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I come from a military family, my father is a Marine, mom was a Coastie and is now a doctor that treats Marines and Sailors most of whom are returning from deployments. My brother was a Marine before he passed away. My other brother is a journalist for the Army. As for me, I work outside of DC for the Army. I try to view everything from both sides of the fence as best as possible. I will be honest and try not to be too harsh in my honesty.

  • Growing vegetables in an apartment without a balcony?

    Trying to find some ideas/ways to grow vegetables indoors. I'm curious about the ability to grow beets, broccoli raab, etc. indoors in a sort of "winter garden" in limited space as they aren't easy to come by in Copenhagen, Denmark. Advice and ideas would be fabulous as the only thing I run across seem to be articles on growing flowers or herbs indoors.

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  • Meeting with a Financial Planner; what should I bring?

    I'm meeting with a Financial Planner tomorrow regarding:

    -401K investments (I have one, but I want to understand more about it and just how much I really should be investing, etc.)

    -Going back to college (I'm 28)

    -Whether I should re-fi my truck or trade it in for another vehicle (it's worth more than I owe)

    -What I should be doing financially, if anything, with my credit score (I fall in "excellent" territory)

    -Best way to pay off my credit card (I owe 1/3 of what my credit card limit is)

    -Reducing my CC APR%

    What should I be taking in with me outside of my current 401K paperwork? They'll have access to my bank account and car loan information as it's my bank. Any helpful hints as this is the first time I've ever sat down with someone to truly discuss my future finances.

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  • Going to see an 8 o'clock showing of Wicked on Broadway on Saturday?

    What is the proper attire for sitting in the mezzanine?

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  • If it wasn't for someone famous...?

    What names would you think about naming your kids if someone famous hadn't already been named it/used it for their kids?

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  • How do you go about naming your child/children?

    What I mean is, do you choose only one name for your child or do you make a list and wait to see what he/she looks like before naming them?

    I for one am a fan of the list lol. Thanks to seeing one too many people change the name they originally set on because the baby didn't "fit" the name they chose.

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  • What's a good book to read?

    That gives you good intrigue and a happy ending? I'm in the mood for one of those stories after the last book I read lol. I've already read the Twilight Series so no need to list that. Also, I'm 25 if that helps you out in listing titles.

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  • What to do about my hair?

    So I've figured out that my hair apparently likes to hold onto the red more than the brown in the color choices I like. Now, I still want to have brown hair but am I just going to have to go for a super dark color in order for my hair to hold it? I don't want to have to continuously play trial and error with my hair. I'm fair skinned and I just want to avoid making myself look even whiter than I am lol.

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  • What are your favorite places in Ireland?

    And what is it you like to do there best? I'm looking at traveling this Fall and outside of hitting up Kilkenny, I'd like to know what else is recommended.

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  • Meeting with religious 'leaders'?

    I've been exploring some religions in order to be better informed in conversations with a few of my family members who are less than open minded and some of the things they say I know are wrong however, there are some things I'm not 100% sure of. I was wondering what the proper way to meet up with some of the non-christian religious leaders (Rabbi's, Imam's, etc.) would be as I don't want to be disrespectful and I'm not sure what the rules are regarding women seeking information when they don't belong to the religion. How can I be sure that I'm getting the "true" temples, mosques, etc.? I live in DC so finding the places aren't hard, I just need to know what to say on the phone when I call.

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  • Would you have done the same thing?

    My Godson opened 3 of the Christmas presents I bought for him. He is just shy of 4 but trust me, he KNOWS better than that because the same deal applies to birthday presents. Because of it, I told his mother that she can go right ahead and donate those 3 toys to Toys for Tots or anywhere that they would be better served.

    Apparently our decision in punishing him has stirred some interesting debate and I'm just looking for your thoughts.

    Do you think we were fair or too harsh in our action of discipline?

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  • How would you handle this?

    I'm single, I have a good job, a really nice apartment, a nice car, and no debt. My problem seems to be that my parent friends (mind you it's one other girl and myself who are not married/are without children) think that I have money flying out the wazoo so I should go and visit all of them, not the other way around.

    Mind you, I grew up in the military and most of my friends are military or are spouses of military members so we're not exactly in the same state...even the same continent at times. It seems as though I can't get through to them that while yes, I have some nice things, I'm also on a budget and can't just throw $500 down for a plane ticket each month to go spend a few days with them. Every month it's the same, "When are you coming out here? I haven't seen you in so long!" I've been pretty direct with them but my patience is being pushed to the limits of sarcasm.

    Do parents honestly expect the single person to spend the money? Would it be fair for me to ask them to chip in half for the plane ticket if they want to see me so bad? Should I just expect this from them until I have kids?

    I'm not trying to make it sound like every single parent does this but a majority of them seem to be doing it to me.

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  • What would be the best hair color?

    for someone that has blue eyes and is fair skinned with a pinkish undertone? I'm thinking about parting ways with my blonde hair seeing as I've had it all my life lol.

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  • What is your first reaction...?

    when you see a mother who is not breastfeeding her infant? Would you approach this mother to find out why she wasn't? A friend of mine and I were discussing this today so I thought I would ask especially since I won't be able to breastfeed and I'd like to know what I could expect from others.

    Personally, I've never judged the decision because it is a personal decision and I don't know what is going on in that mother's life. I will not be able to breastfeed my children due to the medication my body requires to keep going. I rock 2 connective tissue diseases which creates all sorts of really fun neurological side effects (intermittent numbness in my extremities, etc.) that would make it almost impossible for me to care for my child if off my medication for an extended period of time.

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  • What's a good country to live in?

    outside of the USA?

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  • What is your opinion on the Safe-haven law?

    I'm curious about your opinions on the safe-haven law in effect in most states. What do you think about the law in general? Do you think limiting the age of the child/infant to 3 days old is good enough? If not, up to what age do you think would be appropriate?

    Personally, I wish they would make the childs age up to about 2 years old. Not every parent decides to abandon a child within the first 72 hours of life and there are always extenuating circumstances past that stage.

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  • Experian won't fix my report?

    I had a truck payment for a year and a half financed through a bank in Virginia. TransUnion and Equifax both accounted for it and Experian did not. I printed both TransUnion's and Equifax's reports and got a notraized letter from the bank to fix it. Experian denied my request anyway. What else can I possibly do?

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  • Does anyone actually care?

    about who endorsed which candidate? I know I sure don't give two flying leaps who endorsed who. Even if I like someone it doesn't mean their endorsing the other candidate will sway my vote.

    Am I the only one that doesn't care?

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  • Body type and body build?

    I have officially decided to hate Sarah Jessica Parker because I can't build the way she does lol. I'm 5'2, 125lbs but I seem to build thick. I don't have a big frame and can't quite figure out why I go thick as opposed to lean. I do 30 minutes of cardio and light weights (7.5lb dumbells for arm exercises, no weights for abs, and nothing my legs can't handle). But yet, I get thick, not cut/toned. What do you think I'm doing wrong or is it just my body type?

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  • Important animals in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation?

    Alright, so I know the Bear, Eagle, Crow and Wolf are important animals in most Native American tribes but, what are some others? My dad is Creek but was never taught much of this due to the times he wass brought up in and the fact that he wasn't raised near the large groups of the nation. At any rate, he asked this question and I can't seem to find many answers on the internet (weird).

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  • Attacks in my sleep?

    I don't even know where to begin with this one. For the past year, off and on, I'll be restricted in my dreams. I can't seem to move and it quite literally feels like someone is bearing their weight down on me (I live alone but even if I'm visiting others they can happen) and keeping me from being able to move. A few months ago the weight added sound to it like a really rhaspy voiced preson saying, "Rickyyyyyyyyy" (my name isn't Ricky). Last night took the cake. This time instead of weight being down on me, it was like this "person" wrapped their arms around me, bore down and started growling at me when I kept trying to break loose. It's utter panic, I know that part but...why? They happen when I'm stressed, not stressed, just whenever they seem to feel like it. If it's not night terrors, what could it be?

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