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  • Series 7 Chronos vs Lenovo Y500?

    I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for under $1200. I am mostly looking for a computer for everyday use, heavy multitasking and multimedia. I am not a huge gamer, but I am looking to do a lot of music recording and production. Those programs require a lot of RAM and eat up a lot of hard drive space. This has led me to the Series 7 Chronos NP780Z5E-So1ub and Lenovo Ideapad Y500. For budget reasons, I have ruled out MacBooks, though I have previously owned and loved them. I know the Samsung has a crazy battery life, but does not have the SSD caching for boot times. It also does not have the amount of RAM (8 gb vs 16 gb) that the IdeaPad does. However, the IdeaPad does not have a touchscreen which could make Windows 8 a pain to use. I'm looking at the highest end models of each.

    What are your opinions of the two laptops? What other laptops might you suggest (preferably with 3rd gen quad core i7 processors)?

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  • Acoustic Guitar String Height?

    I have had my Martin OMC-1E for about 2 years now. I had never noticed too many problems with the action, as it has always played beautifully. Then recently, I started to notice that playing had become a bit hard on the fingers. I looked and the action seemed very high. So, I took a ruler and measured.

    The E string at the 12th fret lies about 6mm or just under a quarter inch high. This, from what I have heard, is fairly high. I then did the test of placing my finger at the 1st and 14th fret and checking the string height of the 6th/7th fret, which was nonexistant. What does that mean about my guitar neck?

    So what should I do about the string height? Should I be sanding the saddle or adjusting the truss, or brining it into guitar center for some work? Thanks!

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  • MacBook Pro 512gb ssd Replacement Hard Drive?

    The hard drive in my MacBook Pro 13" crapped out today, so I went to the Apple Store. He told me it was beyond repair so I either need to replace the hard drive or buy a new laptop.

    I would like to purchase a 512gb solid state hard drive to install. The Apple 512gb ($999) is a little too expensive for me, but the Crucial m4 512gb ssd ($400) and Samsung 830 series 512 gb ssd ($542) have gotten great reviews.

    Which 512gb solid state would you suggest, or what other options exist that may be better? I'm mostly concerned with ease of multitasking, overall performance, and cost efficiency.

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  • MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement?

    So the hard drive in my MacBook Pro 13" crapped out today and needs replacement. I would like to purchase a 512gb solid state hard drive to install. The Apple 512gb ($999) is a little too expensive for me, but the Crucial m4 512gb ssd ($400) and Samsung 830 series 512 gb ssd ($542) have gotten great reviews.

    Would you suggest buying an entirely new laptop, such as the new MacBook pro with 2.3 quad core 256gb ssd and retina, or replacing my hard drive in my current 2.9 dual core laptop? If replacing, which hard drive should I put in?? (I'm concerned with cost efficiency and performance)

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  • Equalizer Program for Mac?

    I'm looking for a program that, like in iTunes, has a little equalizer that I can adjust for the WHOLE computer, not just iTunes. For instance, I'd like to use it so that when I listen to music online there's some sort of equalizer. Pleease don't say "there's already one in iTunes" because I'm looking for something a bit different. Thanks.

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  • Everwood Piano Scenes (Season 1)?

    I've been dying to figure out what song Ephram is playing in one of the episodes in Season 1. Problem is, I can't remember which episode, and need to find it in order to figure out which song it is. In which episodes in Season 1 is Ephram seen playing the piano?

    Either that or is there some sort of list of music that has been played on the show, like a credit sequence, where I could find all the classical pieces he's played?

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  • Most important people of the 1920s?

    I have to make a David Letterman-esque Top Ten countdown of the most influential and important people of the 1920's. So far I have a collection of 12 people that I feel had a large impact on entertainment, politics, science, etc.

    Herbert Hoover (president of US)

    John Logie Baird (inventor of television)

    Benito Mussolini (fascist ruler of Italy)

    Adolf Hitler (author of Mein Kampf, eventual leader of Germany, you know the rest)

    John T. Thompson (inventor of Thompson machine gun, he pretty much has to be on there)

    Joseph Stalin (leader of Russia and later Soviet Union, followed in Lenin's footsteps, big douche bag)

    Warren G. Haring (US President, helped in recouping from WWI and improved working hours and conditions)

    Marcus Garvey (most famous civil rights leader of the time, prefer if hes on there)

    Charlie Chaplin ("most famous man of all time," actor, often portrayed horrible working conditions or other harsh realities through comedic film)

    Albert Einstein (E=mc2, theory of relativity, popularized in the 20's)

    Charles Lindbergh (first pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean)

    Alexander Fleming (inventor of penicillin, father of modern day antibiotics)

    There you problem is putting them in a specific order from least to most important. If you could help me I'd appreciate it. GO PATS!

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  • How do you say "Independence day is celebrated in America"?

    i need help translating a few sentences into spanish:

    los costumbres....are recognized by people worldwide.

    el dedicated to Saint (San) Fermin

    i dont know how to say something is....i think it may be "El Dia de la Independencia se celebra en Los Estados Unidos" but im not sure

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  • Guitar Center Guitar Strings?

    I was playing my friends guitar, a Yamaha FG730S, and I really liked the strings he had on it. They had a bright sound and were easy on the fingers. He told me that he hadn't changed them since he bought it from Guitar Center in Boston, where they stringed the guitar themselves while on display. Does anyone have any idea what kind of strings Guitar Center would put on guitars on display?

    Since I play D'addarios I know its not them, and my next guess is Elixirs, but I'm not entirely sure. And ideas?

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  • How to say "you are going to get the job" in spanish?

    I have a spanish skit im doing and its about a person comforting his friend that hes going to fine at his interview. in it i want to say, "dont worry you are going to get the job." so, i know the "dont worry" is "no te preocupes" but i dont know the rest, because im not sure if its ganar, sacar, obtener, or whatever. Any ideas?

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  • Electric Guitar Strings Recommendation?

    Im looking to buy some new guitar strings for my electric guitar. I use D'addario phosphor bronze lights and mediums on my acoustic and i love them, but im not sure what to do for my electric. I play anything from blues to classic rock to ska to metal to punk/grunge style, and i want strings that will be comfortable, last long and not be too tough on my fingers. Oh and im playing a mid 80s Ibanez Roadstar II Series (an awful guitar, but im just using it until i buy my Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty) through the Roland Micro cube amp in case youre wondering

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  • Electric Guitar Recommendation?

    Im looking to get a new electric guitar, with my price range anything under 700 dollars, the cheaper and better quality the better. Im looking for something easy and comfortable to play, with a wide variety of tones and great versatility. I play anything from classic rock to ska to punk/garage band to metal to blues, and im looking for a guitar that can work for all these different styles. Ive been looking around and found a couple, tell me what you think:

    -Ibanez Iceman ICT700 ($700)

    -Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Strat($550)

    -Epiphone G-310 SG($230)

    -Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty($700...and i really love the look)

    -Ibanez RGEX1($400)

    -Fender Squier Jagmaster($250)

    -Fender Standard Telecaster($400)

    Any comments or advise on these guitars, or recommendations as to others?

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  • Distortion Pedal Suggestion?

    I'm looking to buy some distortion and overdrive pedals for my guitar, but im not sure as to which brand and model. One of the sounds im looking for is similar to that in the song "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by the Darkness (the one where the british guys sing wicked high) and also in the song "Good Thing" by Reel Big Fish. Any suggestions (preferably Boss brand)??

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  • "My Way" Los Lonely Boys Effects Pedal??

    This may be an obvious to guitar players with more experience with effects pedal (im not, i mostly play acoustic), but what kind of effects pedal would be used in playing the song "My Way" by Los Lonely Boys, if anyone's even heard that song? Also, any recommendations on a good brand and model for this sound?

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  • Which boss distortion pedal is best for me??

    I am looking to buy a distortion pedal for my guitar, and it seems that boss is the best brand for quality, durability and price. My question is what model should i buy for a punk/ska band/classic rock range of playing. To be more specific, im looking to be able to play songs from: Sum 41, Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, Weezer, Green day, THe darkness, Ok Go, .38 special, etc...

    ive gone online and looked at the ds1 ds2 os2 ns2 and a couple others, and found i can buy the ds1 and ns2 together for cheap, but i dont know if another model, such as the supposedly versatile ds2, would be better. Any suggestion???

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  • Distortion effects pedal recommendations?

    I'm looking to buy some effects pedals for my guitar, but i have no idea what i should buy. Im not looking for anything heavy metal, but an effects pedal that could work in more punk/ska band rock.Im looking for a sound that could work for bands like: Sum 41, Green Day, Jet Reel Big Fish, Weezer, Streetlight Manifesto, The Darkness, OK Go, maybe .38 special etc...i know thats a diverse list, but im hoping that brings different answers. Any suggestions? (My price range is anything below $150)

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  • Tone, Theme of Alone by Maya Angelou?

    The poem "Alone" by Maya Angelou is:

    Lying, thinking

    Last night

    How to find my soul a home

    Where water is not thirsty

    And bread loaf is not stone

    I came up with one thing

    And I don't believe I'm wrong

    That nobody,

    But nobody

    Can make it out here alone.

    Alone, all alone

    Nobody, but nobody

    Can make it out here alone.

    There are some millionaires

    With money they can't use

    Their wives run round like banshees

    Their children sing the blues

    They've got expensive doctors

    To cure their hearts of stone.

    But nobody

    No, nobody

    Can make it out here alone.

    Alone, all alone

    Nobody, but nobody

    Can make it out here alone.

    Now if you listen closely

    I'll tell you what I know

    Storm clouds are gathering

    The wind is gonna blow

    The race of man is suffering

    And I can hear the moan,

    'Cause nobody,

    But nobody

    Can make it out here alone.

    Alone, all alone

    Nobody, but nobody

    Can make it out here alone.

    So my question is what is the main theme or tone of this poem? Also, what is the author's tone in the poem?

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  • Guitar string recommendations for a Fender CD-60??

    I have a Fender Cd60 acoustic but one of my strings broke recently, so im just going to replace the factory strings it came with and get some new ones....

    Ive heard that D'Addarios, specifically Phosphor-Bronze, and Elixirs are favorites, but I have no experience with either. Any recommendations as to the brand or type I could well as whether light or medium strings would be best? ( For music like Jack Johnson, Dispatch, Jason Mraz, Beatles sort of thing)

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  • Rhythm for OPENING RIFT in Streetlight Manifesto's We Will Fall Together??

    Im trying to write out sheet music for two altos, a bari, and two trumpets for We Will Fall Together by Streetlight Manifesto, but i cant figure out the rhythm for the opening rift and parts of the trombone solo. any help would be appreciated, especially with the triplets or syncopated rhythms. does anyone know where i can find sheet music, or can someone write it out for me????

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