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  • how much will i get if i pawn a Finesque 14k Gold Overlay Black Diamond Accent 3-band Stack Ring (description)?

    This beautiful three-band stack ring by features glittering black diamond accents. The ring is crafted of 14-karat yellow gold overlay with a highly polished shine.

    Center stone

    Center cut: Round

    Diamonds: One

    Weight: 0.01 carat

    Color: Black

    Setting: Prong

    Metal information and dimensions

    Metal: Gold overlay

    Finish: High polish

    Style: Fashion

    Metal weight: 4.2 grams

    Ring setting dimensions: 18.23 mm wide x 16.42 mm long

    Band dimensions: 2.06 mm wide

    MetalGold Overlay


    Diamond ColorBlack

    Total Diamond WeightUp to .5 Carats

    Ring StyleColored Diamond

    Gold Karat14k

    Gold ColorYellow Gold

    Gemstone ColorBlack

    Stone ShapeRound

    Center Diamond WeightUp to .5 Carats

    Band Width2-3 mm


    Jewelry SettingProng

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  • what should i expect a my first rave?

    hey i'm 18 years old as you can see I've never been to a rave before and i'm planning on attending one on oct 11, so i'm wondering what should i expect there? from what ive heard there's a lot of drug activity that goes on in raves and i honestly don't want to participate in that. i just want to have fun listen to house/techno music and enjoy my time there drug free.

    so is there anything you guys think i should know before attending this rave?

    hows it like?

    how was your first experience?

    was it dangerous?

    did u u enjoy yourself?

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  • should i be suspicious?or does he really care about me?

    so im 18 years old and i met this guy who's 35. he seems like a very generous guys,he really wants to get to know me and develop a raltionship/friendship etc. so when we first met he told me that he doesnt want me chilling in a certain area because alot of guys have sex in there and he doesnt want me to participate in that or even risk the chance of getting arrested. so i see him today while i pass through that place and he threatened to break my head open if i ver go back in there he said it in such an aggressive way that i was kind of scared. therefore i went home and texted him and asked him why he threatened me like that and he apologiuse and told me to call him. so while i call him he says that he really cares for me and that he doesnt want me going to the wrong direction and that he is a nice guy that we should hang out sometime. but im just wondering is there still nice guys out there or can he turn out to be one of them obsessive boyfriends who are violent and stuff this is why i dont get into relationship especillly with older guys because im 18 and i need to enjoy my life. iI'm not saying im going to just sleep with anyone but im too young to be in that type of relationship so what do you guys think

  • have you ever felt as if you were treated differently when you came out the closet? if so how?

    im 18 years old (male) ii struggled alot with the whole accepting my self thing while gorwing up, now that i feel cmfrtable in my sexuality and im out to many people. i feel as if every time i'm around they like t bring up the topic of sex and why i "chose" to be gay as if it was a choice. they also like to bring up sex alot and put my business out there as if being gay is something out of the ordinary. i honestly dont care what people think i just think i deserve privacy and not have my bussiness out there especially when we're in public and people like to bring up the subject out loud like if its anyone else bussiness but mine. i also hate the stereotypical comments people make such as your gay ur suppose to like this or that and in the back of my head im like im a human being just like you

    and just because im gay doesnt mean i am suppose to act like a certain group of people. i swear people dont understand that the gay community is just as diversed as the straight community i really dont get why people treat us this way.

    So i would like to hear from you guys (lgbt members) how were u treated when you came out to your friends and fam? did u feel as if you were treated differently? how did that make you feel?

    ps most of my fam treats me pretty much the same

  • (gay)do you think its possible to find your lover at a club?

    im an 18 year old gay male and ive been to many gay setting where you meet guys such as bathhouse, gay parties and clubs and many people tell me that its almost impossible to find a long term relationship in those places and i honestly think its quite true but what do you guys think.

    i feel like the guys in these places are just temporary but some guys are really nice but they are there for the same reasons

  • do you think that converting into Christianity can change ones sexuality?

    hey guys im an 18 year old boy who within the last year been identifying myself as gay and now attends a christian church. one of my peers was a lesbian who now converted and is now straight and i want o know your guys opinion on this. They believe that god has the power to maKe me straight and i think so too but i would liKe to here peoples opinions or testimony's

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  • Do you think i might be transgender?

    hey im 17 years old i grew up thinking and knowing i was different from the other guys well it turned out to be that i was gay so i came out the closet about a year and a half ago and that's when i started being myself more often and Ive notice i have a feminine side sometimes i say i have a female alter ego because this summer i went to lgbt camp and i dressed as a girl (no not drag but actual girl make up) well i looked just like a girl and i felt comfortable showing tht side of me and even though i do feel like a male at times i still feel like a female so idk if I'm transgender or just bi gendered cus i feel beautiful as a men and i also feel beautiful as a girl and BTW wen i dress like a girl i don't try to be a very feminine girl i try to be like the slightly tomboyish girl with long hair and a hat so can someone help me

  • do long distance relationships work out? is cheating okay if you know you still love the person?

    hey im 17 years old (im a boy) and i started to date my ex boyfriend again cus we still had feelings for each other but the thing is tht he left to florida and he might not be coming back till thanks giving and i feel like thats a long time and theres not one day tht passes without us texting each other or speaking on the phone and most of the time is me calling him but he be busy and so am i, but yea we agree that we will be completely honest with each other. so yea i really like this kid but i have been cheating on him with other guys but its not cus i want too it just happend like yesterday i felt lonely so i had a boy come over to my house and we had sex and stuff but i still really like my boyfriend so does cheating really matter even though u know you love and miss your boyfriend at the end of the day

  • what does this dream mean?

    ok let me tell ya a little about me then ill get to my dream. I'm 17 years old im in a gay relationship with a 21 year old guy. he really really likes me he wants all to himself he barely gives me space but we love each other, and he is very sensitive, so last night i dreamt tht we are alone in a car he was driving and he purposely drove across the bridge to a river so we can die together and be togther forever so we drowned then we died and all i remember is people wearing rest in peace shirts with our pictures on them

  • how do i put music on my ipod 4g with out using a computer?

    hey i was wondering if theres any way i can put music on my ipod without using a computer

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  • my boyfriend of two months just old me he loved how am i suppose to feel about this?

    im 16 years old and im in a gay relationship with a 20 year old boy and we've only been together for 2 months and he justtold me he loves me should i feel scared because i right now i dont know what to feel i do like him but at time he's very clingy and he likes to buy me things thinking he can but my love but idk what to think right know do you guys think its to soon for him to tell me that and he also told me that he's been wanting to tell me that for a month now but a month ago we only had a month together so i really dont know what to think

  • why is it when someone is happy in a relationship there family doesnt approve?

    so im 16 years old turning 17 and im in a gay relationship with 20 turning 21 years old.

    he's very sweet, he makes me happy,he buys me things, i make him happy, but my family doesnt really approve because they think since he's older that he's like seducing me or sumting or playing with me but i really dont think so.

    so why is when someone is hapy in there relationship there family doesnt approve?

    is it because we're gay?

  • do you think i can still join the navy?

    im 16 turning 17 this month and im planning to join the navy after high school. but the thing is that i had past of being depressed and feeling suicidal and when i was mcuh younger they thought i had ADHD but ive been through therapy and as of now my therapist thinks im stabled so you think i can join the navy wen i graduate high school

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  • whats the name of this movie?

    ok i remember its about a guy who goes back in time into his high school years where gays is the majority and straight people are a minority

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  • can you become a legal office assistant with a one year certificate?

    im curious because there is this one year certificate program at sullivan community college so i was wondering if you can get a one year certificate program in legal office assistant and if so how much do they get paid

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  • can you be bisexual but not be sexually attracted to girl (im a guy)?

    im 16 turning 17 recently ive been messing with guys(ima guy too) and im currently in a serious relationship with a boy. i know im both sexually and emotionally attracted to guys but idk whether im bi or gay cus i actually think im gay but i still think girls are beatiful and i still stare but im not sexually attractedto girls but im like emotionally attracted to them like i will make out with a girl again but i wouldnt have sex with a girl again because the last time i tried to have sex with a girl i couldnt get erect so am i gay or just weird type of bi