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  • My parents left me with a bully!!!?

    My parents left me home alone for a business trip for a month. I'm 16 but that's not the problem. Their business friends' son is staying with me at our house. He's my age but he's terrible. He's blackmailing me. I can't tell you with what. So I clean and cook and do almost anything he says. One night he invited a couple of his friends.over and I had to make them dinner. I didn't get it right so he yelled at me. He hit me today. Really hard. I have a bruise on my jaw. What do I do?

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  • Bully says he "owns" me?

    Last year a boy started bullying me. I'm a girl in the 10th grade and he's in all classes this year. He has physically bullied me with a couple of his friends. They've beaten me before. My parents are never around cause they work a lot. I don't have any friends and the bully's dad is head sheriff. A couple of days ago he said he "owned" me. He made me go to a party and made me drink. Then he left me there. When I woke up, I had to walk home. Now he drives me to school and home. He's beating me up even more now too. What do I do without telling anyone what's going on?

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  • I need a title for my story?

    This is the story: there is a kingdom that rules four lands. Each land Is ruled by a lord and his family. Each family has their own problems

    One problem is that Lord Erik's daughter always has her head in the clouds and he wants to marry her off to the prince of the kingdom

    Another is that lord Aspel's son is a delinquent who must find a girl to marry. They want him to marry their enemie's daughter, the daughter of lord Calder.

    The last is that Lord Loki wishes to take over the kingdom, but his wife is conspiring against him to have the crown for herself.

    Each character has their own story, but in the end these stories will combine to the plot line of the threat to the kingdom.

    Love, betrayal, action, redemption, fear, and great characters!

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  • How is this writing? This is the introducing scene into my newest story!?

    I wonder, if I could reach out and touch that rainbow, would I pull my hand back and it be rainbow colored? Anyone who held their sanity would say "course not, don't be an idiot!"? But I still wonder. That seems to be the only thing I ever do. Wonder.

    These were my thoughts as I stared out the window, and up at the perfect looking rainbow floating in the clear blue sky.

    "MS. KINGSLEY!!!" The shout shattered my thoughts and brought back to the real world.

    "Hm?" I snapped my head back to the front of the classroom. My eyes settled on the bitter, middle-aged woman that was Mrs. Vaughn. I heard quiet giggles around the room from my ignorant classmates.

    "If you would be so kind," Mrs. Vaughn said coldly, "as to pay attention!" Her snapping gave me a head ache. But I nodded, an she returned to the lesson.

    I felt the eyes of the other students on me, mocking me. I never had many friends. The best company were books, and my own thoughts. It might seem sad, but I was happy.

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  • Im writing a story, and i need a name for the savages living in the forest?

    These savages are a tribe of sorts. They are dangerous and murderers. They used to live in the kingdom but were driven out. Years later, they came to live in the forest and attack the new people living in the kingdom. They ransack farms, kill people and are complete savages. They speak a foreign tongue, also. But their tribe needs a name.

    A little help please?

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  • Im writing a story in medieval times where their is a village of dangerous savages living in the forest.?

    So i need to give these savages a name. They come into small towns and ransack house and kill men. They steal and have no manners at all. What should i call them? (I prefer names that have a meaning to them)

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  • In medieval times, what were some delinquent acts adolescent boys did? Was there graffiti back then?

    I'm writing a story taking place in the medieval period and i have an adolescent, delinquent boy as a character. I need something for him to do...

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  • Words, settings, names, or ideas for a story set in medieval times?

    Im writing a medieval story. I got the idea while watching game of thrones. But i need more ideas on how they talked, dressed, what things looked like, names, or any other ideas. Could you help out maybe?

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  • Is this good writing?

    The foggy darkness that was sleep slipped away. I was suddenly aware of the warm rays of morning light on my eyelids. I opened my eyes, blinking several times.

    The bright light burned my eyes and i hid away under my covers. I sat up and looked around my bedchamber.

    The stone walls stretched up as if they had also just awoken. Te wooden planks of the floor squeaked under my bed's weight shifting. A fire had been lit in the fire place. It warmed the cold morning.

    I got out of bed, wrapping my arms around myself. The wooden planks squeaked some more.

    Suddenly there was a knock. "M'lady! Are you awake?" Callia called.

    "Yes." I called back. "You may enter." The door creaked open and the plump, short woman entered my bedchamber.

    "Come, my dear." She beckoned me to my vanity chair. I sat in from of the mirror. My petite and thin frame reflected back at me. My hazel eyes were still squinting through the morning light.

    Unfortunately, since i had only just awoken, my hair was matted into a maze of dark brown knots. "My, my, your hair is so thick." Callia murmured as she raked the comb through my stubborn curls.

    As usual, my mind rested into its dazing world. I gazed into my mirror. *i wonder if a mirror could be a portal to another world! It must be possible, for it is so curious.*

    "After you finish getting ready, your mother and his Lord wish to see you and your siblings in the chapel." She patted my shoulder. "M'lady?"

    "Hm?" I broke my daze. "Im sorry?" I asked.

    "Go see you mother, father, and siblings i the chapel before your lessons." She repeated with a sigh. "You must stop putting your pretty little head in the clouds. I real lady never lets her mind wander. She puts it to use of knowledge." I rolled my eyes.

    "Of course." I replied. *nobody understands.*

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  • I need ideas for my story help?

    My story is based in medieval times in a kingdom called Faolan. There are 4 different story lines within this kingdom that will later entwine into one problem.

    There's Arabella Ryall, who is the Eldest daughter if a high lord. She is always in her own world but her father wants to arrange a marriage with her to the prince.

    There's also Jermiane Merys a rebellious, dark, mysterious boy who's father (another high born lord) wishes to become closer with his distant son.

    Lord Derrell Vawdrey is the Lord of Astonydd. He is plotting to take the crown from great King Raulin.

    Lastly, there's Lady Damaris Wylde (wife to the last high Lord) who urges her husband to end the feud between their family and the Merys family by arranging a marriage for their daughter.

    Any ideas?

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  • Would you read this story?

    Its called "Alice Wasn't Crazy". Its about a modern day teen girl who finds out about an ancestor of her's named alice. Alice went missing for a few weeks when she was 15 and when she came back, she was deemed insane. She went the rest if her life in an asylum. Now, the modern day teen, Myra finds a book alice wrote so long ago about a place called wonderland.

    Does it sound okay?

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