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Unless you have seen fullmetal alchemist I suggest leaving now. I am Charlotte Hawkeye, the Dark Ice Alchemist and recently turned Homunculus, Vengeance. I am girlfriend of Envy and subordinate to Lt. Colonel Roy Mustang. Using my knowledge of anime I answer questions to the best of my abilty and spread the word about the awesome anime/manga; FullmetalAlchemist.

  • Want to quit school in year 10, Australia, and do an art course?

    I love digital art and can't take school anymore. I'm in Australia. Is there any art courses or TAFE I can do instead of school?

    Please don't say something like, "you need an education to get anywhere in life!"

    I know that guys, but I just can't go to school and I love my art. What can I do?

    1 AnswerOther - Education7 years ago
  • Where can I find the RAW of Naruto Road to Ninja?

    NO KOREAN DUB! I don't need subtitles, but the dub must be Japanese. If anyone know a website or torrent site I could get this, it would be a great help :)

    2 AnswersComics & Animation7 years ago
  • How do you say these basic things in Japanese?

    I need the romaji for this -

    What time does school finish?

    School finishes at 3:25

    ない学校**げ何* (this means when does school finish) where the *'s are, I dont know what the kanji is. Help please?

    1 AnswerLanguages8 years ago
  • Gimp - how to make a completely black and white picture?

    How do you make a picture JUST black and white, NO grey whatsoever?

    1 AnswerSoftware9 years ago
  • How to make a picture black and white in GIMP?

    I have a picture that I scanned in that I thought would just be b&w but instead there is a little grey. Also is there any way to fill in very small dots in a line? If that makes no sense, when I zoom in far enough, there are little pixels of white in what should be a perfect black line. How can I quickly get rid of them? Thanks :)

    1 AnswerSoftware9 years ago
  • Question about wrath in the original series of FMA (fullmetal alchemist)?

    I've always wondered that since Homunculi cannot grow older, except when they were created from humans, how Wrath grew from the small infant he was when he died (and then reborn), into the young boy he was when Ed and Al met him. It doesn't make any sense that he got older as he was created like Envy or Lust, not like Pride. Anyone have a logical solution?

    5 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • Did I answer this simple algebra question right?

    I have a math teats tomorrow and I dont know if I got this right. If I didn't, could you please tell me how to work it out?

    Fleur's age is x years. She is 6 years older then Tanya.

    Write down tanya's age in terms of x.

    I got x - 6

    If their ages add up to 34 years, write an equation and solve it.

    I got 34 - 6 = 28

    28 (divided by) 2 = 14

    Fleur is 20 and Tanya is 14. Did I get that right? Sorry if my working out got confusing

    7 AnswersMathematics9 years ago
  • What do the endings Japanese people put on the end of names mean?

    Like chan, senpai, san. And is it true you call people by their last names unless you are close to the person?

    2 AnswersLanguages9 years ago
  • How do you get into voice acting?

    I can do different voices and stuff I just want to know where to start. I'm in Australia btw and I have had no experience in this before :D

    3 AnswersTheatre & Acting9 years ago
  • What are some good horror movies made in the last 15 years or so?

    I prefer ones that sort of mess with your head and I'm not really into the gore ones like saw. I loved the ring but I was indifferent to the grudge and the grudge 2. Any movies claiming to be real, like the forth sign, are boring and a waste of my time so don't put any down. Thanks in advance :D

    5 AnswersMovies9 years ago
  • What anime character would you be and why?

    You can be your own character, but describe yourself and lifestyle.

    Preferably out of these if you have seen them:

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    Death Note

    Soul Eater


    Vampire Knight

    Or another but give more info or I'll have no idea what you are talking about :P

    Plus if you want add a little back story about yourself and who you would be with. <3

    6 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • What are some other names that are like the seven deadly sins (FMA)?

    The sins are Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Pride, Wrath, Sloth and Greed. I wanted a name something like those and so far I have come up with Malice and Vengeance. Any answers would be great :)

    2 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • Questions about scientists in antartica?

    Why are they so interested in it?

    What countries are they from?

    What are some of their projects and findings?

    What recommendations would you make in regards to future scientific research in this area?

    Any info or websites would be really good and please don't tell me to 'google it' because I am. Right now. :)

    1 AnswerHomework Help9 years ago
  • Questions about scientists in antartica?

    Why are they so interested in it?

    What countries are they from?

    What are some of their projects and findings?

    What recommendations would you make in regards to future scientific research in this area?

    Any info or websites would be really good and please don't tell me to 'google it' because I am. Right now. :)

    2 AnswersAstronomy & Space9 years ago
  • What acne cream is good to use on my face?

    At the moment use clearasil ultra, and I wash my face every day, but what other creams are good against pimples? And are there other non-expensive ways of removing pimples? One more thing, is it better or worse to pinch them?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions9 years ago
  • How to Breath when singing?

    Is there a specific thing I should do when breathing while singing? Because all my breaths are loud and it is very obvious by the sound and chest movement. Any tips?

    3 AnswersSinging9 years ago
  • iTunes keep asking for my password at random times when I am on my iPad?

    When I am connected to the Internet, and say play a game or go on YouTube, and iTunes message pops up wanting my password and it is the same One I get when downloading an app on my iPad. When ever this happens while I am watching YouTube the thing I am watching pauses and I can't get it to play again until I refresh the page. Is there a way to disable it?

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds9 years ago
  • What is something you really care about?

    (>'.')>Like something you never want to let go, or something that you look up whenever somebody mentions it. Something or someone that you just have to love. <('.'<)

    9 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • What is the besy way to remember a poem of by heart?

    I have this poem that i made and i have to learn it of by heart soon. What would be the best way to do that? And here is my poem if that helps (I know it isn't that good but poems were NEVER my strong point.):


    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as he was known,

    Born 1756 by a musical man, of Leopold Mozart

    He was musical prodigy

    And maker of over 600 compositions.

    By the age of three he was a musical genius!

    Entranced by his sister and father playing their instruments

    He listened and then,

    He made songs on the piano all by himself.

    Only 7 Mozart was, when his father had an idea!

    They toured for royalty, for a few years.

    But only one year after

    Mozart had finished his first three symphonies.

    Masted the Piano, Violin and harpsichord

    And add and opera to the achievement list

    At the end of his teenage years

    He was the grand concert master of Salzburg!

    Wanting a court position, with his mother by his side,

    He travelled to Mannheim, and to his great surprise

    Fell in love with a woman

    Who was named Aloysia Webber.

    It was sad the time of 1778 for young Mozart,

    His mother had passed her time so:

    He went back to Salzburg

    And paid a visit to the Arch Bishop.

    A court organist Mozart was to be, to Arch Bishop

    A man with whom he didn’t get along very well,

    Tension grew strong

    And off Mozart went to Vienna.

    There in Italy, a marriage took place

    Between Mozart and Aloysia Webber

    They had 6 children

    But only two went onto adulthood.

    Throughout out the rest of his life, until 1971

    Mozart became very famous all over the world

    But alas, his life was to end

    From a fever he caught after a performance.

    But today his life and compositions still live on

    Mozart is well remembered as a great writer

    Of operas and symphonies

    Of the great classical era from which he was born.

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay9 years ago