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  • Does my Dog Play Too Rough?

    My dog is just breaking out of his shell, but I am worried that he is playing too rough. He isn't big, about 16lbs, and he generally only plays with dogs his size...but he runs and tackles them, jumps a bit on them...what is normal dog play vs. too rough where other owners will get mad?

    And, if he is playing too do I get him to stop without banning him from playing altogether?

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  • Honest Kitchen Dog Food?

    I have a 16-lb mutt. With all the food recalls going on, I changed him from Royal Canin to an Honest Kitchen raw diet.

    Since being on this food (it's been about 3 weeks), I feel like he is always hungry. I feed him the recommended amount...he also poops way more than he did before. The poop is firm, but it is alot. I am concerned he is pooping out everything.

    His energy level is fine, and he seems a-ok otherwise. I am just concerned. Should I switch him back to a kibble diet? No one I know has experience with Honest Kitchen...I want to make sure I am not hurting my pooch!

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