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  • How did the word "Famicon" originate, and how did it proliferate?

    Some publications referencing the Nintendo Famicom (mostly from the 80s and 90s) refer to it as the "Famicon". This is despite the fact that "Famicom" stands for "FAMIly COMputer" (the console's full name), making "Famicon" a rather stupid corruption. How did "Famicon" become so prolific in game-related publications of the 1990s even though "Famicom" is the obviously correct term to use (as stated above, it is a shortened form of Family Computer)? Did the writers of such publications not care enough to make such a mistake?

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 Animated GIFs - More than 256 colors?

    I have recently discovered the existence of several programs that use special GIF encoding libraries to incorporate 24-bit color into GIFs. The most well-known seems to be ANGIF (,/ which is still in beta and no compiled DLLs or programs are available (the user must do this himself/herself) I wish to have the same functionality with Photoshop. However, the programs mentioned above only support non-animated GIFs, and many of them are defunct. Is there any way I can obtain a Photoshop-compatible plugin that allows Photoshop to save animated GIFs with more than 256 colors?

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  • Korean Wiis running GameCube games through Disc Channel?

    It is a well-known fact that Korean Wiis cannot run GameCube games. Yet there have been GameCube games released in Korea as late as 2010, and videos exist of users running such games through the Disc Channel. Could it be that the claim that Korean Wiis cannot run GameCube games originates from the fact that GameCube games are region-locked, so Korean Wiis cannot run GC games from Japan or other regions but can run GameCube games released in Korea (in comparison, not many people know that GC games have been released in Korea)?

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  • Modloader and Optifine problems!?


    I am trying to use ModLoader with Optifine. I know that vl.class is shared by both ModLoader and Optifine, causing a conflict. When I install Optifine together with Modloader, Minecraft loads, but cannot load worlds. Instead, after the "Simulating world for a bit" message disappears, the game blackscreens and throws up an error log for a split second before it disappears. I have tried installing ModLoader first, then Optifine, to no avail. My computer is not powerful enough to run Minecraft without Optifine at a playable framerate. The mods I am using used to not require ModLoader in 1.2.4, so I was able to use Optifine correctly in 1.2.4. I do not want to use the Magic Launcher to fix this issue. Please help me with this issue.

    I am currently using Minecraft 1.2.5 on Windows 7 Home Premium.

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  • Problem with Windows XP-to-Windows 7 networking?

    I am trying to connect my Windows XP computer to my parents' Windows 7 computer using a workgroup. The Windows 7 PC can browse through the Windows XP PC's shared files and folders, but the Windows XP computer cannot do the same with the Windows 7 computer-when I try to open folders on the Windows 7 computer, a window with fields for the computer name and password of the computer I am trying to connect to. I entered the computer name, but the computer does not have a password and the window does not accept blank passwords. Entering anything in the password field then submitting simply causes the window to reappear. The error message that appears when I submit the computer name without the password tells me that there is a user account restriction, even though both computers are used solely with administrator accounts. Please help me with this problem.

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  • How do you set up a multi-platform home network?

    I have two computers in my home. One is my personal computer, running Windows XP Professional SP3. The other is my parents' computer, running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. Using Dropbox to sling files over to computers is slow compared to my experiences with home networks. Please help me to set up a network between these two computers.

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  • What was the location of the Kaiser Permanente building damaged in the Northridge Earthquake?

    I am interested in the local history of my community, especially during the Northridge Earthquake.

    1 AnswerLos Angeles9 years ago
  • 101 (or 102) Dalmatians PC game identification?

    I actually don't remember if it was 101 Dalmatians or 102 Dalmatians (I always get mixed up). The game in question is a game for the personal computer. It features partly open-world gameplay, with areas like Regents' Park, Piccadilly Circus, and Big Ben visitable. The game also features minigames, including golf. The game was probably released around 2001-2003. Please help me with this game! I have many fond memories of playing it!

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  • Autodesk Maya Text Format Help?

    I extracted the SpaceWorld 2001 stage for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is in a plain-text format created by Autodesk Maya. Other people have only extracted the collision data from the file, but I want to view the model with all the textures. Is there any way to open the file as a 3D model in Maya? Is there a smaller alternative to Maya that can read these files?

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  • Minecraft Saving Problem?

    I am just starting out with Minecraft Classic. I want to try to save in the game, but nothing is saved when I use the save dialogue that pops up when I press the Save File button. Loading random files doesn't do anything, either. I have tried to save on two different computers with the same result. I want the ability to save in Minecraft Classic. Please help me.

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  • What computer specs do you recommend to play Just Cause 2 as well as emulate Zelda: The Wind Waker?

    This is a completely hypothetical setup. I wish to play Just Cause 2 with decent quality graphics @ 1920x1080 on a video card with an HDMI output to play on an HDTV. I also want to emulate Zelda:The Wind Waker at full speed with the Dolphin emulator @ 1920X1080 as well, without filtering. What specs do you recommend for a single computer that can play both games with the before mentioned parameters? What do you think the cost will be?

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  • How do you recover a partially corrupted video file?

    I have a video file (.mpg) on a DVD+RW disc. The DVD is scratched, but all the other files on the disc are 100% corruption-free. The corrupted video file cannot be copied to my hard disc, but using VLC Media Player, it is possible to view parts of the video after the corrupted part. However, if I try to view the corrupted area, VLC freezes. I've managed to get the uncorrupted part of the video before the corrupted part. I need to recover the uncorrupted part of the video after the corrupted part. Is there any way to strip that corrupted part of the video so that only the uncorrupted parts are left? Only about 1 or 2 minutes of the video are corrupted.

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  • How hard is it to program a physics engine?

    I was recently playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and I noticed how accurate the physics were for certain objects, especially anything flexible. How hard is it to program a physics engine of that sort?

    3 AnswersProgramming & Design9 years ago
  • Is there a player for GameCube .bms files?

    I recently found out how to extract the.arc archives from a GameCube game disc. Inside the audio-related archives were .bms files, which are the MIDI format used with GameCube games. Audio samples used with the .bms files are stored elsewhere in the disc. I have found players for other types of GameCube game music data, but none for the .bms format. In fact, the only mention of "bms" anywhere on the Internet is with anything related to Beatmania and related dancing and rhythm games. Please help me find a .bms player for GameCube audio files. It must run on Windows! Please give me the exact link to the player or the homepage of the site that hosts the player.

    1 AnswerNintendo Wii9 years ago
  • Wii Setup Questions-Progressive Scan and Component Cables?

    My family might be getting a Wii for Christmas, and I am going to buy component (green-blue-red) cables for the Wii. I have two questions about setting up the Wii with the cables.

    1. By default, the Wii is set to 480i (interlaced) mode, which is compatible with all TVs. The Wii is also capable of progressive scan (480p). However, none of my TVs are compatible with progressive scan inputs, although they support interlaced component input. If I accidentally change the output setting to 480p (progressive), is there any way to change it back to 480i on my TVs?

    2. I have several GameCube games that support progressive scan. Is it possible to play GameCube games with progressive scan on the Wii with component cables if I have the opportunity to play these games on a progressive scan-compatible TV?

    1 AnswerNintendo Wii9 years ago
  • How do you quote the information on a book jacket?

    I need to quote information on a book jacket, but there isn't any information on how to do that. The information is original to the jacket.

    3 AnswersQuotations9 years ago
  • Why are LCDs so fickle in their strength?

    My sister's cell phone's LCD screen recently broke, because something poked the screen too hard. Yet as hard as I press on the same LCD screen, nothing else breaks. Why do LCDs behave like diamond one minute and glass the next?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans9 years ago
  • When can I have the Facebook Timeline?

    It was supposed to come out today, but I don't seem to have it. There is a button that says "Sign me up" at but it is grayed out and unclickable. The Timeline seems very nice and fresh, and I would like to wait for the official public release.

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  • How intensive is Wind Waker on the GameCube hardware?

    I've been wondering-how much of the GameCube's power does Wind Waker really use? The game's frame rarely seems to drop anywhere, even with its infinite draw distance, cel-shading, fully real-time lighting, and numerous reflection and refraction effects. Yet the above mentioned effects should have a major impact on the framerate.

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games9 years ago
  • Does Wind Waker use ragdoll physics?

    I've been noticing that whenever an enemy is killed and it bounces off a wall, the enemy goes into seemingly random positions. Also, when Link dies, he falls into random positions. These observations seem to be consistent with ragdoll physics, a form of real-time physics simulation. But it can also be preprogrammed animations numerous enough to seem random. What is it?

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