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  • Need advice for filing charges against ex who went nuts in front of my kids?

    I live in Georgia. Ex got really drunk and tried to kill current wife and did lots of property damage while he had kids visiting. Cops removed kids and returned them to me after they called...but they didn't arrest him until the wife called them back the next morning. He will come after me (and her) when he gets out of jail. He was arrested once for stalking me...but never went to trial, he got some probation deal with DA. I need to know what to say and do to make sure my kids and I are protected.

    If you have any advice, please get it to me quick. I have to go see the investigators on Wednesday...and want to push for the max. He's a scary guy...

    14 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • Will my two rats be okay alone over the weekend?

    They have a really big, nice cage. They have each other. I would leave several lab blocks and fresh water on Friday evening. Would they be okay until early Monday morning? I know they would miss me, but they'd get lots of love when I got back.

    7 AnswersRodents1 decade ago
  • Bible passage about psychic woman???Help find it please!?

    A friend told me about a passage in the bible where Jesus is walking and encounters a woman slave who is earning money for her master by "being a psychic". She apparently knows that Jesus is the Messiah and says as much. Jesus then casts out the spirit that allows her psychic abilities and makes her master angry.

    I really want to know where this is in the bible. The friend said she thinks it's in one of the gospels but I can't find it.

    If you can give me the scripture I would really appreciate it.

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  • Where can I buy/adopt pet rats in the Athens/Atlanta Georgia area?

    I am looking to get two young pet rats to be class pets for my 4th grade classroom. I know I can go to the pet store and buy feeder rats but I want to make sure that the rats are as friendly and socialized as possible since I don't want to risk them biting a student.

    I would also appreciate advice on a habitat. I was thinking about an aquarium with a cage topper thing I saw...but I also have access to a multi-level ferret type cage.

    Thanks for any advice regarding first time rat ownership.

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