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  • Why is my 3G capable phone not running a 3g connection on Cricket Wireless?

    I recently ported my 3g capable phone (Blu Studio 5.0 II) over to cricket wireless to take advantage of expanded data allowance, opposed to the crap I was getting from straight talk. When I was with ST, my phone ran a 3g connection just fine but now its only running a High speed connection (H+), which makes having more data allowance completely useless. After going through programing and changing network settings with Cricket's customer service, it still doesn't work. CS is now telling me that its because my phone is not a Cricket phone and the only other option I have is to purchase a cricket phone. I wish I would have known this before I switched over. I had no idea that this could be a possible problem. Does anyone know other options I could utilize to get my 3g connection up and running, so I can avoid having to purchase a new phone???

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