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  • Commute from Westchester County to Manhattan?

    I have accepted a job offer in Manhattan. However, I don't want to live in Manhattan because I need to have a car. I don't want to have to pay like $400-$500/month for parking. I am thinking of living in Westchester county - Maybe in Ardsley, Hartsdale, White Plains or somewhere like that. Currently, I have 1 car, and live by myself. Is there a relatively decent public transportation system to go to Manhattan from Westchester County? How long would it take via train/bus/subway? How long would it take to go into Manhattan from Westchester County during rush hour (I need to arrive at 9am)? Would it be viable to live in Westchester and work in Manhattan? I need to work 5-6 days a week, but all my family is in NJ, CT, and PA so there are a lot of instances when I need a car and I'm not a huge fan of Zip Car (used them this past year in college)

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  • How long does Lexus RX 400h last?

    Anyone have any experience? Looking at a 2006 RX400h AWD with 120k miles from a Lexus dealership. Price is great, but will this car be dependable until 200k or 250k miles? I know Lexus is Toyota's luxury brand, but I'm not sure how reliable their 400h models are.

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  • 2008 Honda Accord LX-P maintenance question?

    My 2008 Honda Accord LX-P is about to hit 106k miles. I want to get a tune up done. What does the Honda dealership conduct in a tune up? My car was serviced by a Honda dealership since new, but I'm switching over to my school, which does everything free if you bring the parts. Don't tell me that they are novices and to keep getting service at dealership - my friends get their cars serviced there and there has not once been a problem.

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  • In a 3 car accident, who is at fault?

    i was involved in a car accident the other day. I was driving (my Accord) down the road behind another car (A Chevy Tahoe SUV). I was about 5 seconds behind the Chevy. The car in front of the Chevy slams on its brakes, in turn, the Chevy slams on its brakes. Naturally, I slam on my brakes. I stop a good distance behind the Chevy (i could still see under the SUV's bumper). But the car behind me was following me too closely (In a Toyota Sienna minivan) and slammed into me going about 20mph. This makes me slam into the Chevy in front of me. This was after school on a main road. The Ford was driven by a 18 year old, I (Honda) am 17, and the driver of the car that hit me was 16.

    It is the Toyota's fault for hitting me which made me hit the Chevy correct? I won't be at fault for anything?

    It was determined that no cars were speeding.

    If this matters, this occurred in the state of Connecticut.

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  • Out of State Car in California?

    My parents live in Connecticut.

    I went to school at the University of Maryland College Park 2009-2011

    I transferred to Southern California University and I will be graduating in 2013

    When I went to school at the U of Maryland, I simply bought a car, registered it in CT (my permanent residence is still CT), and I drove it down to MD and used it as transportation everyday with no problems

    My primary residence is still in CT with my parents, but I have been working a part-time job in California while going to school. I have been using my uncle's car for transportation, but I have decided to sub-rent a room in a house that my friend (a California native) is renting. I will be going to New York for my cousin's wedding next week, and I was planning on buying a car in New York and driving it back to California.

    I will be registering the car in CT again. The dealership said that they sell me the car, and I can drive away with dealer license plates, and they will mail out my CT plates to California.

    However, my uncle thinks that I need to register the car to California and actually thinks I should buy a car in California instead because I have a part-time job in California. However, I'm not sure how I would do this... My friend's lease expires in May, and then he rents it again in the fall, so that mean I will need to register the car in California now, register it in Connecticut in May, register it again in California in late August/early September?

    Can I get a ticket/legal trouble for registering my car to CT while going to school full time (but renting a room in a house instead of dorming)?

    If I am able to keep my CT registration, then what are the laws about out-of-state cars? The car I'm buying has 35% tint on the back windshield, the back windows, the driver/front passenger windows, and a strip of tint at the top of the windshield (down to the AS1 line or something), which is all legal in CT, but illegal in CA. Can I get a ticket for illegal tints in CA when my car is registered to CT?

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  • How long do 1998 Camrys last in general?

    I'm considering a 1998 Toyota Camry LE in amazing condition. It is a one owner car, and it is obvious he loves this car and took care of it as it has no scratches/dings on it, and the engine and transmission sounds, runs, and performs perfectly (on a 40 mile test drive - city and freeway driving). He has all of the maintenance records since when he bought it in December 1997. He had it serviced at the same Toyota dealership in town. The car currently has 180k miles. the price is very fair

    If i drive the car carefully (accelerate and brake slowly and gently) and continue to get the oil changes and service done at a Toyota dealership, will the car have any problem lasting me about 100k more miles? It is a cheap car, and I will be making money from my job for the next 5 years (I'm going to college as a freshman this year) I calculate that I will be able to buy a new car in the $20,000 range with cash at the end of my freshman year in college. My tuition is set from various scholarships, federal grants, and my parents want to cover the last $2000 every year (lol - they wouldn't take no for an answer)

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  • Would I be considered at fault?

    I just got into a car accident and just got home. I'm fine and no one is hurt.

    So I was driving down the road at around 50 MPH (45MPH is the limit on both sides) I was on the left lane passing a car on the right lane (to my left, it was the double yellow line, to the right, it was the car i was passing) On the other side of the road (going the opposite direction as me), there was a squirrel or something and he swerved across the double yellow line to avoid the squirrel. I, seeing this slam on the brakes, and I get rear ended by a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car across the yellow line sees me (i assume) and tries to get back onto his side of the road, but it is too late. I try to avoid his car by swerving to the right into the car I was trying to pass, bounce off that car, and then I clip the left rear quarter panel of the car that was on the wrong side of the road, which spins his car out and his front left end of the car smashes into the left side of my car.

    I am 17 years old and I was licensed in the middle of Feb 2012 (less than a month ago) and I'm worried that they will try to put the blame on me because I am "inexperienced" and "young" The driver of the car that swerved onto the wrong side of the road goes to my school, but he is 18, and has been licensed for about 2 and a half years.

    Would I be considered at fault at all or would it be totally on the 18 year old who came into my lane? Would it be partially my fault for swerving and hitting the car i was passing to avoid a head-on collision?

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  • If I get rear ended, any consequences of an instant payment/settlement?

    It is snowing today and I got rear ended when I was stopped. The car that hit me was going about 10MPH according to him. My car was very lightly damaged- a little paint is cracked and the 2 license plate screws on the car that hit me made an indent on my car. On his car, his license plate cover broke off and he had a pretty deep scratch from the front end of the car to the top of his front bumper.

    My car is dark blue, and the bumper under the paint is black. Being that the damage was so low on the bumper (you need to bend down to see it, and you can't see it from more than say 5 feet away) and even if the paint chips off over time, it won't be noticeable, I offered to settle it on the spot without police or insurance. He agreed and paid me $200 in cash. He said he is fine with his car being damaged and he doesn't want to go through insurance b/c he was about 20 years old and his rates would skyrocket. I took a few pics of my car damage, his car damage pictures including the license plate numbers to prove the identity of the car) I held onto his license while we drove down the road to the bank, and i gave it back. I took a pic of his license as well and then we were off. He didn't get my insurance info and as far as I know, he didn't get my plate (he might have jotted it down wen I wasn't looking though)

    Basically, my question is, if personally, I'm fine with the cosmetic damage to the car, and I'm satisfied with the payment, is everything ok? Is it illegal to do this? Can he go back and somehow claim it was my fault (i backed into him or something) to his insurance?

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  • Is it possible for a 18 year old to get a car loan with the new rules/regulations?

    I know that it is now pretty hard to get a credit card for those under 21 years old. How about car loans? Of course I am expecting about 30% interest rate at the worst (my sister's first car loan rate), but is it possible without a cosigner? the car I want to buy is $17000 new including all taxes and fees etc. I can do a $10,000 down payment in cash... will I be able to finance the remaining $7000 if I make about $12k/year? I have one credit card, which my dad is a cosigner of, that has a perfect payment history and a credit limit of $500 (always paid in full every month though) I will be attending school, and I work at a national retailer that i can transfer to from my parents town to my college town, but it will be across town and a car will be needed to keep the job, which pays well.

    Credit9 years ago
  • "B" Average for Car insurance Discount?

    Is 84.86 considered a "B" average in the eyes of the insurance company? My school doesn't give grades on a 4 point scale- only the percentage

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  • "B" Average for Car insurance Discount?

    Will I still get the "B" Average car insurance discount if I have a 84.86 Average?

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  • IS250AWD vs ES350 depreciation?

    I drive my car a lot for work/business - about 25k miles/year. I am starting to make some decent money now, and I'm thinking of trading in my 2008 Honda Accord LX-P (i4 engine), which I don't really like because it feels underpowered, it isn't really luxurious, and it doesn't have a rear back-up camera.

    I found a 2009 Lexus IS250AWD with built in navigation/backup camera with 22500 miles on it for $25250. At the same dealership, they have a 2009 Lexus ES350 with built in navigation/ backup camera with 17000 miles on it for $24500. They are both off-lease cars that were leased and returned for a new Lexus lease at this Lexus dealership. Anyways, I figure that I will most likely trade-in for a newer car after 2 or 3 years (50k or 75k more miles) if I can. Which car retains its value more? Are they about the same? I'm thinking the IS250AWD might potentially go for a premium here in Connecticut where we have a lot of different weather in the winter.

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  • How is the 2012 BMW 535i RWD in snow?

    We are considering 2 cars right now (Both new).

    2012 BMW 535i RWD

    2012 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited

    I know that the 535i has a xDrive (AWD) option, but my dealership only has a 535i RWD w/ the specs I want right now, I don't like dealer swaps (Bad experience in the past), and I can't wait months for them to order one.

    I like the BMW better (obviously lol) and I will get a set of snow/ice tires on them. How will the 535i RWD do with snow tires?

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  • Backing into my garage at home?

    Currently I have 3 cars and i live in a house with 2 garages. One garage is dedicated to my trailer with my 2 waverunners that i back into the garage. Note that this is the first time that i have my personal garage (I always parked in parking garages/parking lots in apartments). I always back into my spaces 98% of the time because frankly, its easier when i leave and its pretty easy for me

    The question is, will backing into my personal garage have any negative effects when i warm up my car in the morning? Like, if i open the garage door, then start the engine on my car to warm it up for a few minutes, are there any negative things that could happen to the drywall that my exhaust is facing? the car is about 3-4 feet away from the wall. Possibly any damage to the ceiling or any other part of the garage?

    1 AnswerCommuting9 years ago
  • Driving test question?

    I know at the DMV, they do a check of the car to make sure it is safe on the road. I live in CT. All the lights/signals/horn/etc are all in good working order, but we don't have a front license plate. CT is a 2 plate state (front and back and they are required), but last year, while parking, my mom pulled in too close while parking and hit a chunk of ice that broke the bracket off the car. We never got a new bracket because the dealership wanted $50 for a new one. We have been driving the car without a front license plate for 14 months now with no problems. However, will the DMV person make a deal about not having a front license plate? Should I just ziptie it onto the bumper securely for the test then take it off after the test? Anyone have any similar experience in other states?

    2 AnswersInsurance & Registration9 years ago
  • Is it weird for me to want to visit my old schools?

    I'm a junior in high school now (17 YO). I moved twice in my life. Once before kindergarten started, and once the summer before high school started. I live about 30 minutes away from my 2nd town (where I went to elementary/middle school) and I found myself yesterday in my elementary school parking lot. I was just aimlessly driving around, and I just brought myself there. Then I drove over to my middle school, about 1 minute away (by car) and then drove back to my elementary school. I looked on the elementary school's website, and my 1st and 2nd grade teacher is still teaching. Do you think it is weird that I want to visit her (I had the same teacher 1st & 2nd grade) again? Is it weird to want to go back to my middle school to visit all of the teachers I had even if I really didn't like some of them?

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  • AWD Sedans in Southern California?

    I currently live in New York City with my wife. We will be moving to the Los Angeles area in the first few months of 2012 (March-April) for my work. However, i'm not sure what to do with our two cars. I currently drive a 2009 Acura TL SH-AWD and my wife currently drives a 2011 Buick LaCrosse AWD. Here in the north east/ tri-state area, AWD sedans come with a premium (about $1,000-$3000 extra) because it is very useful in the winter. I am worried about resale value after moving to Los Angeles because it doesn't snow there. In fact, i'm worried that people WON'T want to buy the cars because the AWD takes more gas when it does come time to sell. (Typically we use our cars for 3-4 years each, but we drive 25k-ish miles each a year so its not practical to lease). I usually end up selling our cars privately to get more money for them. Would you recomend that we sell our cars here in NY where we can get a premium for it. We can both get a rental car until we move (my employer is covering it) or do you think it won't even make a difference in resale value? Do you think i can still get a premium for the AWD, get the same amount as the FWD counterparts, or less money than the FWD counterparts?

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  • Any Los Angeles Natives/ Experts?

    My job is being relocated from New York City to Los Angeles. I personally want to buy a house because I hate renting (Having a feeling that home isn't YOUR home, essentially throwing money out w/ rent, ect). Anyways i'm looking on at homes for sale. I found one I really like (based on pictures) which i know doesn't accurately portray the house, but based on pictures, i am going to CA w/ a list of homes i like in my price range so i can buy one ASAP.

    Anyways, does anyone know if the "Los Feliz" area or community of Los Angeles is a good area? Is it an affluent area? Crime?

    any information is greatly appreciated

    6 AnswersLos Angeles9 years ago
  • Any Los Angeles Natives/ Experts?

    My job is being relocated from New York City to Los Angeles. I personally want to buy a house because I hate renting (Having a feeling that home isn't YOUR home, essentially throwing money out w/ rent, ect). Anyways i'm looking on at homes for sale. I found one I really like (based on pictures) which i know doesn't accurately portray the house, but based on pictures, i am going to CA w/ a list of homes i like in my price range so i can buy one ASAP.

    Anyways, does anyone know if the "Los Feliz" area or community of Los Angeles is a good area? Is it an affluent area? Crime?

    any information is greatly appreciated

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  • What happens if i drive in NYC when i'm under 18?

    I'm 17, and i live in CT. I need to go into New York CITY (not state, CITY!). The current law is that people under 18 can't drive in NYC even with a license. No one can bring me there. I need to go to an appointment scheduled for 9:00 AM, but the eariest train gets into NYC at 2AM, and the next one is at 8:45 AM. I can't exactly wait around for 6 hours, and i can't be late either.

    If i bring my car into the city, what are my chances of being caught? (I have E-Z Pass in my car, and my dad has a membership with Central Park Parking System) so i don't need to worry about tolls or parking. I am good with city driving (I drove in downtown Hartford, Philly, Los Angeles, San Francisco with no problems). I know i won't get caught for bad driving, but if for some reason, i am caught, what will be the consequences?

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