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  • indians are garbage?

    C.C is gonna win the cy young huh? yeah sure is he is trash and you all know it. yall look dumb sayin he is gonna shut us out and josh beckett isnt gonna do nothin alright.

    look your catcher cant even catch your bullpen cant throw strikes not that c.c was either

    and once yall get to fenway yall arent going to get nothin either

    and let me giess what yall are going to say?

    carmona is pitching next yall are screwed well said that tonight and that really didnt happen.... and that its 3-2 well umm thats not a good lead at all and teams come down from that all the time so dont get excited at all

    so all yall bandwagon fans should just turn the channels now we dont want you startin to like the sox now cuz they won

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  • SHUT UP ABOUT KOBE BEIN TRASH hes not a ball hog at all.LOOK!!!!! and oh well if he thinks he is good he is?

    kobe averaged

    31.6 ppg and 5.4 apg


    joe johnson 4.4 apg 25 ppg

    ray allen 4.1 apg 26.4 ppg

    jason richardson 3.4 apg 16 ppg

    ben gordan 3.6 apg 21.4 ppg

    lebron james 6 apg 27.3 ppg

    jason terry 5.2 apg 16.7 ppg

    j.r smith 1.4 apg 13 ppg

    rip hamilton 3.8 apg 19.8 ppg

    stephan jackson 3.8 apg 15.5 ppg

    t-mac 6.5 apg 24.6 ppg

    marquis danials 1.3 apg 7.1 ppg

    cuttino mobley 2.5 apg 13.3 ppg

    mike miller 4.3 apg 18.5 ppg

    d-wade 7.5 apg 27.4 ppg

    michael redd 2.3 apg 26.7 ppg

    randy foye 2.8 apg 10 ppg

    vince carter 4.8 apg 25.2 ppg

    rasual butler .8 apg 10 ppg

    stephon marbury 5.4 apg 16.4 ppg

    jj redick .9 apg 6 ppg

    andre iqudale 5.7 apg 18.2 ppg

    raja bell 2.5 apg 14.7 ppg

    brandon roy 4 apg 16.8 ppg

    kevin martin 2.2 apg 20.2 ppg

    manu ginobili 3.8 apg 16.5 ppg

    delonte west 4.9 apg 12.2 ppg

    juan dixon 1.5 apg 9.6 ppg

    gordan gireck 1 apg 7.8 ppg

    caron butler 3.7 apg 19.1 ppg

    what a hog?

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  • for all indians fans?

    yall must be really excited to be up one game i mean yall are goin crazy you do know you have to win 4 games to go on not 2 so stop acting like you are the best team in the world and cant get beat cuz we already have beat yall and it should be flipped right now but there aint one real sox fan worried right now cuz its no place we havent been before and have moved on before

    c.c. is nasty yes but carmona hasnt pitched well against the sox the whole year and the next time he is pitching will be in fenway so please dont get carried away

    so really why are you so excited over one win?

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  • whats the worse team in the nba?

    what is the biggest joke of a franchise in the nba

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  • wakefield, beckett, schilling?

    the red sox are just fine, there not worried about nothin its no wear they havent been before. wake is clutch, beckett is the best pitcher this year most wins and is on fire on 7 loses pretty dang good to me. and schilling finds a way to always get it done. and beckett has won a game 7 of the world series on 3 days rest as a rookie so who thinks there in trouble?

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