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Baby Boy Due Jan 17, 2010!!

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  • How do you feel on the conspiracy to kill Obama?

    I'm sure some of you have heard about two young gentleman who planned to assasinate Obama. What are your opinions? Please keep it clean.

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  • Can they keep my security deposit? ?

    I live in NJ and my landlord and I had a one year lease that expired July 2008 and they never notified me that my lease was renewing.. which by law they should have.. I sent them a letter in July letting them know that I was not renewing my lease and that I would live mth to mth thereafter. Never heard back from them until I sent a 2nd letter stating the move out date and that I wanted to schedule an inspection of my apartment before moving out. Now they say since the lease automatically renewed I am in essence breaking the lease, and they will keep my security deposit until a "new" tenant moves in to my apt (nowhere in the old lease does it say that). Is this legal? Please someone that know about real estate, i.e. Attorney please advise.

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  • Letter of explanation ?

    I need help composing a letter of explanation on my present livign conditions for the past 12 months with my mortgage co. I have been living with family for the past 14 mhts rent free and they are asking me to give them a letter because the underwriter needs to read it. I was unemployed for 5 years until last year I got a job and been working ever since. (Had two young children, and was an at home mom until they were old enough to go to school). How do I explain it to the underwriter? I heard it has to be a good explanation. HELP!!

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  • What options do I have if my friend refuses to sell or refinance a house?

    Here's the story, I cosigned for a friend for her home since she would not qualify for a mortgage on her own. The agreement was she was supposed to remove me from the mortgage after one year by either refinancing or selling the home for profit. Well now it's been 5 years and she now refuses to sell or refinance the house and remove my name because of the declining market and also because her credit is horrible right now. The good thing is she's been paying on time and has never been late on the mortgage. But now I want to buy my own home thru FHA since it only requires 3% down payment instead of conventional loan which is 5% or more and I do not have that kind of money. She refuses to give me any money to help out. What are my options?

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