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  • Your opinion on these girl names if you don't mind?

    My mum and I were just talking and we came up with some girl names just for the fun of it. We just wanted to know what everyone thinks of them. So please rate out of 10 and comment.

    Aubrey Savannah

    Phoebe Estelle

    Olivia Soraya

    Amaya Lilly

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  • Have you heard about the QLD floods?

    I assume most people have by now, but if you havent already done so, can you make a donation? So many people have lost so much. If you can do so type QLD flood relief appeal into google. Us Queenslanders would really appreciate it. If you already have donated thank you. I would give you a link but i dont know how 2 on my mobile.

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  • What is your sun, moon and rising?

    Okay I'm bored and I thought i would just ask this question. So what is your sun, moon and rising?


    sun- Taurus

    Moon- Scorpio

    Rising- Saggitarius

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  • Please help this is very serious and embarrasing for me?

    Okay, to start off with i'm 18 year old female if that may help.

    I have noticed today that it was really painful for me to pass stool this morning and as well tonight. But tonight I noticed a little bright red blood on the toilet tissue. It wasn't much but it still has me worried. The same thing happened last week. The only time I have pain is when I go to the toilet. I know I have to go to a doctor and such but it's kind of late at night here so that is not an option until the morning, unless I do to the emergency room and wait around for most of the night. I don't know what's wrong, can someone who has been in my situation before or someone who knows what might be wrong please give me any advice besides go to the doctor, because I already know that. My mum is just saying, you''l be fine just go see a doctor tomorrow, but I'm still worried. Please help.

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  • What car is used in the videoclip for Holiday by Green Day?

    Normally I would ask my dad or my brother but they aren't around at the moment, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me. I tried google but didn't find much. So can someone please try to help me out. Thanks in advance.

    Here's a link to the video.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • What do you think of these names?

    Okay just to make things clear I probably won't ever consider naming a child any of these, but what do you think of them anyway. I might use them for characters in a book or something however.


    Sullivan Rage

    Xavander Riot (pro. Za-van-da)

    Finlay Storm (I might consider the name Finlay becasue I like it and it has meaning to me)

    Leon Marc (I quite like this one actually)

    Jet Ambrose


    Roxanna Jade (I actually quite like this one too)

    Autumn Vendetta

    Veronica Rebel

    Indigo Skye

    Bonnie Love

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  • Painful lump in armpit, allergic reaction?

    I hope this doesn't get too long. I know you guys can't diagnose me but maybe you can give me some advice of some kind. It would be much appreciated.

    I was wondering what you guys think. It's 11pm here so I can't go to a doctor at the moment. It's been bothering me all day since I woke up this morning, but it is Sunday and the only option for a doctor on the weekend where I live is the hospital and that is a 45 minute drive. I may be able to see a doctor tomorrow morning or afternoon depending how busy my doctor is if not I will be going with my sister to an appointment with our doctor on Tuesday.

    So I visited my doctor on Friday because I was feeling quite sick I thought it was cold. Turns out I have tonsillitis. I'm allergic to some antibiotics (amoxcyl I believe it is) So the doctor gave me phenoxymethyl penicillin for the tonsillitis. Anyways I woke up this morning with my armpit very sore. It was then I realised there was a swollen lump and it is very quite painful. It's not very big but it is so sore. My mum and I are unsure of what it could possibly be. So I googled it. It was then I discovered that the penicillin I am taking can cause allergic reactions (well duh) but one of the reactions was painful lumps similar in nature to what I am experiencing. Also since I've been on the medication I've been feeling really faint and sick randomly. Which I read was another sign of allergic reaction. So I think it may be an allergic reaction.

    I know you guys can't diagnose me but I was just wondering what you guys think. An allergic reaction to the medication or something else? Any advice on what to do about it? Should I perhaps try ice or take a panadol for the pain 'cause it's preventing me from sleeping which is why I am on here at 11pm. By the way my doctor said it's fine for me to take panadol for a fever so I know it's not going to harm much by taking it.

    Thank you in advance

    BQ: How was your day?

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  • Question about changing religion, please help?

    Okay, so I want to become catholic. I know it's written down somewhere that I'm baptist because that's what my parents are/were/believe but they don't go to church or anything anymore and I was christened when I was a baby at a baptist church, they used to but then mum had 3 kids to run after and dad was always in another city working so mum just stopped. But anyways, I was wondering. Do I have to be 18(leagal age in Australia) to change or can I now. (i'm 17, 18 in May) Also my parents said to me and my siblings it's up to us what we believe in and they will respect us in our decisions, so they don't mind if I become Catholic. Thank you in advance.

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  • A couple of questions about our eyes?

    Just wondering if any one knows what shade of green our eyes are, if you can tell by the photos that is. Also are our eyes they same colour? or are they different? or similar?

    This is me:

    This is Bliss

    This is both of us:

    This is another one of us:

    Thanks in advance

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  • WDYT of my fav names?

    This is only a few of them. I'm not pregnant or anything I just want to know what you think


    Kimba Shea (Kim-Buh, Sh-ay) Kimba is an Indigenous Australian name and means bush fire, I am Indigenos Australian which is why I like this name.

    Marcy Paige I just like this one

    Caitlyn Jennifer- I love the name Caitlyn and my mums name is Jennifer


    Charlie Griffith, a name I just love

    Connor Amos- Amos is my great-grandfathers name so I like that one

    Caleb Porter

    So what do you think? Thanks in advance

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  • Please help with my teen sister (smoking)?

    My mum and I are really concerned. We are wondering what we should do to convince my 13 year old sister to stop smoking and how to help when we convince her to. She has been smoking for a while and we only recenetly found out. (not sure how long) She has lost two relatives due to smoking in the past 3 months but that doesn't bother her. Nothing does, she gets into trouble and i doesn't worry her. She was almost kidnapped (somone tried to grab her from behind) but she still goes wondering around everywhere at stupid hours. We have tried everything, she has a counsellour and everything but she is so stupid sometimes that I just want to smack her over the back of the head and knock some sense in to her. (I know I shouldn't and I'm not going to) She used to be a good kid but now she has gotten into the wrong crowd. She just started high school and she is behaving really bad. What ever can we do? We are just so fed up with her behaviour and you would think she would learn after bad experiences but she doesn't.

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  • My party playlist, help?

    Okay so I am having my 18th Birthday party in May (I know its a few months away but I want to start planning now) Well anyways, I am having a rock star theme and I was wondering what songs would be good to play. These are a few that I have come up with so far in no particular order. So tell me your ideas and what you think so far. Oh yeah, almost all of the guests there grew up in the 90's-2000's and the party is going to go for about 3-4 hours. Thanks in advance.

    Parparazzi- Lady Gaga

    Rock Show- Blink 182

    Get This Party Started- P!nk

    All the Small things- Blink 182

    Can't Touch This- MC Hammer

    Hey Ya- Outkast

    Song 2- Blur

    Damn It- Blink 182

    Rock n' Roll Radio- The Ramones

    Rock This Party- Bob Sinclair

    Rock n Roll All Nite- Kiss

    Good Riddance- Green Day

    Smells like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

    All Star- Smash Mouth

    Blitzkrieg Bop- The Ramones

    Should I have more songs that are dance songs?

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  • Do you like this part of a song I wrote?

    It's called Paranoid and its about a time in my life that was difficult and I guess you could say I was paranoid. I've written music and stuff to it as well. Well anyways this is part of it.

    Verse 1

    I see many faces all these eyes are on me,

    Walking through a fire I am burning can't you see,

    Do they know the truth or am I just crazy,

    How can I tell by myself I need you hear with me,


    Lost without you by my side,

    I need you hear to make things right,

    You are gone but not for long,

    I'm paranoid can't you see,

    Why are they watching me

    It's really starting to scare me,

    I think I'm going crazy,

    Da Da Da do do doo

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  • How on earth am I supposed to deal with this?

    Okay, so I am in a bit of a stressful situation. this involves to friends lets call them Jane and Lisa. My friend Jane went missing this morning. She was with her friend Lisa at the train station and Lisa told Jane to wait there with some of her stuff and her mobile phone whilst she went to do something, i'm not sure what. But anyways, Lisa came back and Jane had gone she is not sure where and had left all of Lisa's stuff just sitting there, including the phone. So Lisa had quite a bit of stuff and ended up calling her boyfriend's dad and he came and picked it up. So that was this morning and it is now 10:10pm. Lisa thought jane had ditched her at first but now we are not so sure because no-one knows where she is or has heard from her and normally she would go straight home. We have tried all our friends and Jane's mum has gone looking for her but no luck. The police got involved this afternoon and they have looked but couldn't find her and then it got dark so it became really hard to see. We left it until the afternoon to contact the police because she has gone 'missing' before, well she had a fight with Lisa and walked off but she came home a few hours later before the sun set. But I'm really worried about her because no one has heard anything and she hasn't come home and it is late. Also, I'm anxious(i guess describes this feeling) because my family and I might be going out of town for a few days to attend a funeral for a family member and if we do go they want to leave tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday and I really don't want to leave town if my friend hasn't been found but I want to say goodbye to my relative. I am so anxious and I'm really worried because Jane is a little slow so I'm really worried something has happened to her. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and if so how did you deal with it?

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  • Your suggestions please?

    Okay, so I play guitar and I am wanting to learn some new songs. But I don't want anything too hard or too easy. So I am asking for your suggestions of songs to play. Some songs I already know are:

    Time of you Life-Green Day

    Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry

    Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and The Waves

    The Middle- Jimmy Eat World

    A couple of songs by the Veronicas and Kelly Clarkson

    You're Still the One Shania Twain

    A couple of other Green Day songs

    All sugestions welcome.

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  • help my little sister has done something stupid?

    Okay, she is 13 and she has put on her facebook profile (we didn't found out she had until today) that she has put her age as 18 when she isn't. Is there anyway I can change this my mum, my sister and I just got into a big argument because she won't change it or let us change it, is there anyway my mum or I could change it? Please it's for her own well-being. Putting this question in this section because its for my mum and she doesn't have a yahoo account.

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  • Future career (20 characters)?

    Okay, so I am considering studying to be a forensic scientist Its a career I have always considered doing but I am in year 12 and I don't do any of the prerequisite subjects. So, is it still possible for me to be a forensic scientist, to anyone who is a forensic scientist what is it like? Do you enjoy your job? Also, what do I have to do if I want to become a forensic scientist and I haven't done the right subjects? Do I have to repeat year 11 and 12? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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  • What's you're opinion on these names?

    Well my friend likes these names she's not regnant or anything just wants to know what you guys think.






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  • Okay, so we're moving to Cairns?

    At the end of this year me and my friend are most likely moving to Cairns with her family.(We live in Brisbane at the moment) We are wondering what type of clothes we should wear, we have tried searching google but haven't really found much. What type of clothing like, short-shorts and tanktops or jackets, what material do you guys think. Cairns is in tropical North Queensland and the average minimum temperature is 63°F (17°C) and the maximum temperature is 88°F (31°C) It is also prone to cyclonic weather conditions. Advice from anyone would be great, even if you have never been there or heard of it.

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  • What can we do (20 characters)?


    so me and my friends, (3 girls) and possiby some more girls are going out tomorrow night, we need some suggestions. We are thinking catching the train into the city or south bank and seeing a movie or something, after that we are going back to probably my house and crashing here for the night. Are there any other suggestion we can do like while we are out and when we get back to my place. We are 16/17 and one of us is 18, what do/did you guys do. We live in Brisbane, Australia but I don't really think that makes much of a difference.

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