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  • How do I stop attracting abusive men?

    Im an attractive women in my early 30s. During my 20s I’ve dated 4 abusive men. Started off charming, head over heels type stuff but abuse always shows up no matter what I do. I have a meek and friendly personality. Not sure why I keep attracting these men who wanna hurt me. Even my last relationship when I was 28 I ended up being abused and I have a four year old son from that relationship who I love with all my heart. But, I just don’t wanna date anymore because I’m afraid I’ll end up hurt or worse and my son could be without me. I don’t know if there’s hope but if there is, how do I stop attracting abusers? Thanks

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  • Will I end up getting Schizophrenia?

    I'm a 31 year old woman who has three family members who all have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. My Mother, Grandma and my 34 year old Sister.

    I currently receive therapy in which I have a diagnosis of PTSD from domestic Violence, and Major depression. I can't help to wonder if I'm going to be cursed to get Schizophrenia.

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  • How do I tell my boyfriend, I don't like the sound he makes when he comes?

    My boyfriend of two years has a anger problem and I don't want to upset him. But I don't like the sound he makes when he comes when we have intercourse. How can I say it nicely?

    (Serious answers please)

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  • Is UPS suppose to deliver at 9:40pm?

    It was a driver release package and it was delivered at 9:40pm. I thought they stopped delivering after a certain time. Now my package is stolen. Should I report it?

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