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  • I haven't pooped lately.?

    I just recovered from 3 days of diarrhea. Now, i haven't been gone to the bathroom at all! (yes, I can still urinate). I've ate and ate and ate. Nothing wants to come out! I don't feel bloated, or fat...

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  • How do I stop daydreaming in class?

    I'm a sophomore in a few AP/honors classes. I find it hard to concentrate in class. Sometimes, I feel like my life could be better and less "nerdy", so I daydream about it all the time. Whenever I take notes, I just copy down whatever the board says. I don't listen to the teacher. In the end, I find myself unable to comprehend my own notes. Whenever I read something, the words just go through my head. None of the info is getting in my head because the other half of my brain is daydreaming. At least I'm actually doing what the teacher says. It just never gets into my head.

    1 AnswerPsychology8 years ago
  • Windows 7 operating system GONE!?

    I downloaded and installed something called Untangle today. I didn't read the small details of it, I only wanted the main aspect.. This is the part I didn't see:

    "Your hardware does not need an operating system – the Untangle Server installs its own operating system.

    The Untangle Server software completely erases any content or data that may exist on your PC hard drive."

    I realized now that it was a very bad mistake. I couldn't use it without 2 video cards or something it said. This made Untangle utterly useless. Due to the fact that I couldn't complete the set-up, my computer is now unusable. I couldn't reach the desktop as usual (later on, I found out that it was deleted and replaced by Untangle). So I decided to go uninstall it. There is no uninstall button... I decided to go to safe mode.Safe mode doesn't work without a usable Operating System... I couldn't use F11 either to restore the computer. I decided to get a recovery disc. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the disc. Maybe it didn't even came with the box... I got my hands on 5 disc that said it could restore Windows 7. I booted the computer with the first CD. Okay, the disc has deleted everything including Untangle so that was no longer a problem. The computer then prompted to insert Disc 2. I did, however it wasn't working. It kept ejecting the disc out! I removed the disc and was left with no choice but to restart it. Now, the computer no longer asks me to set up Untangle. It's gone. Now all I see is a black screen that says Error 17 or something. Help?! Is this going to cost money? I have another windows 7 computer that works. Is there something I can copy from that one to make the broken one working?

    The computer that is broken is a Windows 7 HP w8185e. I don't have/didn't get any CD's for both. What do I do?

    PS: Please describe instructions in simple steps please. I'm only a novice at this stuff. I just skim through things when I install stuff.

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  • How do I block Facebook so my parents cant see.?

    How do I block Facebook so I have to enter a password to get onto the site? I don't want my parents to go on there and see my social life. Logging out is too tedious and I can occasionally forget to log off. Something like a simple 4-digit password to unblock a site until you leave is what i am looking for.

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  • Need accounting help!!?

    I don't understand what these terms mean! I know the definition but the definitions make no sense! It's like looking at a dictionary and having to look up more words because they don't use to-the-point definitions.

    Give me an example for one of these:



    Owner's Equity


    This is what I'm stuck on.

    I just need to know how to do it. You don't have to do the whole thing. All I am doing so far is adding and subtracting random things the questions tell me to make the equation balanced. Use simple words please!

    1 AnswerHomework Help8 years ago
  • Whenever I print this it goes missing!?

    Whenever I print this file in Microsoft Word Start 2010 or as a PDF, the templates are missing!

    I need those templates and their exact measurements for school.

    They are suppose to look like ovals. I can see them in Print Preview but they go missing after I print them. It's not the printer; I can print everything else except this.

    2 AnswersSoftware8 years ago
  • Iphone 4s: 3g question?

    I don't wanna get charged for using data and 3g. I only want to use wifi. I disabled the Cellular data network but then I went to surf the web a little on my wifi or maybe 3g. When I came back, I noticed there was an option for disabling 3g too! I started to freak out and wonder how much data has slipped. I am hoping all the surfing was made through my wifi and not 3g. How can I check that I have not use any 3g internet and only wifi.

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  • What is an alternative to let's?

    Im writing an essay and it cannot be be in 1rst or 2nd person. So I have to resort to 3rd person. What's a different way to revise this sentence "Let's examine how much it has changed."

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  • blackops cod what's the difference?

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    What's the difference between blackops ds with others?

    My son is begging me to buy this blackop cod thing. I don't even know what this is! All I k ow it's a All I know it's a game with voice chat and guns. my son has been begging me to buy it.Before I go to the store and buy him the wrong thing and I've to return it, what's the difference between the ds and the pc version? Does it have all the features (and list y not) and what's the difference between the pc wii and ps3 aswell? Are they all the game but on different game?

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  • If I look at someone elses facebook profile will they know?

    I check on my sons profile on my own facebook account (which he doesnt even know I have) to see what he is up to. I don't want him to get mixed up with bad people or going to do something insane without me knowing. One of his friends posted on his wall (See your top profile viewers today!) i assume it was one of those spam advertisements that wall post random people. But if it did work or an app out their that can see who ur top profile viewers are, I would have quite a problem. Since I check his profile frequently I might end up on the top profile viewers and he could get freaked out. He is a very careful boy.... He always logs out of his account so I cant go in... So to make things short is their a way he might know ive been "watching" him?? Like in the side bar where it shows all the suggestion or people u might know and stuff, is their something like "Your fans" or something like that??

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  • How to disable data on Iphone? (tmobile) (jbed)?

    Help! I am having trouble with this problem with my iPhone! I want to turn of the 3g/edge/internet thing so I dont get charged for using internet and only use the wifi! Everyday when I check under settings/general/usage/under "Cellular Network Data" It said I used like around 1-5kb. I want to completely turn of the data or "kill" it and only use wifi. I use tmobile and a jailbreaked iphone with a 3.1.3 firmware. And I also know that u upgrade to 4.1+ you can disable internet ,but if I do my phone will get locked up and I have to take it to a shop where they usually charge 30$ to get it unlocked again... When i called the tmobile company and told them about my problem, they told me they cant stop the internet...

    Overall, I installed fakeapn and Datablocker (from cydia) changed my apn to something invalid.... the date still goes!! Some apps that are so-called free arent actually free.... Like an app that I have! It doesnt use internet said in the desc. but when i am at work (no wifi) Their are these adds that the apps have which uses internet.... So I need a way to completely kill or stop the data thingy.

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans10 years ago
  • How to turn off data EDGE on iphone 2g 3.1.3?

    Ok so i have been getting data charges from my iphone 2g firmware 3.1.3.... I want to turn off EDGE and only use wifi! I turned off data roaming and installed fakeapn. But I can still connect to the internet using my EDGE! Even if I leave my iphone it still uses data! Probably becuz of automatic email updates when I am not at my homes wifi..... I asked the phone company (tmobile my carrier) but they said its not possible... Plz I just want to use my wifi without slipping any data/EDGE charges! I know in the IOS 4.1 theirs an option to turn off data directly on the iphone... but i dont want to update my 3.1.3 iphone becuz I get the risk of my jailbreaked iphone getting locked up and unactivated again.... Last time I update the firmware, it got locked up and it only showed the emergency call screen and a itunes disc... I had to bring it to a shop where they charged me 30$!! Plz I need to turn off completely data charges but not wifi... Ok i go to general/usage/ and it says data use recieved:2mb and sent 0.0kb... I reset the statistics everyday so I know when something sends data. Even when I disable mailing it still send like 1.0kb occasionaily... HELP??

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  • Is wifi on the iphone really free?

    Ok I have been getting this bill of 50$ for use of internet. I thought wifi was free internet? My phone connects to my home router and from their to the internet... But wats with this bill? I use tmobile btw. Can someone clear this up for me? average:$80.00 now:$127.00

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  • What is a magnet school?

    Okay, we had a magnet school fair in my junior high school(middle school) One of them made me really interested! I decided I wanted to enroll in this "magnet school". First of all..... How does it work? Do I have to wake up at 7am to take a bus (which is FREE :D) 4miles to this area of the city Idk?? Or.... I go to public school and then after school theirs a bus that takes me to the magnet school? So like a second school? I know that magnet school are "far away from home" and that stuff. But i just dont know how it works as stated above... I wake up and take the bus their and dont attend public school at all! Or half public half magnet? I live in Las Vegas btw...

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education10 years ago
  • Geography class Culture El Salvador help?

    Im doing a presentation on Latin America, El Salvador. I can bring food, crafts, or artifacts. Food is out of the picture... I cant buy an artefact... So ima do crafts... BUT wat do I craft?? Anyhelp? Pottery etc. Anything I can make at home with materials! Presentation is on Jan 13, 2011 thursday. I need instructions to and know what I am doing... REMEMBER home materials and related to El Salvador. So nothing dumb like a piñata cuz thats mexico... Some craft that has to do with el salvador....

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  • Iphone 3g on emergency call mode?

    Ok so I bought an iPhone for the first time. I connected the usb thing to the computer and installed the latest update thing on iTunes. 3.0 something..... After it was done My phone was locked in emergency call mode. Their was a picture of a cable pointing to an iTunes icon. At the bottom it had a slide that said emergency call in like 6 different language.... I want my phone back so bad! I just bought it! Im not spending money to fix it when i just bought it! Help me? I never use a "jailbreak" i have no clue wat it even is! Itunes said "The sim card inserted in this Iphone does not appear to be supported" I have a t-mobile sim. I tried turning on and off the power idk wat to do? Is jailbreak bad or something? I never heard of this program in my life never used it... BTW this is a used iphone.

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago