long.....:[[ just curious. Thanks!

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  • Does the IM service on the Virgin Mobile Samsung Slash cost $? if yes how much?

    I am looking at the Samung Slash for my next cell phone. I was wondering because it has IM service for aim, yahoo, ect.... does it cost any money to use??? cause I would use it and that would be awesome. If yes how much? any Samsung Slash users out there? any other info about the phone would be great :D thanks!

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  • Who likes Twilight (movie or books)?

    I just got the first book for Christmas & I haven't started reading it yet. I heard Twilight is soooo good!!!! & little poll here... How many Twilight fans out there!? I bet I will be a fan soon. haha

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  • What are cute hair styles?

    Besides straightening my hair and leaving it down curly/wavy natural what other ways could I do my hair? if it could be quick cause I only have a little bit of time before school. I usually pull it back in a bun with a elastic hairband. Something casual but still cute and manageable.

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  • Whats your favorite fast food?

    Just a little poll!

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  • What are good songs to update my iPod?

    I love pop, rock, alternative, but not rap.

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  • What clothing ideas could you wear with clogs?

    I just recently got a pair of clogs for Christmas. They are called Airwalk Abby Clog. They are super cute! and look really cute! and i'm really happy I got them but what jeans could I wear with them. I have kinda skinny brown aero jeans that would look cute and regular jeans but any other ideas? & if you have any ideas for tops that'd be good too. Thanks!

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  • Is there going to be a Camp Rock 2?

    I really loved Camp Rock and that is my favorite movie and I really hope they make a Camp Rock 2. ♥ And is the cast going to remain the same? I really want to see Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers again!!!

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