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Im a 25 year old LPN, mother of 3 children, and Army wife. Jaidah Liana is 6 years old....Jonah Michael is 2 , and Jaycie Renae just joined our family on 11/21/08 !! I love meeting all kinds of people, and my family means more to me than anything!!

  • do you think this is okay or no?

    My husband and I have 3 children...2 girls and a boy. We are getting ready to move into a 3 bedroom apartment....and since my girls will have to share a room...I was thinking, instead of moving 2 beds into a room, to clutter it up...would it be appropriate to buy a queen size bed that they share? My oldest and youngest are girls....and ages 6 and 1. I was thinking to accomodate space, and then when we end up buying a 4 bedroom house to let them each have a room, the queen would go to the oldest, and we'd get a new bed for the younger girl. I can remember sharing a room with my sister, and in the morning, we'd both end up in the same twin bed......because I'd want to sleep with my older sister. So do you think that sharing a queen size bed is okay???

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  • has purina dog chow been recalled recently?

    Hello, I have a question. My dog has been eating Purina Dog Chow for a couple of months now, with no problem...well last week...we bought a new bag, and for almost 2 weeks, he suffered from diarrhea. Needless to say, I took him off that food, and has started making his food..and he's doing much better. But I was wondering if maybe Purina Dog Chow has been recalled or if there's anyone else's dog that got sick off this food. Its just wierd because he was fine for months, and then after he started eating the new bag, got sick. Thanks!!

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  • When you make your dogs food?

    I recently started making my dogs food as he has a sensitive stomach....and I was wondering, when the food is home made, and he is around you feed them the same amount like you would commercial dog food? 1 cup, 2 times per day?? thanks

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  • how long does it take to crate train a puppy?

    Well, we added a puppy to our family, and are in the process of trying to crate train him. We put him in there for naps during the day so our older dog can't pester him, and he does fine. Also, if he starts to whine I tell him to be quiet and lay down, and he listens....but the minute he can't see us to tell him to be quiet, he will yell and cry for what seems like HOURS!! He's never in there very long...but even crying for a couple minutes at that high pitch voice seems like forever! How long does it take for them to get used to being in the crate? I know its only been a couple of days so I shouldn't give up hope, but right now, it seems hopeless! :( Anyone have any good advice??

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  • How big will my pup most likely get?

    I have a 6 week old Great Dane/Australian Shepherd mix. The momma was the dane, and his daddy is a standard size australian shepherd. He's a little over 6lbs now, at 6 weeks old....

    How big do you think he'll get fully grown?

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  • any advice for puppy pad training a Chihuahua?

    So I'm the new mom to a 10 week old Chihuahua puppy. We live in Washington, where its cold and rainy, so I think until it gets warm, I want to try and pad train him. Problem is, he will just go "wherever" he wants to go. I'm trying the whole crate thing so he won't soil his den, but use the pads when he's out, and I am able to keep a good eye on him, but when in the crate, he yelps and screams for hours on end. Is there any advice someone could give me on #1, how to get him to use the pee pee pads, and #2, how to stop screaming in the crate? Thanks so much

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  • What are your children's names?? Just for fun!?

    I am the proud mama of 3 rowdy youngins!

    I have:

    Jaidah Liana (6)

    Jonah Michael (2)

    and Jaycie Renae (4 months)

    YES....I like the "J"s

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  • what could be wrong with my car?

    Well this morning my husband went to the store...all was good. Car started, he left. Well when he went back out to the car to come home, it wouldn't start. It wouldn't even try to roll over....NOTHING. Now the thing is....that some of the lights on the dash come on....the air still blows, but the car won't start and radio won't turn on. Does it sound like maybe the battery is just going out and didn't have enough juice to start back up?? I wouldn't think it would be the starter or alternator because when you turn the key it doesn't make any noise or try to do anything. What do you think can be wrong with my car??

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  • I just don't understand why some women want babies...?

    I don't understand it.....why do some women want babies so terribly...only to then complain when they don't sleep long enough, or they have to hold them for them to go to sleep....or they don't want to feed them so often. Jeesh..I mean....isn't that what newborns do?? Im a very young mother of 3 children, and work full time, and never do I complain about how my newborn doesn't sleep....or what I have to do to comfort her...I just do it....because Im their MOTHER. Thats what Im there for. Not to make them little robots and to hurry them into being independant as an infant so that I don't have to do so much for them. I'm just curious as to why some mothers are like this??

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  • anyone else have children with names starting with the same letter?

    I have 3 beautiful children.

    Jaidah Liana

    Jonah Michael

    and Jaycie Renae

    What do ya'll think about siblings having the same letter names, and is there anyone else that have the same letter for their children??

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  • question about breastmilk....?

    Okay, well my daughter was born on Nov. 21st. I started formula feeding right away, and needless to say, she has milk protein sensitivities, AND soy sensitivities, so she's on Alimentum which is very expensive. Kind of made me second guess of why I never breastfed or pumped. So, today, I tried to express some milk, and I can actually manually express breastmilk from both breasts...and its been 1 month!! So, my question is....if I were to buy a breast pump, and pump very often, do you think my supply would come back full on? I was VERY engorged at the begining, and maybe that was a sign....BUT, I might as well give it a try if I can.

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  • soy protein intolerance vs milk protein intolerance?

    My daughter was born on Nov. 21st and was started directly on soy formula as both my other children were on soy and did just fine. However, right about her 2 week mark, she started having some blood traces along with mucus in her stools. I took her to the doc last night and like I suspected, she has a soy protein intolerance.

    The doctor recommended Alimentum which is hypoallergenic, and expensive as all get out...BUT, just because she is intolerant to the soy protein...does that mean she'll be intolerant to the milk protein? We had bought her some Similac Sensitive which is milk based but lactose free, to try...but how common is it for them to be intolerant to BOTH the proteins??

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  • newborns sleeping on stomach?

    Are there any moms out there that place their newborns on their stomach to sleep??? And if so does your baby sleep better and are you scared of increasing the chances of SIDS?

    With my first two children, at about 3 weeks old I started placing them on their stomachs to sleep...and they slept soo much better!!

    My newborn is now 2 weeks old and I thought about putting her on her stomach too, but for some reason, with her being my 3rd, Im MORE paranoid than I was with my other two. I kinda feel like if SIDS is going to happen...its going to happen, reguardless of position, reguardless of age of the mother, and other risk factors. Its pretty much that they dont have a reason for SIDS to happen. But still Im sort of paranoid , even though most babies once they can roll over on their own, will roll to their tummies to sleep...and we don't run and flip them over every time they do so, right? IDK....just a question and thought.

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  • for formula feeding mommies....?

    How often does your newborn baby poop?? I had my daughter on 11/21, and while in the hospital, she was pooping good, and on isomil advance, which is soy. I tried to use the Parents Choice brand (walmart) and that whole 2 days, she was pooping like 12 times a day and it was runny and she cried I went back to the isomil advance, and it seems like her tummy tolerates it better, however she pooped only 1 time yesterday and has yet to go today. No signs of irritability, straining like she is constipated or anything, and eating great!! Im just curious as if maybe she's just getting used to the isomil again, and tolerating it better, and how often is a newborn supposed to poop??? For her being my 3rd, you would think I would know, but I never tried to switch formula with my other children.

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  • breast engorgement!?

    Okay, so I just had my baby 4 days ago, and my milk came in today. Ive opted not to breastfeed, and my breasts are SOO engorged!! How do I get the pain to stop? Please no comments about not breastfeeding....

    Im just wondering what I can do for this pain...or how can I get the engorgement to go away?? I dont remember it being this bad with my other two children....

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  • Jaycie Renae is here?

    Just wanted to let everyone know I had my baby Friday the 21st at 7:29pm. I was induced for hypertension on the day of my 39 week appointment. I had a 3 hour labor, and pregnancy complicated by gestational diabetes, and she was 6lbs 8oz 19 inches long!!

    Thanks everyone for all the questions youve answered for me!! :) Good luck with all the upcoming babies!!! :)


    there, that was to make it a big

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  • is anyone else completely nerve wrecked?

    Okay, so Im 38w5d...and this pregnancy has flown by!!! Its my 3rd child, so you would think I wouldnt be nervous, but in all actuality, Im more terrified!! I dont know if its the fact of Im about to be a mom of 3, or having to go through labor again!! I lay there at night and sometimes almost start to make myself panic by just thinking about it. Im being induced this coming sunday if she doesnt come on her own by then....and as much as I am ready to not be pregnant anymore...I just cant believe she'll be here in 6 days at the most!! Is anyone else freaking out like this towards the end of their pregnancy???

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  • how effective is sweeping the membranes?

    Well Im 38 weeks and 1 day, and today when I went in for my check up, I was 3cm and 75% effaced. The doctor did a membrane sweep and now Im doing alot of cramping. How effective is that for putting someone into labor? Just curious.

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  • question about due date....and gestational diabetes....?

    Okay, well Im supposed to be 38 weeks TODAY. My due date was supposedly Nov. 26th, from a dating scan done at 17 weeks. *irregular periods* Well anyways, I went in Monday for my growth scan, and that day, baby was measuring 38 weeks. And showing a due date of Nov. 24th. Well baby at that time was 7lbs 10oz, and of course expecting to get bigger. My question is....will my due date change since baby is showing that she's bigger? They wanted to induce me but come to find out the hospital is booked, until the 25th, which was 1 day before my due date. I know most doctors induce at 39 weeks with GD due to now that would put me at an induction of 40w1d, right?? not cool!!!!

    My main question is....will my due date change?? or do you think they would try and induce sooner???

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  • what did your baby weigh at 38weeks?

    Okay well I had a growth scan today due to my gestational diabetes....pre-pregnancy I'm only 5ft 95lbs....and have only gained 27lbs so far. Anyways, off baby is measuring 38 weeks exactly, which is 2 days ahead of schedule for me! They have her at 7lbs 10oz so far, and I still have 15 days until my induction!! They say if I make it that far to expect an 8lb- 8 1/2lb baby.

    That seems soo huge for my tiny little body to handle! Oh my...what am I going to do?? My biggest baby yet was only 6lb 14oz.

    Im terrified!!

    What did your baby weigh around 38weeks?

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