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  • Are there any books that focus on the fairytale villain's perspective?

    Aside from Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, since I've already read that one.

    The queen in Snow White, the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty...... any of those. I'm also looking for things not fairy tale based. Just any books written from the villain's perspective.

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  • Help with Hungarian translation?

    What does the phrase "Te eltévdt" mean in English?

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  • Why won't open office download?

    When I try to download it, it says the page won't load, that the download prompt is taking too long. That was the official site. I've tried mirror sites but those just confuse me.

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  • After getting rid of spyware, "open with" menu or "application not found" error keeps popping up. Help!?

    Alright, so Vista Internet Security 2010 popped up on my computer, so I downloaded superantispyware to get rid of it. After rebooting, it did get rid of the Vista Internet Security 2010, but it screwed up my computer. I can't scroll up or down anymore. I have to click on the scroll bar and drag it now. Also, when I click on any program on the desktop, it brings me to an "open with" menu box. If I go to control panel and click on anything there, it either brings up an error message "C:/Windows/system32/rundll32.exe application not found", or brings up the same "open with" menu. Please help!

    If it matters, I have a laptop - HP G60-235DX with Vista on it.

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  • What exactly is the tea party movement?

    Where do they stand on issues? Do they have a website? What are they about? I've been trying to find some information on this supposedly popular party, but I can't find anything.

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  • Why won't my cat sleep on the bed anymore?

    I used to be unable to get her off the bed, but a few months ago she stopped. She hasn't even jumped onto the bed since then. It was after a UTI that she stopped, but she's over that now. We did have a scare back in August when her BUN and Creatinine levels were so high we had to leave her at the clinic for the weekend. When we got back she stayed in my room until she felt well enough to wander the house. Now I have to give her SQ fluids that I keep in my room, but half of the time I give her the fluids in the living room and not my room. The only time I see her in my room now is when she uses the litter box or is at her food bowl. She prefers the laundry basket and the living room furniture now. I miss having her sleeping near me.

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  • Some computer scan keeps popping up. How do I get rid of it for good?

    I have Malwarebytes anti malware, and I run malwarebytes each time that stupid scam pops up so I can get rid of whatever spyware is causing it, but it shows that there's nothing to get rid of, no viruses or spyware or anything. The scam doesn't pop up on just one site either. How do I keep the stupid thing from popping up again? It pops up at least two to three times a day.

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  • Are there any musicals specifically in German?

    Like how Notre Dame de Paris is performed in French. Are there any that are performed in German, that started in Germany?

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  • What allergy medications work as well as Benedryl but don't put you to sleep?

    Lately my allergies have been worse than normal. I'm sniffling, sneezing, and my throat never stops hurting. I used to take Zyrtec, but it barely took the edge off. Now I'm on Claritin, which works better than Zyrtec, but still doesn't get rid of the allergy symptoms. Benedryl works great, but I have to be careful about when I can take it, because it knocks me out.

    Are there any other allergy medications that work as well as, or better than Benedryl without the drowsiness factor?

    Also, I have already tried allergy shots. I was on them for a month or so, until they almost had me on the maintenance dose, but those shots made everything ten times worse. I couldn't handle it, and I won't try them again.

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  • After going to the dentist, my teeth now hurt when I eat chocolate. What did they do to me?

    Before I went to the dentist for a cleaning, it was fine. I could eat chocolate without any pain. But ever since the cleaning, some of my teeth hurt at the center of the crown. A lot. I've had many cavities before, more than I can count. Never before have my teeth hurt because of them. I do hyave cavities that are going to be taken care of on Monday, but I want to know what I can do until then to keep my teeth from hurting so much.

    Also, my teeth have always been very sensitive, to cold and heat... but still, never to chocolate.

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  • If two cats have URI, would it be better to just isolate them or put them both on antibiotics?

    My 13 year old cat is currently recovering from a URI and pneumonia. Last night, our 5 year old cat started sneezing, so we suspect she caught it from the 13 year old. I'm suspecting that since she's healthy and young, it will pass much like a cold. Since sneezing is her only symptom right now, I'm not too worried about her.

    What I am worried about, is that she'll pass it back to the 13 year old. I don't know if she'd survive another bout of URI and pneumonia. I called the vet and they suggested that since the 13 year old is starting her second round of Clavamox after the first is gone, that we should start the 5 year old on Clavamox at the same time. She said that would keep them from spreading it to each other again. So I'm either going to do that, or just isolate both of them for a week, or just the one that's coming down with the illness.

    So, which is the better idea? Putting them both on antibiotics at the same time, isolating them both, or just isolating one?

    1 AnswerCats1 decade ago
  • I think my older cat's URI has spread to our younger cat?

    So my 13 year old cat is recovering from her URI and pneumonia, but our 5 year old cat started sneezing today. So far that's the only symptom, as she is still active and eating and otherwise healthy.

    I'm wondering if since she's young and healthy, we should worry about it as much as we did with our 13 year old renal failure cat.

    I'm already planning on calling the vet and possibly setting up an appointment, but I'm looking for opinions here as well.

    And could my 13 year old catch it all over again? She's on a second bottle of Clavamox, so will that help protect her from catching it again while she's recovering?

    2 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • What is causing this sound in my left ear?

    I have not been near any loud noises, I haven't had any infections lately. My jaw hurts on the right side when I move it side to side, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

    3 AnswersOther - Diseases1 decade ago
  • Will coupage (back clapping) help a cat with pneumonia who is just sneezing?

    I know it can help dogs or cats if they are coughing... but my cat is just sneezing. Will loosening up the gunk in her lungs with coupage help her if she's just sneezing and not coughing?

    2 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • My cat has URI and pneumonia. Anyway I can help her?

    We just got back from the vet. My 13 year old cat has just gone through a bout of high kidney levels and had to be at the clinic over the weekend about two weeks ago. She made it, but then a few days after we brought her home she started sneezing and stopped eating again. I've had to force feed her with a syringe. Today we found out she has both URI and pneumonia. He wanted to put her down today because he thought this is a battle that she might not win.

    I wanted to give it a couple of days... give her antibiotics so she has at least a chance to recover. If she doesn't improve by Friday, we'll have to put her down.

    I really want her to recover. We have her on antibiotics now, and I'm st/Weeaming up the bathroom right now, but what else can I do to help her

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  • How can I get my cat to eat on her own again after coming home from the vet?

    So my 12 year old cat had to stay at the vet from Friday to Monday. The whole time there, she didn't eat so they had to force feed her. I figured it was because she was sick, but also because she's never been away from the house for more than an hour. Her kidney levels have gone down enough that she could come home yesterday, but she still hasn't eaten, or been drinking anything. I gave her the SQ fluids, but I also have to give her water with a syringe. Since she hasn't eaten anything but a few treats, I also had to put some cat food in the blender and give that to her through a syringe as well. And she hates the force feeding.

    It would be so much better for her, and for me, if she started eating on her own again, but she's had no interest in it. How long will it take for her to get used to being home again, and eat on her own again?

    Her bloodwork is fine, and she's somewhat active, but I can tell she's lacking calories. She has willingly licked the spare syringe food off the floor a little bit and eaten a few cat treats last night, so I don't think she has a complete lack of appetite.

    Please help. So far we've mixed in the treats with her normal dry food, added some tuna juice to the dry food (and all she did was lap at the juice for a minute), and blend the wet food to feed her with a syringe. Any other ideas I can try?

    4 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • What movie is this? Two children and a guardian on an island?

    I remember bits and pieces. Their guardian gets drunk and rows his boat onto the other side of the lake where I think native cannibals live or something and he never comes back. A girl and a boy, both younger than 10 are left on their own. The movie goes through their life. When the girl gets her first period while washing in an isolated pool, the boy freaks out and says "you only bleed like that if you're cut" or something. Then a while later they witness two turtles (I think) mating and then they have sex. She ends up having a child and the three eventually get rescued.

    Anyone know what this movie is that I'm remembering?

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  • Anyone from Utah have any information on this strange dust storm and these wild fires?

    I've been getting sand in my eyes all day from this strong wind and the thick dust in the air. On my way home this evening I could actually stare at the sun without hurting my eyes because of how thick the air was with dust. My mother and sister said it was actually red earlier. And now there's the smell of smoke heavy in the air and I find out there are wildfires in various places. My nerves are a little on edge.

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  • Belly pain, about two inches to the right of my belly button?

    I think it's just fecal matter that won't move. The pain comes and goes, but it's been going on for a few days at least, and always in the same spot. It hasn't moved. I've had these kinds of pains before, but it's usually just trapped gas, and it passes fairly quickly. Is something wrong if the fecal matter hasn't moved in a few days? I'm still able to defecate, though, so I'm not completely blocked, but I do think I'm constipated. I don't know if that's playing a factor, making the fecal material too hard to pass through perhaps?

    I would take a laxative to soften it and help it along, but laxatives of any kind give me horrible cramps.

    Has this kind of pain, that lasts for days (on and off) happened to anyone else? If so, how did you take care of it?

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  • I can't pick a best answer for my question. Anyone else having this problem?

    It will let me vote for answers as if I wasn't the one who asked the question. It won't let me edit or choose a best answer for it.

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