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  • if you hard reset a unlock lg g2 phone.. does it become locked again?

    I have a unlocked lg g2 phone from verizon. I connected it with tmobile. For some dumbass reason it wouldnt let me browse the internet but I was able to text and call. It kept displaying a sim card icon with a question mark in it so I restarded the phone... now its saying its having a hard time activating the phone and I cant do squat. I cant even get to my home screen! I mean wtf?! This is so fustrating. The few mins I used this phone I immediately fell in love with it. Now I cant even see what the home screen looks like. Any advice?

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  • hey when you transfer for one job location to the next will I have to take a drug test?

    Im in long beach and im transferring to downtown los angeles I work for a security company. Will I have to take a drug test??

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  • what should i do about my girlfriend getting angry about anything?

    So me and my girlfriend are living together and we honestly argue every other day about dumb ****. I work and pay the bills and now I'm starting to cook for the both of us even more now. She does this thing where she gets angry and "tells me how she feels". When I try and speak up to make her feel better it gets worse. She says " you didn't do anything wrong I'm just telling you how I feel" but if you're crying, cursing me out, yelling and giving me the silent treatment how do you expect me not to try and make you feel better? When ever I am speaking to someone about anything without her around, she walks in when we are done speaking and assume we were talking trash about her and without a doubt she starts moping around. Every little problem we have she has to address it. She gets mad when I speak and she gets even more angry when i dont speak. So the only thing available is argue. Then when I do that she says "you don't understand" then she lays down and ignores me and shortly after she starts crying. I honestly need help. Not to mention she's a jelouse type and she has insecurity issues. I can't bring a female friend around her without her getting pissed and questioning me about the girl. I'm lost and confused should it really be this hard one year in?

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  • just found out my girlfriend has been speaking to this girl we both agreed she would never speak to again what should i do?

    Ok so my girlfriend use to have a crush on this girl before we dated. They would kiss speak about being in a relationship etc etc. So when her and I got together we agreed to bury the past. Meaning anyone we had history with as far as romance drop them. She did as well as I. Now a year later she let's me borrow her tablet for work and what's this she gets a msg from that same chick on Facebook. Of course I try to read it. Guess what? The msg was deleted by the time I tried to view it. But from what i saw it was a conversation that was being continued and the rest of the messages before that one were deleted. Now I feel like she's hiding something. I haven't said anything to her yet because I don't wanna come off as a asshole guy. How do you think i should approach this? Or do you think i should put this in a vault and walk away from it?

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  • ONLY to the mature women that are interested in younger men.. what is it about younger men that you find attractive?

    So I am a 23 year old black male. Well groomed very well mannered. I prefer older women but have not been with any. What do women find attractive about a younger male? What is it that makes you date someone who is 10-20 years younger than you? I would really like to know please. I don't like to play games I am really mature for my age unlike most that are my age and I feel most women I run into that our around the same age as me play a bit too many games and have their priorities mixed up.

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  • to mature women.. what is it about younger men that you find attractive?

    So I am a 23 year old black male. Well groomed very well mannered. I prefer older women but have not been with any. What do women find attractive about a younger male? What is it that makes you date someone who is 10-20 years younger than you? I would really like to know please. I don't like to play games I am really mature for my age unlike most that are my age and I feel most women I run into that our around the same age as me play a bit too many games and have their priorities mixed up.

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  • why do females tell us guys to do things and when we do it you get angry/sad/hurt?

    So when I got with my girlfriend she was a tad bit chubby. I love my women chubby, but everything has a limit. One day she sat me down and said "if I ever get too big or if I am getting too big let me know please". I tell her no because it'll be a problem. She incist I tell her. Sooooo here we are a year after that convo.... I told her politely " babe your almost getting to that weight we spoke about". Now she won't eat I can't touch her she doesn't wanna speak. I'm a person that cannot stand hair on women's legs. I rubbed her legs and said dang. Instead of her shaving, she wears pants to bed. What hell?? Where did I go wrong? Can someone help me?

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  • how do I become a mediator in Los Angeles?

    I am looking to do something with the law. Ive tried Lapd but they said I wasnt mature enough. Simply because I was fresh out of high school and didnt have any background stating that I could handle the job. Now I am a security guard and looking to do something. I am 22 years old and I dont want to go to school no more than 2yrs. I heard of a mediator, read on it but still havent found out the requirements. If anyone has any info about a mediator or anything that I could get into involving the Law that would be great! Thank you.

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  • will there ever be a Marvel vs DC game?

    They made a DC vs Mortal Kombat game which I thought the idea was retarded as **** but it actually turned out to be a decent game. Any heads up on a posible Marvel vs DC game would be awesome if anyone knows if its in the making or not. Thank you.

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  • how do I not get redirected on a website?

    when ever I visit a website, mostly porn. I try to watch a video but I just get redirected to another site. I eventually never see the video because they send me to like five different sites. Is there a way to prevent this? Its really annoying.

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  • should I be getting ready throw in the towel when it comes to her?

    Ok well my and my girlfriend have been living with each other for awhile and we have been clashing every other day for about 2-3 months now over anything!! First off I never cheated/flirted/hung out with another female or anything! But I have a lot of female friends (who respects our relationship) they are also married/ in a long relationship or and have a kid or two. She checks through my phone constantly. She questions everything and feel disrespected by all. I love women like a man loves cars. I look at women on the internet and we both check them out when we're In public (she likes women as well) but she gets angry when I watch porn or models. A little while back one of her guy friends sent a pic of his willy so I asked her to block him and to delete her male friends because of him (and a dirty past that she has) everywhere I go she comes with me I even turned my phone off for a month so that anyone who had to contact me needed to go through her first. I need help.

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  • what chords sound good if you mix them??

    Hey im trying to learn how to play guitar and I suck. No I really do. Im trying to figure out what chords sound good together. Like if im playing a song in the key of "g" what would sound good going with that key?? Also I wanna play ska. I have the strumming down followed by the chords but I dont want to keep playing the same thing like a lot of ska bands these days.. I would like to mix things up a little bit.

    I know I sound like a moron but any advice would be great... links as well please.

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  • Am i wrong to have gotten upset?

    so my girlfriend has had this yeast infection for about 2-3 days now and it has not gotten any better. she said she has been putting cream and showering as she is supposed to do and it has gotten worse according to her. the moment we step foot in the car and i am on my way to work. she asks me if i had cheated on her. i respond with a puzzled but calm "no" and she asks me to promise and i smirk and give her another but rather serious "no". mind you... i have never cheated on her nor do i have billions of women phone numbers in my phone, hell she casually goes through my phone with no questions asked.. just picks it up and on a search she goes. after the question i was upset, simply because i felt as if she accused me of giving her a std (even though it wasnt blunt) she was basically implying i did so.i told her how i felt about the situation and she got upset because how i felt. oh one side note.. shes always getting yeast infections and i never give her a hard time about it. i just go masturbate when i get horny and i have done so countless of times that i recently ordered a male sex toy to keep me satisfied. hence.. IM NOT A CHEATER! any advice would be wonderful thank you..

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  • Am I wrong about not being there?

    My girlfriend has always been one to complain and take almost everything to heart. Usually I'm there for her no matter how redeculous the problem seemed to be.. But that was at the start of our relationship.. Now I'm starting to be over the fact that she is always bothered.. So now instead of catering to her when she's mad I just sit there and play on my phone or play my bass.. Silently.. Of course I listen if she needs a listening ear but I rarely try to cheer her up.. Am I wrong?? (Help rather than bash me please.)

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  • what should I do about my insecure depressed girlfriend?

    I've been with my girl for awhile now and without a doubt at least once or twice a week the smallest thing will make her feel bad and she's shut down for the rest of the day. No sex because she's sad and I can't masturbate because she feels unwanted, problem becoming worse. My words help none and me keeping to myself makes me feel like a asshole boyfriend. She feels like I'm going to cheat or that I like someone else but I keep telling her she's the only person I want.. Everywhere I go she comes with me.. Even if I wanna be alone with my friends she gives me a sad look and I end up taking her anyway. I've never cheated on her, never used verbal or physical abuse.. And the only time I lied was when took her to work one day and she wanted to stay on the phone on all three of her breaks and I didn't want to because we live together and I wanted some alone time so I told her a lie saying I'm at band practice talk to you later.. But then I confessed to her that I was lying about practice..

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