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  • Any issues with cooking ribs in instant pot and then frying in oil?

    I want to make garlic spare ribs and I’d love to soften them up first before flouring and frying and then tossing in sauce.

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  • Am I responsible for this bill? It was not covered in my mortgage contract.?

    In 2015, I bought a house in Ottawa, ON. We of course took over the utilities but unknown to us, the water tank was a rental through Reliance. The previous owner paid them directly, not through any utility bill. This was not mentioned on any of the paperwork we signed at closing.

    About 10 months later, I contacted Reliance for an unrelated air conditioner issue and the repairman mentioned the tank was probably a rental. I called Reliance to verify and take over any account but there was no current account to take over. I’m presuming they had closed the account at this point due to non-payment but they didn’t verify (privacy).

    I advised the law office we used to close and they did not have a specific direction considering there was no current account.

    Well, the previous owner is now aware of this and they are coming after us for $1400 in fees for not taking over the account.

    We are trying to figure out if we are actually liable for this. Thoughts?

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  • What does the down arrow mean on Waynetech Upgrades?

    I m playing Batman Arkham Knight on PS4 and on a few of my Waynetech upgrades, there is a black arrow pointing down on a yellow background. Any ideas on what it means?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games5 years ago
  • How to soften selvedge jeans?

    I just bought my first pair of selvedge raw denim jeans. They are pretty stiff jeans! Any ideas on how to soften them up?

  • Color bleed from selvedge jeans?

    To stop color bleed in regular jeans, I wash them in the washing machine with cold water and salt. The ink does not bleed off on my shoes, socks, etc. during wear. I just bought my first pair of selvedge jeans but they are dry clean only. Any ideas on how to do the same since I can not run them through the wash?

  • Noise coming from engine compartment after Transmission flush?

    I had my transmission fluid changed and the next day, it starting making noise whenever the engine got into the 1000-2000 RPM range and my foot was not on the gas. Sometimes I can hear the noise in the 2500 RPM range when in 4th gear. I took it back to the shop that did the work (Mr. Lube in Canada) and they said the fluid level was a little low and topped it off.

    However, the noise persists.

    I'm not sure if the noise is coincidental or if something went wrong during the flush procedure.

    I'm driving a 2010 Dodge Journey SXT with 108,000K. Manual says the fluid should have been changed at 100,000 but I missed it in my guide. The noise sounds like whoop, whoop, whoop (if you can imagine).

    Any ideas?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • I have a tire tread depth wear question.?

    I bought a Dodge Journey in 2010 with the Kumho Solus KH16 tire on it. I swap them out for winter tires every season so I only use these tires for about 11,517 kilometers per year on average. So far, I have put 57,585 kilometers on these tires. The tread is getting pretty low and I likely will need to replace them before next year.

    A new has a tread warranty of 90,000 kilometers.

    So my question is this: Do OEM tires come with less tread than tires purchased after market? Or should I be contacting my dealer about why these tires are wearing so fast? I rotate them all the time and there is no uneven wear of any kind.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Help! My bike chain keeps skipping?!?

    I have a Marin Larkspur bike that's about 4 years old, well taken care of. I took it to a bike shop for a tune up. It's a few miles away so I tossed it in the car and drove. They replaced the chain, front and rear cogs. I picked it up a few days later and when I took it for the first spin, the chain kept skipping, or that's the best way to describe it at least.

    What happens is whenever I place any significant pressure on the pedals, the pedal will suddenly drop forward about 4 inches before it catches again. It does this constantly.

    My guess is that the derailleur was not adjusted properly and needs adjusting. I just don't know how to figure out if it is the front or rear derailleur and I don't want to make it any worse.

    This isn't a symptom of a new chain, is it? If not, any ideas on how to go about correcting the issue? Riding my bike has gone from a joyful to an annoying experience and I really don't want to drive all the way back to the bike shop if all that is needed is the turn of a few screws.


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  • Should I buy Apple Stock after it splits?

    Apple's shares are going to be around $70 after the upcoming split and it seems as good a time as any to buy. I think it's pretty much guaranteed to go back up, maybe not all the way to $600 but even $200 would net me a nice return if I invest about $2000.


    3 AnswersInvesting6 years ago
  • What is the proper torque for the bolt securing the caliper mounting bracket?

    I have a 2010 Dodge Journey SXT and to change my break rotors, I have to remove the caliper mounting bracket. Since Dodge won't publish the repair manual for this car, I can't verify the proper torque for the caliper guide bolts or the caliper mounting bracket. Any ideas?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • What is the name of the part a caliper connects to?

    I do my own brakes and there is a part I don't know the name of. I drive a 2010 Dodge Journey SXT, anyone know the name of the part the caliper connects to with the 2 caliper mounting bolts? I have to remove this part when changing my rotors.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • How can I find out if my surge protector is putting out bad (dirty) power?

    My computer was having power problems (random shut downs) and eventually stopped working all together. Long story short, computer #2 was brought into the house and is now displaying the SAME problem as the first computer. On day 2.

    I'm a repair tech so my experience is leading me to a possible environmental condition. Is there a tool I can buy to test for dirty power in my home or from a specific outlet?

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Question about battery icon on instrument cluster.?

    I have a 2010 Dodge Journey, the battery icon on the instrument cluster lets me know if the battery is not charging. What about if the battery is failing? Would it warn me or do I have to so my own checks to see if it needs to be replaced soon? It's 3 years old and I don't want to get stuck like I did once in my Neon which have me no indication at all!

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • Will high Mileage Oil harm my "young" engine?

    I went to a Mr. Lube Oil Change location for a oil change and I noticed they mistakenly in a high mileage oil instead of my regular non-synthetic oil. Will that cause any problems for my car? It only has 88,000 Kilometers / 54,600 Miles on it. They said it's a semi-synthetic blend and is a better oil anyway. They didn't charge me more for it.

    7 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago