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  • Who has stayed at Disney's Coronado Springs?

    Hi. could anyone tell me which order the bus stops around the resort at Coronado Springs? Looking at the map of the hotel does it travel clockwise or anti-clockwise? Thanks!

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  • Disney's Coronado Springs?

    Please only answer if you have stayed here......

    I am staying at Disney's Coronado Springs next year with the counter service dining plan, but I understand you have to pay gratuities at the Pepper Mill food court due to the fact that you are seated and a server brings you drinks. Is this true?

    I know that tips are not included in the dining plan so it's unfortunate that you would need to pay extra when it is only a counter service meal...I am trying to keep the budget down here!

    Thanks :)

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  • Anyone stayed at Disney Coronado Springs?

    We've just booked to stay at Disney's Coronado Springs and we're wondering which room would be the best? (We haven't booked a prefered room)

    I know there are several bus stops around the resort but which order does the bus call at them? We stayed at Old Key West last year which had the same bus situation, but we found by staying in a building between the first and last drop off stops that we never had to sit on a bus that went round the whole resort! Has anyone found this with Coronado?


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  • Oral herpes but no sores?

    Over a week ago I started with a very sore throat and a painful tongue that lookes patchy and chewed up. Then a couple of days later I kissed my boyfriend who was also complaining of a sore tongue.....and the next day I woke up with flu-like symptoms - muscle aches and a fever and my tonsils swollen and it's been several days now and my tonsils are still swollen.

    It's only just occured to me that it could be oral herpes, but is this possible without any visible sores? It's really just my tongue and tonsils, and I hadnt seen my boyfriend for weeks before the initial symptoms so it cant be from kissing. However, I am under a lot of stress at the moment so perhaps I caught it from a drink on a night out?...and then stress brought it on? I really dont know much about the virus!

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  • Disney's Old Key West?

    Please only answer if you've stayed here :)

    I'm going to be staying in a studio room at Old Key West, and was just wondering how big the fridge/freezer is. Is it really small?

    Also, I know it says there's a coffee maker, but we generally drink tea or cocoa, so will it boil water? Or is it only possible to make coffee with it?

    Finally, what buildings can u recommend staying in? I understand that some have been renovated while others look tired. We need to be near the hospitality house really.

    Thanks peeps :)

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  • Who has stayed at Old Key West? (Questions...)?

    Hi, just want some info from everyone who's stayed at Disney's Old Key West......

    1.) How walkable is it to Downtown Disney? Is it safe to do at night? Well lit? etc

    2.) Which is the best building to stay in? I've heard the roads are noisy, and although I know there are multiple bus stops around the resort, I'd still like to be close(ish) to the main building for the shop.

    3.) Is it best to be ground floor or upstairs? I'd like a nice view, but don't want to be walking too many steps! I thought ground floor balconys might be surrounded in foliage and therefore mosquitos!

    4.) Has anyone ever been upgraded from a studio to a one bedroom? I can only afford a studio :( Are they small? I am going in September so was hoping there maaayyyyy be a sliggghhht chance of upgrading us..? Wishful thinking, I know..

    5) Has anyone done the Virgin check-in at Downtown Disney? Any tips? Is it ok to put our luggage on bus/boat to get there?

    Thank you :D

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  • Disney Work Programs?

    Disney World work program?

    I'm currently at University in the UK but I'm not sure it's for me. I'd really love to take some time out and work abroad for a year, so I've been looking at the Disney World cultural representative programs.

    Has anyone done this before? What are they looking for? I feel like my CV won't look great as I'm dropping out of uni and the courses I've done are all to do with finance and not hospitality like they might want. I know there's a college program, but has anyone done a program that didnt require u to be at college at the time of applying?


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  • Airport Lounge Orlando International?

    Does anyone know if Orlando International airport has a lounge? Usually we fly to Sanford and pay for the Royal Palm lounge so we get somewhere quiet to sit and use computers/eat/watch films etc. Is there anywhere like this at Orlando International?

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  • Disney dining plan snack?

    I've read the list of snacks that are allowed for the disney dining plan, but just wondered how flexible it is? Would I be able to get a cake as a snack or am I really just limited to a soft drink/ice cream/chips etc


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  • 14 days of Disney Dining Plan?

    We've booked 14 nights at Disney and got our Dining Plans free but I was just wondering how it works in terms of days...

    I understand that my ticket and dining plan will all be stored on my room card key. As my park tickets are just valid for 14 days and I am there for 15, I will only start using the tickets on the 2nd day.

    My question is this....if I decide to get a meal on my card with the dining plan on the first day, will this trigger my park tickets as being the first of 14 days?

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  • Difference between profit and profit margin?

    Can someone give me some formulas please for profit and profit margin. I have a sales, direct and indirect costs figure. I know profit margin is expressed as a percentage, thank you

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  • Flash animation in Dreamweaver?

    Hi, I've created a flash animation and put it into my entrance page of Dreamweaver.

    What I want to do is be able to click on the animation which will then act as a link and take me into the site. How do I do this? Flash buttons won't appear over the video

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  • Housemate stealing from me-- rights for eviction?

    I'm in a student share house with two other students, one of which owns the house (parents own it)

    The other student has been coming into my room while I'm at work and stealing from me.

    Is this grounds for the landlord to evict her and terminate her contract? What rights do I have? She denies the theft but I am 100% certain it is her

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  • Norton 360 configure problem?

    I've just upgraded to norton 360 version 2 and I have windows vista. It goes through installation fine but it won't run. It goes through the configuration wizard saying things like "configuring anti virus" etc but then that's it, the windows go away and the program doesn't start up.

    I need to sort this out asap because I assume there should be a step for me to activate it otherwise it won't work. I downloaded and paid for it from symantic's website so no going back now, lol

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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  • Binomial Probability?

    If the probability of something is written as:

    C(4,3) * (0.5^3)*(0.5^1) does it equal 0.25? I don't understand the C(4,3) part.....I know that it is the number of trials taken x at a time, but how do u put that into a formula..?

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  • How do u make a guy fall in love?

    I always seem to attract guys that just wanna sleep with me..... that sounds like all guys right? But I'm really craving romance at the moment...

    I met a really sweet guy who I thought would be different, but when we email, he's started talking dirty a bit. I don't know if this is because he thinks that's what I want to hear..?

    So my question is can I send out the right signals that I would actually like something meaningful and not just sex!

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  • Dealing with Wet Tail?

    My hamster is being treated for wet tail at the moment and has been on antibiotics for 3 days now.

    I've read on some websites that a rehydration medicine is usually prescribed, should I ask my vet for it? My hamster is still eating and drinking a little but I don't know if it's enough as I have heard that it is the dehydration that kills them.

    Also, I've refrained from giving her any fesh fruit or veg for a few days as I've heard this can affect the gut. Is this wise? I'm not sure if she'll get enough vitamins this way

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks

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  • No Sound on Shared Computer?

    I'm on a shared computer with my family and I don't seem to have any sound to listen to music when I sign into my account. It's fine on my dad's user account.

    And yes, I've checked the obvious like muting and volume controls, speakers plugged in and turned on etc etc

    What's happening??

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  • Why a sample size of 31?

    I have to look at data from 86 girls and 84 boys and my teacher told me to use systematic sampling to select only 31 from each group.

    I understand how to do this but I would like to know why I should be choosing 31? Is there a particular reason because I should be stating why for my coursework.

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  • Challenging a speeding ticket after the fine has been paid?

    I have heard that with a traffic offence such as being caught by a speed camera or jumping a red light, the police have a 14 day period in which to fine you.

    I got my speeding fine through after 14 days but I paid it anyway. Does anyone know if I would be able to contest this even after paying it? (This applies to the UK only)

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