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  • Paxil questions...please help!!?

    I started taking 20mg Paxil 6 days ago.(My Dr accidently gave me 20 mg instead of 10 mg) She said to stay on 20 mg unless I still cant sleep then can cut in half.

    I am not sleeping at all every night. I tried taking it in the morning and at night! Would switching to 10 mg help me?

    How long does this no sleep thing last? If its the whole time you are taking it then I dont think Im going to take this much longer.

    I am very tired and at work its hard to get through the day

    2 AnswersMental Health8 years ago
  • paxil questions...for people who have taken it?

    I have pretty bad anxiety/social anxiety is 20mg to much to start off with?

    I was originally given 10mg but stopped taking after 2 days cause wanted to talk to my dr about the side effects and withdraw stuff I read online.

    She then prescribed me paxil again but when I went to pick it up was 20mg instead of 10!?Not sure why and why she didnt mention it to me??

    I dont want to get sick from starting off at 20mg. I am also worried about gaining weight too.

    For anyone who has taken it what MG did you start off at? did you gain weight? have any side effects?

    I have a pretty good metabolism and never have been over weight. I think if I gain a lot of weight it will make me more depressed.

    I am more worried about other side effects nausea shaking sleepiness sexual problems

    I only took the 10 mg for 2 days before and I was so sleepy at work the first day the 2nd time I took it at night!

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  • paxill? something better?

    My dr prescribed me paxil

    I have anxiety/social anxiety pretty bad.

    I only took it two days and stopped cause of everything I read about the side effects and withdraws

    Is there another medicine that has less side effects/withdraws?

    I heard some people say online paxil is the worst.

    I have an appointment with my dr tomorrow and want to bring up different kinds

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  • Itchy am I allergic to something?

    Only thing new I have been using/ taking.... I have used Static guard but havent in couple days and have been taking lansoprazole since nov 1st about. I didnt take the medicine today or yesterday I want to see if it goes away from not taking this medicine. I am still itching today it has been maybe a week or so this itching......legs,stomach,arms,chest....…

    If it is the lansoprazole .....wouldnt it of made me itch right away when I first started taking it cause I dont think I was itching the beginning of November when I started taking it.

    Mostly flesh colored small bumps but there are some red ones on my arm and leg that come above the skin. I also have pin size red dots a few of them that dont come above the skin they are just red in color.

    Its driving me crazy help?!!!

    1 AnswerAllergies8 years ago
  • how to get rid of staticy hair?

    any tips to get rid of staticy hair? besides dryer sheets.

    I used static guard on my clothes too and on my brush and still have had staticy hair.

    Any at home ideas?

    3 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • Chest pain/spinal cord?

    Sorry if this is kind of long......Hope not too confusing.

    I have been been having squeezing(mostly right side) and burning pains(both sides) in chest area on and off for couple years now.

    I moved out of state the beginning of this year before leaving I finally had insurance and was able to see a dr but only once! she gave me something (for acid) to see if that would work. It didnt I would still gets pains.

    Now......I moved out of state have new dr and she gave me lansoprazole (I havent had pains in awhile) untill today. I have burning to the right side of my left breast and under it and also to the left of it across from armpit. Also sore pain across from left armpit where it meets your chest.

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be?? I havent had squeezing pains in awhile but those scared me more. Mostly right sided squeezing pain.

    And this is gross but I have a pimple right on my spinal cord and when i go to itch it it sends pain to my left chest area right side of left breast(where burning was) Im confused.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • Health does it work?

    How does a health deductible work? My deductible is $250. I want to go see a social worker to talk to her about some things. She said a session cost $90. Does that mean I pay $90 two times. and then $70 the 3rd? and then my insurance starts paying a percentage?

    She left me a message and said a session is $90 but most insurance dont allow that much so that not what it would be? or something like that.

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  • Social worker vs psychologist?

    I have social anxiety pretty bad. I searched under psychologists in my insurance plan. I finally found one that is accepting patients and can see me pretty quick.

    It says she is a social worker. Do you think she would still be good to see for my anxiety? or is it better to see a psychologist that has more schooling?

    Anyone have experience with a social worker?

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  • Foods for wisom removal?

    I had 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday.......I want to know if the foods I have are ok to eat. Im hungry haha! I have the Special k protein drinks but want dont want that right now.

    is it ok to eat vegetable soup now (after cools down) or is that too much/too chunky?

    I also have cream of chicken and broccoli cheese soup?

    Also is sherbert ok to eat? wasnt sure because of the orange juice in it.

    I have (edys fruitpop)Popsicles but I didnt know they would be so hard. so are they ok to eat?

    And when it it ok to eat garlic bread/french fries?

    sounds yummy right now

    what are some good foods to eat??

    Dental8 years ago
  • Ibuprofen and Vicodin(hydroco) crushed?

    I just had all wisdom teeth out. I have a problem swallowing pills of any size.

    At the dentist they said it was ok to crush both.

    The pharmacist said not to crush but can cut in small pieces.

    If I crush it whats the difference? will it work quick but not last as long??

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • Wisdom teeth removal and music/tips?

    I am getting four wisdom teeth removed with just Novocaine. Do you think bringing my ipod will help block some of the noise?

    Im nervous and jumpy person afraid if hear noise i will jump and get scared while the dentist is working.

    anyone listen to music while getting this done did it help and any other tips to calm down?

    2 AnswersDental8 years ago
  • Wisdom teeth recovery and other questions?

    First of all should I still get my wisdom teeth out if im sick? feels like head cold and nose congested and running.?? I really think my wisdom tooth cause my sickness. I should of got it out 6 years ago! the one cause pain.

    I am suppose to get 4 wisdom teeth out Saturday with just Novocaine.

    Then go back to work Monday.Is that long enough to recover? 3 of them are fully erupted but the one on bottom the gum is coming over no more room and thats the only one that causes pain. Im worried about having that one removed the most. Was told none are impacted.

    I just thought id have some sort of instructions for before they didnt say anything.

    Im really nervous do you think music would help dull out some of the noise?

    2 AnswersDental8 years ago
  • Wisdom teeth removal questions?

    I am getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I am just getting Novocaine. Has anyone else just got the Novocaine and how was it?

    I decided now that I wanted the gas so I am awake but more relaxed and of course they said their machine is broken and dont know when it will be fixed so I dont know what to do. I really dont want to wait but then again I am nervous without it. then do i really want to use machine that broke?

    random questions.........

    What kinds of foods can you eat afterwards?

    Since I dont like taking pills do you know of any liquid medicine that would help ? or would the chewable aspirin/ibuprofen be enough?

    and when you do the procedure do they make you hold your mouth open that long or is there something used?

    4 AnswersDental8 years ago
  • Sore leg and knee spasms.?

    I was dancing fri night/early sat morning at a bar. Nothing crazy either.

    The next morning tops of my legs/hips were sore.

    Then Sunday morning I woke up to a painful spasm/twitch behind my left knee(pit). It went away then came back in the afternoon.. I also got the spasm on Monday and Tuesday too, Really painful. So far nothing today but only my left upper leg is sore.and sore to walk. Do you think the dancing caused this? and do you think the knee and leg pain is related? I am wondering what I did.... If I pulled a muscle or just a charley horse....

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management8 years ago
  • Can't go to bathroom....?

    I took a laxative 4 days ago because I didnt have a bowel movement in at least 5 days. cant remember exactly. (Sorry tmi but went 3 times the day took it and now it has been 4 days and nothing.) I dont even have the urge. I have been taking more fiber last few days too. How long does fiber take to help make you regular? What are some natural laxatives that will work? i have cranberry juice,orange juice? I heard prune juice.

    I am getting worried and I dont have insurance right now. wondering what the cause is. I know im hydrated.

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  • Kroger job application?

    I am applying to Kroger and was wondering

    Does anyone know what a (night)Grocery Clerk and what a Courtesy clerk does?

    1 AnswerOther - Careers & Employment9 years ago
  • Ohio medicaid. Can I apply?

    I moved from ny state to Ohio about 3 weeks ago.

    I want to apply for Medicaid. can I apply for medicaid in ohio now?

    Or do I have to be a resident for a certain amount of time?

    2 AnswersOther - Politics & Government9 years ago
  • medicaid application questions?

    I am applying for Medicaid in NY State. I live with my boyfriend and his parents and am over 21 years old now. Would I have to include my boyfriend and his parents? I work a minimum wage job right now and only working 8-12 hours a week. With the money I do get I try to give his parents a little bit of money or help my boyfriend with food cost.(his parents dont pay for our food). I know his dad makes to much to qualify and my boyfriend makes about $500 week but cant go on his insurance..

    3 AnswersGovernment9 years ago
  • Stickam username help?

    How do you chance your Stickam username? I cant seem to find it anywhere?

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design9 years ago
  • Stickam question group chat?

    When in group chat how can I turn off all the private Instant messaging. It gets annoying. thanks

    1 AnswerYahoo Groups9 years ago