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Maybe it's all of YOU who are upside-down... Evolution is a "theory", just like gravity. If you don't like it, then go jump off a bridge. Always remember, there are no stupid questions... just a lot of inquisitive idiots. I hate it when info under "About me" is just a bunch of disjointed thoughts with no logical flow whatsoever... ...If my Username comes up as a bunch of squares, it's not my problem. It means you don't have Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox. Now for actual information. 19. Atheist. Caltech '13. That is all. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2-2-2010: Yeah, I'm back again, for the time being at least. This time around, I'm minimizing sarcastic flame-waring (which, as it may turn out, could very well be minimizing the source of my *shudder* charm.) Instead, I'm going to be actually helpful and such. We'll see how long this lasts. Au revoir. 2-6-10 It lasted four days. Oops.

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