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  • Trying to remember quote from episode of "Sex and the City..."?

    The episode of "Sex in the City" when Charlotte marries Harry, Carrie meets one of Harry's friends while lunching with the other girls. He gives her his card and never calls him. Later, she sees him at a party and he jokingly tells her to, "please stop calling."

    I've looked on quotation sites and not found it. Does anyone remember that exchange?

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  • Best Brand of Color Contacts for Dark Eyes?

    I have dark brown eyes, a fairish complexion, and dark hair. I definitely want to go green... as light and dramatic as possible. They all look so great online, but when I went to try on the "eden" color by FreshLook that look so amazing online I could hardly see a difference. Instead of trying every brand in every color I was hoping someone out there had some experience they could share with me. Thanks!!!

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  • HELP, My Cat Won't Eat ANYTHING!!!?

    I'm having a unique problem. It's one of my cats, but I'm at a loss and

    don't know what to do. My oldest (Valerie, you saw him, the "area rug")

    won't eat. He's still drinking water (thank god-knock on wood) but he has

    turned his nose up at everything. He bugs me constantly to eat, runs into

    the kitchen at feeding time, and jumps up to beg when he hears the cans

    open. Then, he looks at it and looks at me and just sits there. I've tried

    8 different wet foods, 2 dry, sushi grade fish, canned tuna, and every lunch

    meat they make. I've tried hand feeding him, isolating him to eat, and

    making sure I'm there to watch over and talk to him. Still, nothing. This

    boy usually eats ANYTHING! I don't know what to do! Please help! It's been days now...

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