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What To Do About Jess

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  • How do i look for these colleges so far?

    I'm interested in UCLA, Stanford and UC Berkeley! I'm a freshmen and the first semester I did poorly and ended with a 3.48, however this semester I will most likely end with a 4.0 or 4.1. My classes are: ALARP (college level language arts), Honors US history, PE, Choir, Debate, Spanish 1, Honors biology, and Algebra.

    Sophomore year: I am taking 1 AP and 1 honors class.

    Junior year: 5 or 6 AP classes and 1 honors

    Senior year: 4 or 5 APs

    Activities: Will play tennis all four years, president of speech in debate and will be president of debate, key club, running for student office next year, will be president of amnesty, co-founder of a women's study club and mock trial. Along with helping my mom with various community service activities, will be working at a crisis nursery and possibly a suicide help line for teenagers.

    What else can I do?

  • Do you think there should be a seperation of state and church?

    As a extreme liberal, I strongly believe that the American government should separate church and state. I would like to debate this topic with you so what are your opinions?

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  • I don't know if he likes me!?

    I was at a debate tournament on saturday and he was there to observe some events. I just got back from my round and he sat down right next to me. We started talking and he was making jokes and he touched my arm and looked into my eyes the whole time. We talked about colleges and school etc. He said he had to leave but he stayed a extra 10mins to talk to me and when he seemed like he was going to leave I went to the bathroom and he was waiting for me and he was like, "Well I had to tell you goodluck." I see him every other day in one of classes, but he's a senior and I'm a freshmen. He didn't seem turned off by the fact that I'm a freshmen though. So does he like me?

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  • I really need help. Please?

    I was depressed for a year or so but got over it on my own. I think its coming back as I look into the future. I feel like my life is insignificant. If I was never here the world would be the same. I know I'm never going to have a epic romance or anything special in my life. I will live some cookie cutter life where I go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, die. What's the point is my question I guess. All my dreams are beyond unachievable. I will just go one and be the same as everyone else. Ill probably marry some cheating husband we doesn't give a d*mn. I guess the thing thats really getting me is the romance and the true friends. I will never have the love they show in movies or tv or have good friends. Help me?

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  • I messed up the first semester of freshman year?

    Finals are this upcoming week, and I'm not doing too well grade wise. I have high hopes of going to colleges like: UCLA, USC, UC Berkley, Stanford, etc.

    My grades:

    Spanish One: B

    Honors History: A-

    Alarp (Above Honors Language Arts): B, but I just did my finale presentation which might raise it

    Honors Bio: B

    Choir: C, I know its awful

    Algebra: A+

    Health: A


    Key Club

    Speech & Debate


    Community service

    Swim Team

    Going to be a lifeguard

    I might be job shadowing at tv station

    So I know I don't look great but if I raise my grades a littl e bit and do better all other semesters could I still get into some of those colleges

  • Freshman High School Finals?

    I have a few Bs this year but still looking to get a 4.1 however I am scared I'm not going to accomplish my goal. I really want to go to UCLA. So my question is if I do amazing sophomore-senior year of high school can I still make it into a good colleges? Also what are some good study habits you have aqquired? I realize I do not have have good study skills so I need help.

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  • Does he hate me now? Do i annoy him? 5 stars best answer!?

    I feel like I annoy this guy so much. Here is some background we meet in the beginning of school and really started talking a few weeks ago. We mostly just mess around (like playfully make fun of each other) I finally got his # on Thursday. We texted a little on Thursday. On friday I was trying to figure out if he had a girlfriend (im pretty sure he doesnt) but he didnt respond to the text. Then saturday I texted him this funny picture pertaining to something we talked about earlier. He still didnt reply. So I feel like Im being very annoy and at this point he is just so annoyed by me he doesnt even want to see me. Oh also im a freshmen and he is a sophomore. A few things that give me a little hope that he may like me:

    A guy in class was kind of flirting with me and he turned around and looked a little mad

    When we were talking in class and the teacher walked by he was like 'quiet we dont want you to move'

    He pretty much walked me to my bus! :)

    Do I annoy him?

    Thank u!

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  • Help! 5 stars best answer. How to catch his attention?

    There is a guy in my class, lets call him Jack, he is a sophomore (15 almost 16) and im a freshmen (14 almost 15). I got his # on Thursday and we texted that night but haven't really texted since. I also thinks he sees me as only a friend not a possible gf because we mess around a lot. Like hes always sarcastic and funny. A couple of important things that give me hope: he pretty much walked me to my bus, another guy in class was flirting with me and Jack turned around and glared at the guy, he also warned me when the teacher walked by because he didnt want me to move seats. I guess my major question is how do I start to attract him a girlfriend instead of a friend? Thank You!! :)

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  • Should I text him again?

    So I have had his number since Thursday and that night we had a whole convo. Then friday I texted him asking what his gfs name is (I just one want to know if he actually hasnone or not) and he never replied. This guy is a sophomore and im a freshman. I really like him & I doubt he sees me more as a freind. But its now Saturday and I was going to send him this funny picture. Should I just wait till sunday to not seem desperate or can I send it now?

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  • Is this why he didn't text me back?

    So there's this guy I really like but hes a year older then me (sophomore & freshmen). We mess around a lot and we only met at the beginning of the school year but yet it seems I already got friendzoned. I made up a story about how my friend is dating a guy with his same name and asked if it was him. He said no. Then I asked what hes gfs name is. Im almost positive he doesnt have a gf. So why didnt he respond that he doesnt have one? Also how can I get him to see me as not just the freshmen to mess with but a possible gf?

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  • I just wat to go on a date with a older guy?

    I am a freshmen in highschool and I meet this guy who is a junior. I met him through my friend (its her cousin) however my mom does not approve of this friend. However I have been talking to her cousin and hes pretty cool. He asked me out but I cant go anywhere because my mom thinks he is too old! What can I do to convince her? I get really good grades and in all honors classes. Including a weighted grade class. I have all As & Bs!

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  • So my boyfriend thinks im cheaing on him?

    He told our mutal friend that he thinks im cheating. I would never do that. I haven't brouht it up to my bf yet because honestly I want to break up with him but homecoming is in a week so I was going to break up with him afterwards because he already got clothes and made plans. Im honestly hoping he will break up with me over this and I think he is starting to realize that I dont love him anymore. What is your advice?

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  • When can I break up with my boyfriend?

    We have been dating for a month and a half and I think we got together before we really knew each other. I want to break it off now but there is ten day before homecoming and we already made plans, he bought clothes, and asked me really nicely. Honestly I want to break up with him because hes really clingly, doesnt talk a lot, and is honestly kind of annoying, plus I dont find him attractive anymore...I wish I could break up with him now. How long should I wait after homecoming to end it?

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  • Help. guy problen. went from being shy to intense! !?

    So at first he went from being shy but would interact with me. Each day he got to be alittle more outgoing. But now he is kinda intense. He says he loves me and I don't know. It was going prefect but know its getting to the point where I don't even know how to respond when he text me. Help?

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  • Help. guy problen. went from being shy to intense! !?

    So at first he went from being shy but would interact with me. Each day he got to be alittle more outgoing. But now he is kinda intense. He says he loves me and I don't know. It was going prefect but know its getting to the point where I don't even know how to respond when he text me. Help?

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  • Help with finding a stance on a project?

    So I'm taking a class and have to make a presentation that has to do with America. I was thinking how American fantasized greek mythology but we really didn't so what other stance could I take on mythology that relates to america

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  • Help with felt tip eyeliner?

    I bought the kat von d felt tip eyeliner and Ive been trying for like hours I just can't do it...and because I got this eyeliner myself I can't get another one. I'm so frustrated! I used all this money for something that I can't even do...please help me and don't say pratice because I have been and it doesnt help. It comes out spolchy abd uneven. I just wanted one good makeup product. Guess not.

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  • College acting auditions?

    I'm freaking out so much about bfa and ba auditions. I'm honestly thinking that I should just change my major because I hate having to get into a college and the acting program. What do you think?

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  • Muscles cars: Camaro (One of the later 60s models) vs Impala '67?

    I currently just got started in cars and do not know much about them yet so you guys could really help me out.

    Which is better in General in your opinion

    which runs better and last longer

    what are the prices on average for both of these cars

    also which model for the Camaro would you suggest

    Side note: I want it to be black

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  • Names for a female angel?

    so I am writing a novel and it involves angels. So far the only name I have is mercy can you I think of any other name ideas for a intelligent, beautiful, female angel

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