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  • How does weed effect your appetite?

    I got high for the first time wednesday night. I didn't get the munchies at all. Ever since that night I have not had an appetite at all. Anytime I even THINK about eating food I lose my appetite. It's like i'm hungry but i don't want to eat. Will this go away or is this going to happen if continue smoking?

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  • A Diet?! Can someone please help?!?

    I am going to the beach July 17th and i would like to lose as much weight as possible before then. Can someone please give me a daily routine of workouts and meals to help me reach my goal?

    -I don't like many fruits or vegetables. (please don't criticize me)

    -It gets to the high 90's in the day time so i need some high calorie burning things to do indoors.and i'll run in the evening when it cools down.

    -I'm 14, so i have no job. I have all day to do stuff.


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  • How is a number both irrational and rational?

    "Both x and y are irrational numbers. What kind of number can xy be?"

    A. an integer

    B. a rational number

    C. an irrational number

    D. all of the above.

    The correct answer is D. i'm confused, can someone please explain?

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  • IPhone question?Please help me?

    So a couple weeks ago i broke my 3rd gen. ipod touch... wellll, my friend got a new iphone 3g for $50 when her samsung impression broke (same phone that i have) i REALLY want an iphone, so i was thinking instead of getting a new ipod i could just get an iphone which would combine the necessity of a new ipod and a new phone in one... how much would this cost? hers BROKE, not by water damage or anything. So does that explain why her new phone was so cheap? I have a two year plan and i only got it last june..please explain. its at&t through comporium, btw.

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    I'm doing my cousins hair for prom next saturday and i was wondering if anyone could send me some links to pictures for prom?

    -no updos

    -nothing too hard; i'm only 13.

    -her hair is only a couple inches past shoulder length so please nothing that only works for long/short hair.

    Also, what are some tips to have the curls hold for a while? I know TONS of hairspray but i don't want it to look crunchy or too stiff. (What are some good hairspray brands?)

    Thank you for any of your answers!:) Have a great day.

    (I'm doing her hair at 9 AM because she has pictures at 11. The prom is at 8 PM)

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  • Question about my laptop webcam?

    We recently bought a used Toshiba laptop from my uncle who works for the company... It has a webcam and on the side there USED to be a little bar where when you scroll over it showed the webcam features and whatnot... well yesterday the computer apparently got a virus...? and the background turned blue, (nothing absurd... just like i went and clicked on a solid blue picture and put it as my background) well in the process... the little webcam thing went away. My skype works and everything, but i don't know how to get to the webcam anymore. All advice is taken into consideration(: Thank you in advance!

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  • LIFEGUARDING? Things i should know?

    I am going to be applying for a life guarding job at the local country club next year and I am not quite familiar with what i need to be able to do. My best friend has an in-ground swimming pool and i will be at her house most of the summer anyways. so what are some things i should be practicing? thank you!

    also, what types of classes and certification do i need under my belt?

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  • How to figure out your wifi password?

    So today we got a laptop and a wifi router thing. Well, my parents are dumb as i'll get out when it comes to that and have no clue whatsoever with what they're talking about. I was trying to get on my ipod but the wifi connection has a password, evidently they didn't put one and i have no clue what it is or how to obtain it. How to you find it out or how do you reset it? (Its a NetGear one btw)

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  • Question about the government facilities closing down...?

    So lately, I'm sure you've heard about the government closing down public museum things & whatnot. Well, for our 8th grade class trip we are going to Washington D.C. and of course, the sole purpose of the tour was to see the historical part of it. (3 Days PACKED with museums) everyone has already paid the grand sum of $ i was wondering what is going to happen with us going on a trip and them having these closed down. Will they be opened just for us or will or trip be cancelled?

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    I have had The. Worst. Sore. Throat for 4 days now. It is the most painful thing i have ever been put through, my tonsils feel like they're the size of golf balls. They don't have any white film or anything covering them, they're sort of red but nothing like OMG red. I have been to the doctor twice this week first time, he told me to take tylenol and i'd be fine. second time, he told me that is was allergies and he prescribed me Zyrtec and an antibiotic. I have been taking them for two days, all of my other symptoms (runny nose, fever, chills, headache) have subsided, except my wicked throat ache and my ears. When i swallow it is excruciating pain and my ears hurt while i'm doing it. I have taken Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and i just took Percocet about an hour ago and NOTHING works. It hasn't even subsided with the Percocet.

    What should i do? I fear that i'm becoming dehydrated because of my lack of being able to eat or drink. Please help me.

    I've tried Halls cough drops(honey & lemon) it just made my throat have this layer of goo. I've tried salt water, it doesn't even reach the tonsils, i've tried mouthwash, i've tried everything i could think of!! PLEASSSSSE HELP ME.

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  • Sore Throat? Please give me some tips?

    I am in so much pain right now.. I went to the doctor Tuesday with a sore throat & sinus pressure, my doctor just told me to take some pain medicine and it would subside. So yesterday, after missing school, i was running a 101.7 fever, had the chills, HORRIBLE sore throat, ear ache, and headache, well today i went to the doctor again and he told me it was sinuses. He prescribed me Zyrtec & Fluinate(nasal spray) and some antibiotics, but i am currently sitting here in God awful pain caused by my throat. I can feel my tonsils are swollen, and it hurts to swallow. So i am becoming dehydrated from the lack of being able to eat or drink. I have tried gargling salt water-didn't work. Tried cough drops-didn't work. I've taken about 12 tylenol over the course of 3 days, Ibuprofen 600 mg that was prescribed to me last doctors visit, and even Dayquil. NOTHING WORKS. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. help me. We don't have honey, so i can't make honey tea. I don't know what to do, but at this point on a scale from 1-10 the pain is a 9.

    btw, i'm 13 if that is relevant.

    Thanks ahead of time

    2 AnswersMedicine10 years ago
  • Math Homework help!!?

    This is adding & subtracting Polynomials. For an Algebra 1 class, just so you know whats going on.

    for homework, one of my problems was


    the answer i got, was, 6w+4w[squared]+4

    my answer was wrong, according to my textbook. can someone please show me what i did wrong getting this answer? thank you so much.

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  • What denomination is Church of the Nazarene?

    I've seen where its said Protestant, Evangelist, and Wesleyan. Even Non-Denominational! I'm not sure which is it and i'm only 13 so please don't go in depth with your explanations. Thank you.

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  • What ethnicity are these names?





    thank you:)

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  • HELP. Genital Problems...?

    To start off, i'm 13. but the top part of my vagina is like, fat. just flat out fat. i'm overweight... so i don't know if that plays a part in it. But its disgusting.. like when i wear my uniform pants (for school) theres a bulge under my belt that looks like i have male parts. if i lose weight, will i lose this also? and are there any exersices i can do?

    please do not tell me my vagina is normal & i'm just thinkin this, because honestly.. its not. i can grab the fat on the top of it... its repulsive, i know.

    4 AnswersSTDs10 years ago
  • What songs should i put on my ipod?

    I like pretty much everything except screamo. What are some new songs? Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, etc? & Maybe some classics.

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players10 years ago
  • What episode on Shake It Up..?

    Did Gunther speak in a normal voice? I wanna watch it, but i don't know what episode it was!

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