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  • How can I get a burrito stain off my canvas tote?

    I carry a canvas tote to school for my books. It's white with black print on it. The line for lunch was too long so by the time I got my lunch I didn't get enough time to finish it. I wrapped the burrito and put it in my bag. I guess a part of the foil ripped and the burrito stained my bag. I put it in the wash with Kirkland's Detergent w/ Color Safe Bleach , but it only lightened a bit . For the past hour I've been scrubbing it with a toothbrush w/ the detergent and dishwashing soap. It's not exactly helping. I'm not sure what else to try! Please give me suggestions ;D

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  • What is the best student body role/position?

    I have no idea which position I would like (it's for middle school and I'm in the lowest grade). And my choices are secretary,vice president, and treasurer! The president position has to be the highest grade at the school ( so I'm not eligible). Ummm to know a bit about me I'm a B+ and up student.I have all advanced classes, I'm new to the school. And I'm in the leadership class. Please tell me what and why !! thank you :D

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  • Where can I buy a blacklight?

    Where can i buy a blacklight? I need one for my science project. It's on bacteria and I need to know what is the best way to wash bacteria off. In order to see the bacteria though i need a blacklight? Anybody know where I can buy a blacklight at a store? Or a very reliable internet website that sells them? I need it before 2 weeks. And my price range for the blacklight is $0 - $20.

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  • Eeeasy problem know how to solve ,don't know how to explain!?

    A radio with a regular price of $120 is on sale at 25% off.What is the sale price?Bonnie said,"75% of $120 is $90." Clyde said,"25% of $120 is $30 and $120 - $30= $90." Why do both methods work?

    5 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • When estimating decimals do you round to the nearest whole number,nearest decimal or easiest number?

    I have this homework and it's like this:

    198.67+96.98 O 200.57+ 99.2

    And the instructions are estimate to compare. And in the little circle in the middle make the > or < sign. (the least or greater then sign.

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  • How do i reset diary girl password?

    So i bough a diary girl ds game and i let my cousins borrow it when it was brand new. and they set a password and "forgot it" so i can i reset it? i cant get in!!!

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  • How do you know if someone is like pretty or handsome?

    I don't know why but , i think i'm ugly and everyone says opposite, and then all my opinions are like the opposite of mine, how do you know if someone is handsome , cute , ugly , pretty , or just o.k.?

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  • how do I add more games onto my supercard ds one?

    My mom's friend gave me a supercard ds one and it came with a little disk , a 2.0 adapter, and the card (with the 1gb chip inside).

    And it already has games in it. But she gave me four other disks and she said they would put more games into my ds. But i don't know how to get them into the chip. Help?

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