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  • Rainbow People/Spirits?

    My 5 year old told us today that he see's "Rainbow People". Now he has an imagination but he's also not a liar and doesn't really make up stories beyond playing with his action figures, and even those have some basis in day to day happenings. When we questioned him what he meant, he explained that he's been seeing them for a while, everyday. They are people who walk around, adults only. They have creepy eyes and stare at him. He says they are weird. They have a rainbow around them. They are different some are fat. They never talk to him. I asked him why he's never told us and he said he thought he was seeing things and we would be mad at him. But when he told us today it was so non chalant like he wasn't even scared or anything, just came right out and told us. Now I have to say I believe some what in spirits and the such. But he doesn't know that. I've had experiences my whole life, but sometimes can chalk it up to other things, and since he was born he would say different things, or random toys would go off in his room ect. Anyone ever hear of this? He's a good kid, more like he's 30 than 5 with some of the stuff he says and how he feels. He's so sweet, a little emotional, and will go out of his way to help people. TIA!

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  • Best Places to raise a family?

    I'm looking for your best suggestions on where the best place is to raise a family. We are a young family, good income, 1 kid and 1 on the way. I don't think we'll move from our Home in Florida for another couple years but I'd like to at least consider the idea of moving. We love our home but I imagine my kids growing up In a community where they can ride their bikes on the sidewalks, make friends with the kids next door or down the block. There has to be good schools but close enough to a city for my husband to commute to for his line of work. I don't even know if something like this exists anymore.

    Suggestions can be anywhere. We live in Florida now but are from up north.


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  • Does my husband have a sleep disorder or is he just crabby at night?

    Okay so I'm wondering why my husband gets so angry in the middle of the night...

    For example - we do not sleep in the same bed because I feel guilty when he tosses and turns all night then complains he is hot even with air conditioning a fan and a ceiling fan on. Also our three almost four year old son wakes up almost every night and climbs in to bed.

    When he isn't sleeping well he gets really agitated and angry and snaps about not being able to sleep or this is so ridiculous I can't sleep and you can just be over there and fall right back to sleep. He usually storms out of the room but never seems to remember exactly how upset he was during the middle of the night and is fine in the morning. Lately though it seems to happen if he is under a lot of stress and not sleeping. He'll fall asleep lets say sitting on the couch but if he wakes up its like he is still sleepy he is just kinda on edge and then sometimes can't fall back to sleep. I just don't know how to help him anymore. He doesn't drink caffeine at night and tries not to eat so close to bed time as he thinks that keeps him awake.

    Any idea or just kinda crabby at night due to lake of sleep?

    I'd like to let everyone know that he is a wonderful guy works very hard at a full time job and does side work at home which also leads to some sleep less nights. I'm on here just trying to find him some help from anyone who has been through this.


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  • Shower head drips, how can I fix it?

    Yesterday after I took a shower the water would not stop dripping from the shower head. How can I fix this myself? We have a shower head that's like a wand thing not just a standard fixed one. However we have only one knob pull it out it's on left hot right cold. When the knob in off but turned to the left the water only drips when the knob is turned to the right you can hear water behind the knob and a light stream comes out. The shower is a stall shower. The metal plate holding the knob has one screw holding it in place that I can see. Any help would be great.

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  • Loan file with the underwriter, now what?

    Okay, going for the FHA loan.Had the house inspected, inspected fine, needed some fixes in for the WDO report though. They were fixed. The WDO inspector is going back out hopefully tomorrow to inspect again. We had our loan go through automatic underwriting and it was fine, then we handed in a whole bunch of information. Yesterday the loan processor asked for more information. We had to type up some letters in-regards to taxes and deposits in the bank account. No big deal. Sent everything they asked. The down payment is in our bank account. Now we hear our file is with the underwriter and we should have a decision tomorrow. Is there anything that can happen that wouldn't give us an approval? Would he ask for information before just denying us? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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  • tax refund being siezed?

    okay first off I don't need anyone telling me off or giving me your opinion of me. This is yahoo answers, you don't know my entire situation. If you can't just answer the question simply, then don't answer it.

    I had a feeling my taxes would be seized due to defaulted student loans. I spoke with them today and they said it's not being seized as of yet I also called the treasury deapartment phone number to see if they had any debts against my SS number. They don't. My question is, if i put in my taxes tonight and I get notice it's being processed, can they still seize this years before I get my check? Can they seize it up until I get my check? They have already started to garnish my wages, which isn't that big of a deal, or wasn't until yesterday when my fiance who pays our rent ( we have a child together) lost his job. Luckily we have a little bit of savings to get us through but could really use my tax refund until he finds another job.

    Thank you

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  • Who should claim our son on taxes this year?

    My fiance and I live together and have since our son was born in 2009. He has usually claimed him in the past because i wasn't working. Since June I have been working. I've added my son to my insurance at work have life insurance a 401k and I pay his daycare expenses from my debit card which is noted on the daycare slip i'll receive/have received from his 1st daycare he was in. My fiance has made more than me this year and could technically claim head of household since he provides money for the rent. However i contribute towards food gas bills and daycare and insurance for our son. It really doesn't matter who claims him since any money we receive is treated as both of ours( in our household, i know the tax man doesn't see it like that), just wondering who would get more back. We do plan on consulting a Tax professional at HR block or the like.

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  • Child gets hurt everyday at daycare?

    My son has got hurt four out of five days last week plus incidents prior to this. I had complained earlier this week that I wasn't being told until I picked him up from school. Now everyday he's hurt? They also didn't tell me he hadn't been eating lunch for 3 months so I had to get a doctors note to bring in food. This week he scraped his knees fell on his head fell off a bike and has a decent size gash looks almost like a knife gash down his palm to his wrist had a busted lip and was allowed to play with mulch in the back of a dump truck while pushing it down a slide and the mulch flew out and hit him in the face causing an inch scratch on his face. My question is does this happen to anyone else's kid? I could see if it happened once a week month but everyday? Not to mention they did not clean his hand. Also he was fully potty trained now the past couple days he's been having accidents during the day. What is going on??

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  • HSA or FSA? Any Health Insurance savvy people?

    I"m signing up for health benefits at work.

    A little backround - Type 1 Diabetic, looking to get back on the pump, I get a lot of prescriptions every month when on the pump. I also see a specialist every 3 months.

    My deductible will be 4800 as I am adding my son as well. I will meet my deductible quickly.

    I was going to save 60/a month to put in my HSA which my company meets at 5:1 which is awesome I'd have 300 dollars a month. However I was told by another diabetic to do the FSA which gives you 2500 dollars right off the bat and then take out I guess 200 dollars a month ( which is more than I wanted, but I would have to pay out of my pay anyways for prescription coverage until I met my deductible)

    Anyways which should I do? HSA or FSA?

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  • New job, will I have to wait a month to be paid?

    The companies next pay day is July 6th. I just started today, will I have to wait till July 20th to receive a two week check? I am an hourly employee at 80 hours bi weekly.

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  • Company paying for a hotel for me can I take my husband and child?

    I have a company new hire orientation on Monday. The company is paying for a hotel room for tomorrow night so I can be at orientation in the hotel on Monday at 8am. They hotel room is already paid for. Can I take my husband and toddler with me or is that like against the rules? They will both leave when I do and they are going to explore the city while I am at Orientation. We won't leave the hotel room at night or anything so I was just wondering. Other people I have asked said it should be fine since the room is already paid for and they would have paid it if it was just me. Just wondering some yahoo users opinions.

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  • Business Professional Attire for Women?

    I'm going to an company new hire orientation on Monday, the dress code is business professional. Does that mean I have to wear a jacket? I don't have one but if I really need one I can try to run out tomorrow before I leave and buy one. I plan on wearing dress pants with a long sleeve button down either in white,black,or grey with black pumps. Also should I tuck in a button down? My husband says no it looks better out I like the look of it being tucked in though. THanks!

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  • Office job, what type of bag should I have?

    Just got a 8-5 office job, mostly just talking on the phone. Business Professional/casual environment. I won't have to bring anything home from work but i'd like to take my lunch to work. What type of bag should I get, something inexpensive for now until i start getting some paychecks. I have a coach purse right now, but it certainly wouldn't fit my lunch or water bottle. Thanks

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  • Toddler going to Daycare for the first time,feeling guilty.?

    I've been a stay at home mom for almost three years now. I need health insurance though so after applying for a year I finally got a great job that pays very well for not having a college degree ( I do have quite a bit of college credits though). My son went for a couple hours the other day and did better than i even thought, I was so proud. However, when I think about how many hours a week he'll be at daycare I start to feel very guilty. He'll be there about 50 hours a week by the time I drop him off and I am able to pick him up. Is that too long or average? His dad works pretty much the same hours as I will. Nothing will change for his dad he'll still see him the same amount as he always has, however everything will change for my son and I. In a way I'm looking forward to working and getting out of the house and having medical insurance, but on the other hand, it's so long with out me. I don't want to grow apart, we are very close. I had a family member comment that she thinks it's good I am putting him in daycare because she doesn't want to see us on the cover of Time magazine in a couple years. I thought that was rude, because I love my son and I feel so fortunate that I was able to stay at home with him for so long. Although we are very close he also loves his dad and when he comes home he just wants to spend time with him. I think there is as much as a fair trade off as there can be. I'm just looking for some advise or kind words, I guess. Everyone says he'll be fine and I'll be fine, but it's people who were never in my situation telling me this. Thanks!

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  • Previous Employer Reference Release Form, Can I call First?

    I have been offered a job but after background checks and a drug test. I'm pretty certain I'll pass both, especially the drug test. However I just got another email from the verified people place to complete a Reference Release Form from my previous employer. I'm not sure what they will say will they give way to much information, I'm pretty sure they shouldn't say anything bad, but can I call them before I sign the release form to see what they will say? Or should I just sign the release form?

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  • Can my fiance add me to his bank account even if I have horrible credit?

    First off I'm not looking for anyone to tell me that's is bad I have horrible credit or anyone to tell me we shouldn't have a joint account. We've been together for 5 years and have a son together, we'd be married if it wasn't so expensive and family was willing to help out.

    That said... I just got a job, the first I've had in 2 1/2 years and we'd like a joint bank account. Even with my poor credit would he be able to add me to his bank account (Wells Fargo)? Or should we go to a new bank and open a new checking account?

    Also can creditors garnish a bank account?

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  • Interview Follow up thank you note?

    I just had an interview today and I wanted to send a thank you follow up note. However, I don't know where to send it. I interviewed with a recruiter which I had her email so I sent a follow up, then a women called me and set up a face to face then I interviewed with 3 other people today a manager and two would be co workers. They never gave their last names and I don't have their email adresses. I could send a follow up posted letter but by the time it gets there and they read it they will more than likely have their minds made up already. If I mail it out today it technically wouldn't be mailed out till tomorrow and then they wouldn't get it till tuesday and they said i should know early next week and with the holiday coming up i'm sure that means tuesday or wednesday. What should I do?

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  • Florida fair housing Late payment fee?

    I paid my rent today which is usually due on the 1st. I tried calling last night but as usual no one answers the phone. I know that I shouldn't have waited so long, however they said that due to the florida fair housing act they after 3 days it's late. Does that include weekends? The 1st was on a Sunday, they are not open. Today is the 4th which would be 3 days till it was late. This was posted on their facebook yesterday which they took down after I said something....

    Good Morning Residents! Don't forget, tomorrow is the LAST day to pay rent without being charged a late fee! Spend that extra money on a new pair of shoes :) Then put those shoes on and walk down to the leasing office to see if you have a package! We still have quite a few! Happy Tuesday!

    I told them this and they said it was a typo it should have said BY tomorrow...well lots of good that does me and other people who are now late.

    Can they really charge me 100 dollars for being "late" on the 4th which is the third buisness day from being due?


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  • 30 month old wont eat...?

    My son won't eat like he used to he barley eats now. It started about a week and a half ago. He will only drink milk which he has been asking for more of now. He used to just want juice mixed with water. I'm concerned because he has always been a good eater! Every meal is give him he would eat plus snacks during the day. Today he wouldn't even eat pizza which is his favorite food and he asks even for breakfast sometimes! Haha. So my concern is that him not eating for more than a couple days is bad. He might be seething getting his moas because sometimes he says his teeth hurt. any other reasons.I should be worried about?

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  • How soon are blood pregnancy test accurate?

    the first day of my LMC was 2/7 on 2/14 I had unprotected sex and again on the 21st. I was still spotting on 2/14, which was a little weird for me. On 2/23 I went to the ER because my back had been hurting and I thought it could be my kidneys (type 1 diabetic) they did a blood pregnancy test to see. But would it have been accurate if I got pregnant on the 21st? or maybe even on the 14th. Since the 21st was my mid cycle i'm guessing it would have been then if i conceived at all. The test came back negative however I'm 2 days late...which i know doesn't sound like too long to be late but I have been consistently on time for 6+ months. I'm taking a test tonight to see, but just wondering about the blood test.

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