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  • What form do you fill out for taxes if you only received child support?

    A friend of mine did not file 2007 taxes, because the only income she received was child support. She is now applying for college and we did her FAFSA and the school is requesting her tax forms. I am assuming she needs to file, but what form does she need to fill out, and if you really are good, where do we put this income on that form? She is single with no dependents, and this was past paided child support

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  • Help Please!?

    My ex-girlfriend told me about a new site she found which was better than Limewire and it is Something wire also, and I can't remember the name of it. She obvisouly is not going to tell me, cause I asked her. Does anyone know. Thanks soooo much!

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  • Swollen Eyes From Crying PLEASE HELP?

    I start my new job tommorow and need to know how to get rid of my puffy eyes, I know when I go to sleep they will get worse because it happened last night. Two very hard days of feeling my feelings! Thanks

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  • Why does my mom feel that she needs to control me? HELP PLEASE!?

    My mom and I got in a fight yesterday, and she is very angry with me because I quit a dead end job and I have only been off work 3 weeks and start my new job tommorrow. She said at Easter she would help me with some new clothes and I took care of that then she asked if I needed anything and I need some new shoes, so we set up to meet today but as usual she canceled and yesterday brought money by to me. When I go out to get it she says that she is going to add that on to the money I owe her from last year, I thought this was a gift I told her and told her that I could not afford anymore borrowed money. She then made this comment Just take it I work you don't. I am very hurt by my mom's behavior? Will she ever love me unconditionally? I am really finally chasing my dreams, start college this fall at the age of 31 and this again is something she says I should not do? Help please! Is my relationship done with my mom? Why do I need to please her?

    Thanks so much!

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