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I'm 17, and just like answering questions. For some reason I mostly like to answer questions about music and beauty stuff. The music I understand, but beauty not so much. I guess its the girly girl in me. I'm also a computer geek and love web and graphic design

  • How to get over the fear of trying something new in the bedroom?

    Someone somewhat special in my life and I tried to have sex a few months back, but it ended up not working out. Ever since curiosity has been extremely high on both ends, but it recently came out that he cannot get into it at all if its just normal sex. I have never done anything that wasn't out of the ordinary before, and frankly, the whole 'BDSM', whips and chains, and strap on thing intimidates me. I don't honestly know why it does, but it does. He understands, but in order to ever do anything he says its either that, or he has to take something to get going. I don't like that idea either, as it seems totally forced then. I have told him I think I'd be okay with handcuffs, but that's about it and if its on me. He wants things done to him, and I am simply not brave enough for that.

    Does anyone out there have any advice? He suggested watching some videos to get a feel for it, but frankly, I think the videos just add to the intimidation here. He also thinks it just takes time, and anyone can actually get into it. I don't think so...I think sometimes, you're into something and can get into it, and other times, its just not for you. Also, am I the only one that thinks if the guy has to take a pill to get going at all for sex that it just cheapens everything?

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  • What makes someone a slut?

    I've recently been noticing that the word "Slut" seems to have many means to different people, and now I want to know what people have to say on the matter.

    To me a "slut" is someone that flirts with everyone, even those in relationships, and might possibly get around. Like if someone has a different guy or girl in their bed every weekend, that would be slutty. I've also recently wondered if there's a certain number of people you can sleep with (out of a relationship) in a certain time period before you're called a slut. Thoughts on this matter would be much welcomed, as I really am curious to see what others have to say about it.

    I personally can not think of an active number that would make someone "a slut", but I guess if you said like, seven in 6 months, maybe that's be pushing it a little? I'm not sure.

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  • POLL: How would were you when you lost your virginity?

    Random question, but I'm curious. I've heard the average is 17.

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  • Very awkward question for women about vaginal discharge?

    This is awkward to ask, but I've had it for a while, and its slowly getting more annoying.

    For as long as I can remember, I've had discharge from the vagina. I figured it was normal, but now I'm sort of worried. Its normally clear, or white, but its always been thick, sort of like mucus. I've written it off as nothing until recently, when it on occasion will be yellowish or green. I've read that might be some sort of infection? I have no insurance, so I can not be going to the doctor for it.

    The color changed from clear or white to on occasion a yellowish greenish color not too long ago, and since I realized it I've felt like I've been chafing or getting rubbed raw down there. I looked, and can see no other problems. There's no hives, or anything. I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if this is a bad thing or if I'm worrying over nothing? Or if it I might be able to fix it? Its not too badly irritating, and the chafing I think might be from shaving, I'm just concerned.

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  • Questions about Uproar Festival 2011?

    I am going to the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival 2011 this Saturday, and I'm hoping people can answer me a few questions.

    Like if there's a second stage, as I keep hearing there is. And if there is a second stage, do they have 2 bands on at once or something?

    Where are they doing the "midway"? On the lawn or in the arena/ amphitheater? Is anyone not allowed into it? (I really want to meet Escape The Fate, and its beginning to be my only reason for still going now. We're on the lawn.)

    Band lineup? I'm assuming it goes Hell Or High water, Black Tide, Sevendust, Escape The Fate, Seether, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold. Am I right?

    Who all is doing signings? I know Escape The Fate is for sure.

    If you can answer these questions I will be very pleased. Thank you in advance. :D

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  • What all should a portfoilio have?

    For a music magazine? I've been working on one for some time now, and am going to continue to add new things until I get to go visit the magazine itself.

    I'm going to put a Table of Contents, album reviews, interviews, reasons why I want to be with the magazine, some graphics I've made, and band biographies. I'm going to organize the album reviews alphabetically, and do the same with the biographies.

    Any other ideas or am I on the right track?

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  • "I love talking to you"? Opinions please?

    It seems like a silly thing, but I may be reading too much into it. I talk to this guy every night on the phone, generally for an hour or two. Last night I talked to him until 11:30, and minutes after we got off the phone he texted me and said "I love talking to you." I tried to ask why he said that but he never responded. Could it just be that he doest enjoy talking to me or is there something else there?

    To make matters more confusing, he calls me his "fake girlfriend", and gets almost insulted if I don't say he's my fake boyfriend. Its one big joke because his dad thinks I'm his girlfriend when I'm not. That's something else that confuses me, because he does talk to me like a boyfriend would, and when I said to him that I question the fake part, he didn't really deny it. Our current "title" is "best friends".

    Confusing! What's your take on all this?

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  • Relationship with no title?

    Does this sound like a "relationship" to you?

    My friend and I like each other, we both know it and are ok with it. We talk on the phone literally every night, generally until someone gets tired and wants to go to bed. Even if one of us isn't home, like last night, he practically begged me to call him just for a minute even though he knew I was out with friends. We text all day long, and when we hang out we'll randomly hug on each other, he'll pull me into his lap, and wrap his arms around me..

    But he says he doesn't want to lose our friendship, so its not "Official". Only thing missing, if you ask me, is we haven't kissed yet.

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  • Is this considered cheating?

    My closest guy friend admitted to me the other night he likes me, and he has known I liked him for a very long time. It'd be totally fine, if he was single. His girlfriend knows I like him, and knows he and I are close. Obviously, she doesn't know he does like me. She also does not have a problem with our friendship.

    I don't think this is cheating, since except for talking about just about everything and hanging out a lot we don't do anything. I've never kissed him or anything of the sort, I respect boundaries. I just sort of feel bad, like maybe its not right, you know? Is this what they call an "emotional affair"? If it is, how do I stop it? I don't want to lose him as a friend, and he doesn't want to lose me either. I love how we are, I am just trying to be careful here. I don't want to give his girlfriend any reason to think I'm trying to steal him from her.

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  • What are some signs that a guy is into you? (Sorta long)?

    I feel stupid asking this, but I want to make sure I'm not being stupid thinking these are signs.

    A friend of mine and I are very close, and I've liked him for a while. We only recently started talking again, but now that we are talking again I'm seeing a lot of "signs" that he may like me. Such as some of the following:

    - He'll call me every night and talk to me for an hour or more, til one of us falls asleep.

    - He calls me "hun" a lot, and puts hearts in his text messages.

    - He says "I love you" to me often (and types "I love ya" in texts?)

    - He came to see me at a place he didn't want to go to, just because he knew it'd mean a lot to me.

    - I've caught him watching me when I wasn't anywhere near him (Unlike most guys, even after I caught him, he didn't look away.)

    - Without thinking (I think) he put his arm around me, then noticed and covered it up by picking me up and carrying me about ten feet.

    - He hugs on me a lot, and sometimes doesn't let go right away.

    - I think it past his mind to kiss me last night, as he moved, paused, and kissed me on the forehead.

    - He'll say stuff just because he knows its going to bother me (not always in a bad way)

    - He tells me stuff he won't tell anyone else.

    - He does say stuff just to make me laugh or smile a lot.

    - He has called me cute or pretty a few times before, and not just when I said I wasn't pretty.

    - He lets me lean on him or lay on him while I talk with him.

    So do these sound like signs to anyone else, or am I just reading too much into it? I explained to a couple of my friend's how he's been acting, and they think he's just denying his true feelings for me. He calls me his sister, but doesn't act like it at all, and he knows I do not think of him as a brother. He's perfectly ok with that.

    None of it makes sense! Opinions please? I've never had a guy act quite like this around me before. I've had guys like me before, but they didn't ever act like it until they were asking me out.

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  • Would you be offended if....?

    If the guy or girl you liked, who knows you like them, calls you their sister/ brother?

    I'm slightly offended by this, and I don't want to be. As it is sweet that if nothing else he loves me like a sister, but it does sort of bother me a little. I just want to see if I'm crazy or if others agree.

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  • What's your take on this? (I may be misreading something)?

    Ladies; how would you take it if a close guy friend of yours called you up after 10pm nearly every night, talked to you til midnight about all kinds of things, told you personal details about things a "just friend" shouldn't know, called you hun and sort cuddled with you? I just want opinions, please. To see if I'm not totally nuts,lol.

    Guys: If you were doing all that, would you be implying something, or just being friendly?

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  • I feel like changing my look a little. Makeup opinions (Both guys and girls)?

    I rarely bother with makeup, but when I do i prefer the darker stuff. Like grey or even black eye shadows, black eyeliner and mascara. Some would call it "emo" or "goth". Other times I will make it look more natural, with like nothing more then light pink eyeshadows and mascara. I can not use foundations, and hate lipstick.

    But I am wondering which is better? I've heard a lot of people say natural is better, but I've also noticed when I try that nobody notices. This may be because I wear glasses.


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  • Can you safely bleach auburn red hair?

    I have natural auburn red (Deep red) hair. I've always been told you can't bleach red hair without it possibly just going orange. I don't want to go blonde, I just want a few streaks lighter so I can color them a fun color (I'm thinking blue or purple).

    Also, if you can, can someone recommend not only a bleach I could use but offer some tips to do it? Thank you. :)

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  • I need some extra cash and can't seem to find a job.?

    With the economy being how it is, I can not seem to find a job even though I've tried a few dozen places. Yes, I am still trying.

    I am 18 years old, so that will help but I'm trying to think of things I could do to earn some quick cash. I have ideas like wash cars, babysit, pet sit, clean houses, I could attempt another yard sale. I also am trying to think of some decent prices for things. Here's what I've thought of so far, please tell me if its fair or not.

    Car washes: (interior and exterior) $5 per car.

    Babysitting: $3 an hour / per kid. (Not really clear on how to work that.)

    Pet sitting: (Like the babysitting thing? Again, not sure)

    Cleaning houses: $10 -$20 (Including the laundry and dishes. Exterior would cost extra.)

    Sound fair? Or is it too high or low? Opinions or even just suggestions would be appericated.

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  • Would you be annoyed by this?

    Its a very small thing, but it still sort of bugs me.

    One of my "best friends" (I use the term loosely, she and I barely ever talk now and when we do its always about the same things) has made such a big deal about not having a Facebook for months, and keeps claiming she doesn't want one. I didn't care, its just a stupid site. Then I get her a friend suggestion on FB today. I clicked on it to see if it was really her, as I know several of her friends wanted to secretly make her accounts. Its her alright, and she's added over 200 people, five of them are friends of mine but not me.

    Would you be annoyed that your "best friend" would do this? I am not like seriously mad, just a bit annoyed.

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  • Writing band biographies?

    I have been working on band biographies and realized I may not be doing it write. Which would be fine, if I was not trying to make them look professional to show a magazine in a couple of months. I did research it online, and for the most part I am doing it correct. It gave me a few tips but I saw nothing about the research aspect. Should you research the band thoroughly or should you just skim over their information and decide what's most important?

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  • I just want someone's opinion on this (A friendship question)?

    So my best friend and I have been fighting like cats and dogs a lot lately. We've always had our problems, but this time has been a lot worse. Most of the issues are due to his girlfriend. From the day they got together she was telling him to get away from me, even though she had never talked to me, and I'm pretty sure had barely heard about me yet. I can understand seeing me as a threat at first, especially when she heard I'm also his ex-girlfriend. However, I offered to talk to her and she said no, and then promptly told me to leave him alone. When I didn't listen she's caused drama ever since there, went so far as to tell me to be friends with her or tell him goodbye, and then made him not talk to me the week of my 18th birthday. I don't trust her one bit, so I will not be friends with her. He's claiming he's "in love", but he claims that a lot. He gets defensive whenever I say its lust not love, but its gotta be lust because until they had sex he was saying he didn't think they'd last a couple weeks.

    He says he doesn't want to lose me as his best friend, but he also tells me to walk away if I want to. I don't want to, but am beginning to feel like I should. I do get taken for granted, I think. I do everything for him, help him with his family, schoolwork, girlfriends (even when I don't want to.), plus I give him honest opinions about everything and am always by his side. Decent friend, right?

    What do you guys think? Should I forgive him and still be his friend or say goodbye? Almost every girlfriend he's had, even if they didn't mean to, has caused some trouble between us, and most of the time he takes their side, not mine. We've been the best of friends for about a year and a half, and we broke up just about two months before we got really close.

    Another complication is over the past year several people have said we should get back together, we're meant to be, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to until this year, I just gave up really. Then last night a mutual friend between the two of us, told me he thinks as soon as he and his girlfriend break up that he'll try to get me back. I kinda believe this, kind of don't. You can't basically trust what this guy says, and he wouldn't explain why he thought so. Which said to me he was lying, just wanted to get a reaction out of me. He knows how my mind works fairly well, and while I try to deny it, I do still love my best friend "in that way.", I just don't want to accept it now.

    It does seem plausible though, because when we are not fighting we kind of act like a couple. We tease each other, sometimes will poke each other, cuddle up, whenever we try to take a picture together he puts his arm around me without even thinking, We'll lean on each other, and sit close almost always, and since we're really close we'll get in sync with what the other is gonna think. There is a lot of reason to believe it, but there's a lot of reason not to as well.

    Like how he'll blow me off for just about anyone else, almost always take his girlfriend's side when they start drama between us, sometimes he will take me for granted (Not ask to just hang out but will ask me to come over just to help with his homework).

    I don't know, I'm pretty confused. I can't ask my mom or most of my friends about this because a lot of them don't like him now so they'll have a biased opinion. I don't want to get my hopes up, thinking he'll take me back because part of me doesn't want him back. He has been known to cheat from time to time, which is never a good thing.

    Then another part of me says the best relationship is where their your best friend, right?

    Confused! Opinions?

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  • Hairstyling tips for an 18 year old?

    I am turning 18 in two weeks and people are constantly mistaking me for a preteen. Not because of how I'm dressed because of my face. I know hairstyles, and makeup would help. I am working on the makeup myself, but I need a bit of help with the hair.

    I have long hair that is dyed black, the black is coming out, showing my natural red hair. I haven't redyed it because I do sort of miss the red hair. However, I think I look younger with my red hair. My hair is naturally curly and frizzy, but I use straightening shampoos, conditioners, plus I straighten my hair with three products about once a week.

    I am kind of wondering if maybe a new style would help me out. I found one I quite like but I am not sure if it works for an 18 year old, especially one that is small and looks much younger then she is.

    I will not include a picture of myself, but I have glasses and freckles. I can not use foundation to cover those up, as I am allergic to apparently all foundations.

    My hair is about the same length as the picture shows, I just really need to fix the bangs. Would I need to cut it or do I just change the part in my hair?

    Also, should I redye my hair from auburn red to black again, or to something else?

    Thank you for the help. :)

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  • What is your favorite music genre?

    Ok, so I've been wondering about this a little bit. Most of my friends listen to anything rock. Things like Escape The Fate, The Devil Wears Prada, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Bless The Fall, Falling In Reverse, Asking Alexandria. Usually more "metal" or hard rock. I don't keep very good track of genres.

    I was wondering though, what's more popular? Rock or pop? I personally do listen to both. I listen to all the bands below, then I'll also turn on Jonas Brothers, Hilary Duff, Jordin Sparks, Big Time Rush, Selena Gomez, even a little Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber. I'm odd when it comes to my music.

    But I want to know, what do you think is better?

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