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  • Is Tim Tebow the Tyler Hansbrough of College Football and Vice Versa?

    They have both won Player of the Year/Heisman.

    They both have national championships.

    They both have unreal work ethics.

    They both are worshipped by the media and neither of them is expected to be a star on the next level.

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  • Is Carolina crazy???????????

    They gave Jake Delhomme a 5 year extension. Is it just me or was that the craziest thing you've ever heard. I think his better days are behind him.

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  • Which game was more surprising?

    Chicago over Boston 105-103

    Dallas over San Antonio 105-97

    Houston over Portland 108-81

    I'm a Dallas fan but I think it was Houston over Portland. Boston and San Antonio are both without a star player. Houston dominated Portland without McGrady. They actually seem like a better team without him. I wasn't surprised they won but I was surprised with how they won.

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  • Let's say I'm John Wall. Why should I attend your school?

    Help recruit the #1 high school player in the nation for your favorite team. Sell me!

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  • How about the Big East?

    Who's still bragging about the Big East? Go ACC and Big Ten.

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  • NCAA Basketball Top Dunkers?

    Rate these guys 1-10.

    Blake Griffin-Oklahoma

    Stanley Robinson-UConn

    Sam Young-Pitt

    Terrence Williams-Louisville

    Gerald Henderson-Duke

    Robert Dozier-Memphis

    James Johnson-Wake Forest

    James Harden-Arizona St

    Demar Derozan-USC

    Trevor Booker-Clemson

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  • Did You Know This About Pitt?

    They are ranked 34th in defensive efficiency. UNC is 35th. They are also 235th in turnover percentage defense. It's obvious who the better offensive team is so, is Pitt still everybody's favorite to win it all? If so, why?

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  • How about Texas Tech over Texas A&M?

    Tech came back from 22 down. Mike Singletary scores 29 consecutive points for Tech(43 total). One of the best individual performances(if not the best) of the year?

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  • What is the deal with a star?

    I haven't been up here that long so what is the big deal with stars? Everyone is asking for a star. Should I be asking for stars?

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  • Who wins these conference tournaments?


    Big East

    Big Ten

    Big 12

    Pac 10


    3 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • Who wins UConn vs Pitt Part 2?

    Blair dominated Thabeet the 1st time. Will Thabeet get revenge.

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  • Chris Brown and Rihanna?

    Are Chris Brown and Rihanna the new Bobby and Whitney?

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  • McDonald's Allstar Game Roster. Who's Interested?

    East College

    Kenny Boynton Jr. 6-3 G Florida

    Dominic Cheek 6-6 G Villanova

    DeMarcus Cousins 6-11 C Undecided

    Derrick Favors 6-9 F Georgia Tech

    Milton Jennings 6-9 F Clemson

    Ryan Kelly 6-10 F Duke

    Alex Oriakhi 6-9 C UConn

    Peyton Siva 6-0 G Louisville

    Lance Stephenson 6-6 F Undecided

    Dexter Strickland 6-3 G UNC

    Dante Taylor 6-9 F Pitt

    Maalik Wayns 6-1 G Villanova

    West College

    Avery Bradley Jr. 6-3 G Texas

    Abdul Gaddy Jr 6-3 G Washington

    Keith Gallon 6-9 C Oklahoma

    Xavier Henry 6-6 G Memphis

    John Henson 6-10 F UNC

    Wally Judge 6-9 F Kansas State

    Tommy Mason-Griffin 5-11 G Oklahoma

    Mason Plumlee 6-11 F Duke

    Renardo Sidney Jr. 6-10 C Undecided

    Michael Snaer 6-5 G Florida State

    David Wear 6-10 F UNC

    Travis Wear 6-10 F UNC

    What are you thoughts?

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  • Memphis Tigers in a new conference?

    Who thinks Memphis should join a real conference? What is it 54 wins in a row? I mean I have all the respect in the world for last years team and coach Calipari but come on. I don't think this years team is a top 5 team. UConn, UNC and Pitt could win 100 in a row in that conference or probably more. I'd love to see Memphis in the Big East or SEC.

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  • Ty Lawson for Player Of The Year?

    I know Blake Griffin is a beast but 16.2 ppg, 6.3 assists, 2.1 steals and 1.9 turnovers a game is pretty darn good for a point guard. Plus he shoots 80.9% from the free throw line and 49.4% from 3. He could be a better force on defense but I would say he's just as dominant as Griffin considering Griffin has about a foot height advantage.

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  • Will there be any more top 5 upsets this week?

    Oklahoma loses to Kansas and Pitt is about to lose to Providence. UConn plays at Marquette tomorrow, Memphis plays at UAB Thursday and UNC plays Georgia Tech at home on Saturday. Who should be on upset alert? UAB is probably the best competition for Memphis in conference so I expect it to be close. Marquette and UConn will be a classic Big East match up and Georgia Tech has athletes. UNC tends to struggle with athletic teams. So who's next to lose?

    2 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • Offense wins games and defense wins championships?

    Is that statement really true? If so, what championship team is the best example of that statement? It can be from any sport.

    2 AnswersOther - Sports1 decade ago
  • NBA 2K9..........................?

    Am I the only one getting my but kicked? It's like you have to run a play every time you come down the court. I need some pointers. Help...

    1 AnswerBasketball1 decade ago
  • Oklahoma Sooners, Contenders or Pretenders?

    I know Oklahoma is 24-1 but are they really the 2nd best team in the nation, considering the Big 12 is having a down year and there non-conference schedule was weak? Don't get me wrong, Blake Griffin is the man but what about the rest of the team.

    3 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • North Carolina and Duke?

    Who wins, what score, and why?

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