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My husband and I have a 10 year old son and a new baby girl :)

  • Loud banging nose/pulsating when we turn the water on and flush the toilet, what causes this?

    It started with just a low pulsating sound when we flushed our master toilet but now the noise has got worse. Yesterday while I was started the laundry I started doing dishes, and the noise was so loud like someone was banging on the walls. It gets much louder when we're using two water sources at the same time. Does anyone know what this can be? Our home is not old, it was built in 2003.

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  • My husband wants to move out of our house that we just bought 6 months ago, what do I do, I love our house?

    We just bought our house this past September, and it's about 45 minutes from where we lived before, we always lived pretty close to family, but now we're a lot further, but still within driving distance. My mom moved with us because that was one of the main reasons I wanted to stay local, but we couldn't afford to buy in the city we had lived in, it was too expensive. My husband kept pushing for us to go further, I was against it, so he finally offered for my mom to move with us. She agrees, so she's on one side of the house, while we're on the other. Well lately he complains about everything and anything she does. He complains about how close her and I are, which isn't anything different. He complains about how far our drive is, he complains about where we live. He says he hates being so far from family. But that was the whole reason I didn't want to move there in the first place, but now I'm used to it, and I love it. We still visit and do stuff with our family all the time, it's just a little further drive then before. When we have the chance to hang out with other people where we live he doesn't want to go, he just stays home in our room watching TV. That's all he does every day, he even eats in there. I told him I think he's depressed, and he says he's not depressed, he just hates living there. We uprooted our kids from their schools, and saved for so long to buy our house, and now he told me last night he wants to sell it. And live where? Back in an apartment?

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  • Why does some one just start snoring out of the blue?

    My husband and I have been married for 12 1/2 years and neither of us have ever had a snoring problem. That is until recently, about a month or so ago, I started snoring, and I mean really snoring very loudly. He says that I never have snored, it just started out of the blue, and it's starting to drive him nuts. Does anyone know why or what cause this all of a sudden snoring? I haven't recently gained a lot of weight, but I do have pretty bad sinuses since spring started. I was thinking perhaps it was that, but I'm really not sure... Any advise is appreciated!

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  • Tips on potty training, my 28 month year old just doesn't want to go, what to do?

    When my daughter turned 2 in September I tried potty training, but she just simply will not tell me when she has to go, I'll ask her every 30 minutes but she always tells me no. I'll even put her on the potty every 30 minutes for a few minutes, and rarely does she go then. More often than not, she wets her pants a few minutes later. I have a reward system, when ever she does go, I give her a sticker. But when she doesn't go she doesn't get one, and she cries, so I explain to her that she has to go potty to get a sticker. I don't try and pressure her after a few days of her still not getting it (for lack of a better term) I stop the training, and start over again in a month. It's now 4 months later, and this week we've started over again, Monday she did really well, but yesterday and today she wants nothing to do with it. I don't know what to do, are there any tips on what you did that worked better than my system? Am I just giving up too soon after only a week?

    Also just to mention I've tried only underwear and pull-ups, but she uses the pull-ups just like a diaper.

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  • How would you handle this situation, of how my husband treats our son?

    My husband and I have been together for 14 years, married for 11. We have an 11 year old son, and an 18 month old daughter. Our son is one of those kids that isn't very adventurous. He never has been, he's always been a non-aggressive kid. He doesn't like going on scary rides, he will go on some slow ones but nothing crazy. He plays sports, and is very good at all of them. He's in a league that is year round and he plays football (tackle), basketball, baseball, soccer, and track. That's his back round.

    So this past weekend we went to a theme park for a birthday party. All the kids got wrist bands to go on any ride they wanted. Well as I mentioned before, he doesn't like scary rides. So one of the kids says lets go on a ride, it was a free fall type ride that just drops straight down, so he says "NO WAY!", the they say how about the roller coaster, he again says "NO WAY!". So my husband starts yelling at him, saying why did he even come, he's a sissy, why does he act like a little girl, why doesn't he just go on the baby rides ect... I tell my husband to basically shut up, and leave him alone. So all the kids walk away, and my husband walks away with them. So a few minutes later my son comes back crying and sits down. So I ask him what happened, he said his dad told him he has to just sit there all day since he doesn't want to go on the scary rides.

    This is an example of something he always does to him. He's always making him cry, yelling at him, and humiliating him in front of people. We have gotten into so many arguments over this. He says he's teaching him to be a man, and to not be a little wimp. I notice he does it more in front of his family than mine. Like he has to be extra tuff or something? I'm starting to feel like this is bordering abuse? Am I wrong? He doesn't spank him, I've always been the one that does any disciplining in our house, but I still feel like he's verbally and mentally abusing him. What should I do? I've talked to him so many times, and the argument never ends on us agreeing on anything. I feel like he's embarrassed of our son because he's not crazy and daring. But he's such a good kid. His teachers give him nothing but praises, he does good in school, he does good in sports, he has lots of friends. He's a great kid in my opinion, yet my husband always has to treat him like crap. Even if their having fun playing or wrestling, it will end in him making him cry and yelling at him. No matter what. I just don't know how to make him see what he's doing is not helping him??? Does anyone have suggestions on how to talk to him to make him understand?

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  • Recipe for beans with pork and green chili?

    I had these beans at a pot luck, and I don't know who made them. I think a guy brought them, and his wife made them. Anyway, they were so delicious and I want to learn how to make them. They were a pot of pinto beans (juice and all) then they had shredded pork and chunks of green chili. It seemed like maybe ortega chili, cause it was a very light green. It was just so delicious, I want to make it. Has anyone heard of this and do you know the recipe?

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  • Can I do a DNA test for my brothers daughter to see if she is really his?

    Everybody in our family thinks that the baby isn't his, but his GF says it's his. He says he thinks it is too. We want to find out if the baby is his or not. They just found out she's pregnant again, there was an incident a few months ago that makes everyone believe she cheated again. And like I said, she's pregnant again. Well now he's talking about marrying this girl. I don't want to let my brother do this if this girl keeps cheating on him. I should also mention that my brother was told when he was 14 that he would not be able to have kids after an accident he had. He has also had another long term relationship with a different girl, and they tried for years to have a baby and never could. She is now married with two kids. The girl he's with now, he's been with for 4 years and she never got pregnant until they "broke up for two weeks". Now she's pregnant and we want to prove that the first kid isn't his before we talk to him about the current pregnancy. I'm not trying to but in, but I can't just sit here and let my brother look like a fool, again. So can I do a DNA test with my DNA and his daughters, and be able to tell if she's from our blood line??

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  • My one year old daughter hates when I brush her teeth?? What do I do?

    She's 16 months, and I've bought her a little baby tooth brush, I bought her baby toothpaste, with no fluoride in it. But every time I brush her teeth she fights me and screams! I've tried showing her that I brush mine, her brother brushes his, and dad too, but she doesn't care. She just hates it! I've even tried with no tooth paste, just water and she still cries. What should I do?

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  • I just ended my period last sunday, and i just started again today?

    I don't know what's going on? I just ended my period on the 23rd and it was a normal 5 day period. Now today the 29th i started again?? And its a period, not spotting, cramps and everything. Last month I had two periods too, but they were 14 days apart, which wash abnormal too. Idk what's going on? Has anyone experienced this?

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  • Do we have to file for legal guardianship throught the courts if all parties agree?

    My nephew that live in Wisconsin (I'm in California) wants to come out and live with us. They came for the summer last year, and he loved it, and loved how he has so much family and cousins out here. Where they live they have no family, their aunt lived out there, but has since moved back out here. His mother and father both agree to this, and are willingly sending him to us. There is no abuse going on, theirs no drugs involved, he just wants to live in California where all of our family is. The rest of their family, mom, dad, brother, and sister do not want to move back here, they're happy where they are. So my question is do we have to go through the courts? Or can we just do some type of notarized letter stating that they give us full guardianship? In order to file for guardianship is going to be roughly about $600 without an attorney, plus they'll have to fly out for the court hearing. We really don't want to have to pay so much, if we don't have to. Our main concern is for health insurance, in order to add him to my husbands insurance I believe we have to have guardianship? Any thoughts?

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  • Who files the paperwork for guardianship? She's in WI, I'm in CA.?

    My sister-in-law is giving us guardianship of my nephew, she lives in Wisconsin, I live in California. She's sending him to us, should she file in Wisconsin for the guardianship or should we file here in California??

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  • My 15 month old started doing flips, is that normal at her age?

    I can't seem to remember when my son started flipping. She just stands up, bends over and flips, then starts laughing. She also sings and spins in circles, which I think my son was a lot older when he did that too?

    3 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • What do I have to do to get guardianship of my nephew?

    My 12 year old nephew lives in Wisconsin and wants to come to California to live with my husband and I. My brother is in prison, my ex sister in law is pretty much willingly giving him up to us. I'm just not sure what steps we have to take to get the guardianship so that we can enroll him in school and add him to our insurance.

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  • My 13 month old cries every time she poops, could she be allergic to cows milk?

    I give her juice and water, and she eats fruits and veggies as a normal part of her diet. This started after she turned one and started drinking regular milk. Some times shes pushing so hard she'll actually throw up! So I was thinking maybe she might be allergic or lactose intolerant? has anyone had experience with this?

    7 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • What type of gift do u give for an engagement party?

    My cousin just got engaged so her parents are having them an engagement party. The wedding isn't going to be for almost two years, and they don't live together yet, so I wonder what type of gift do you give or do you even have to take a gift? I've never been to an engagement party before.

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  • Should I ask my company if their going to offer me a severance package?

    My company is moving, it's too far for me to move with them, they are aware of this, and were aware of this before making the move. It's a small company and they don't always do things traditionally. For instance when I went on maternity leave, I had to ask them if they were going to pay me. They agreed that they would, and I was paid through my maternity leave, but I know if I hadn’t asked, they probably wouldn’t have even thought about it. So now that they’re moving, (tomorrow is my last day) I’m wondering should I ask them? Or should I just assume they won’t do it if they haven’t offered?

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  • How do you put your crib bumper on a crib that's 3 sides bars, and one side solid?

    My daughters crib is similar to this but that side in the back is completely solid, no bars. So the bumper is always just hanging over, and it looks ugly, but the part I'm really concerned about is that my daughter always plays with it and goes under it. What do other people do with this type of crib? I'm worried if I take it off that she'll keep hitting her head when she's sleeping...

    3 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Is it rude to be in my cousins wedding without my husband?

    One of my very close cousins just got engaged, our whole family is very close so we're all so excited. Being that we're so close, she asked me to be a bridesmaid, but she didn't ask for my husband to be a groomsmen even though he's super close with everyone too. Apparently her fiancée has tons of friends that he wants in the wedding too. I told my husband that she asked me to be a bridesmaid and for our daughter to be the flower girl, and he just said oh ok (but kinda with an attitude) so I asked him if he had a problem with it, and told him if he wasn't comfortable then to let me know and I wouldn't be in it. He didn't say anything, he was just like whatever, so I took it as he didn't care, the only thing he asked was who my partner was going to be. So the next time I seen my cousin I asked her, she said her brother (my cousin too). So the next time we were all together, my cousin and my aunt started teasing saying that one of Mitch's (her fiancee) really hot friends was going to be my partner and he's so hot and looks like a model and just going on and on. I really didn't say anything, and I looked at my husband and he was not laughing, and I just said no, my cousin Stevie is going to be my partner, and that was it. So later on that night, my husband brought it up and was basically accusing me of putting them up to and acting like we were all making fun of him or something. Of course I told him I didn't and I also told him I didn't think it was funny. He was asked to be in one of his cousins wedding a couple years back, and I remember feeling really left out and a little jealous too, so I kinda know where he's coming from. Eventually his cousins fiancée and me got really close, and they ended up asking me to be in the wedding in the end, so it all worked out. I'm sure this won't be the case this time.

    I'm really close to my cousin, and really want to be in her wedding, but don't want to cause problems for me and my husband either. So I was just wanting opinions on what you would do. Would you just be in the wedding? Would you talk to your cousin about making comments like that again?

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