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  • ways to cope with situations that remind you of other traumatic situations?

    I was hurt and used a few years back by a longtime friend who was in a very cancerous relationship. now anytime i find a friend in a relationship and they start acting different i get bad anxiety attacks. it has gotten to the point where i dont bother trying to make new friends

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  • Why do people still fall for the BS that enlisters tell them?

    i dont get how anyone can fall for all the lies and BS the army and other service enlistment officers tell them. are people just really stupid or what?

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  • a question for military members or family of them.?

    someone a cared about like they were my little sister used me before she started basic training .she did not join with the urge to help defend our country or to help others but because her girlfriend would spend all her money and never would hold a job, i even remember she had very negative views about the army/military "and she knew my uncle died while serving", she started ignoring me shortly after i helped her both with money for her rent/gas/groceries and time helping her and her girlfriend pack and move some of their things to her moms until she finished training. she got angry when i finally told her how i fealt "that it hurt she was treating me so badly for no reason" and her response was that i was being selfish, even though i had helped her get ready 2 months before she shipped off and she had promised we would spend time together before she left". now i found out from a shared friend she got booted from training and has nothing good going for her. i just want some advice from someone who has served or knows others who have. i still dont understand why she used me like that and i dont know if i should give her another chance, my grandfather was in the navy and always told me to give people another chance but apart of me feels like this is an exception

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  • a friend i care about stabbed me in the back, i am conflicted with either cutting her out of my life or try to talk to her and fix things?

    i will keep it as short as possible "but there is allot to go over"

    she always had issues with authority and the military but she surprised me when she told me she was joining the army.

    she was doing so because her schizophrenic "not an insult, she has it" girlfriend would never keep a job longer than a month and she would spend my friends money on random crap even when they were short on rent and she wanted to go to college but could not afford it obviously with her girlfriend spending her money.

    we agreed that we would spend time together before she left but when the day we talked about came she ignored my text asking her when she would come over, a week later she text me she was a shitty friend because she was ignoring me because her girlfriend was having one of her episodes and was angry at me for something i did not do "she has hallucinations sometimes".

    once again she promised to come see me and once again she lied. i wrote her and told her it really hurt me that she lied and ignored me instead of being honest because i would have understood, her response was that i was being selfish and then all she said was goodbye.

    i had helped pay her last months rent since they did not have enough money as well as groceries because she was living on ensure nutrition drinks.

    it turns out she either was kicked out or decided to leave army training.

    do i try to fix our friendship and give her another chance or cut my ties to her and try to move on since she is the one who burned me

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  • is it bad to be happy when someone gets karma for doing something that hurt you?

    i feel a bit at odds with myself because this person used to be my best friend before they did something that ended our friendship pretty badly

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  • what are your friendships/relationships like as an adult/young adult?

    ever since highschool ended the friends in my life have slowly eroded away. a few still want to be facebook friends but they only really ever say anything to me if its my birthday "and even then its only maybe 3 people who acknowledge it" and they dont really talk to me besides that. most of them just dont seem interested in catching up or occasionally hanging out. i am just afraid that as i continue to get older it will get to the point where i am completely isolated and without any real friends and only workplace relationships. is this just how it is becoming an adult? is there any light at the end of this tunnel or should i just expect to be alone / should i just not hope to have a lifelong friendship with anyone?

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  • how do you move on from losing a close friend who is in a toxic relationship?

    a close friend of mine is in a bad relationship with someone who has schizophrenia. they have done everything to push her friends and family away and she is allowing it to happen. i want to be there for my friend but its clear she is ok being manipulated and its hard when her partner treats her badly and she acts like its ok as well as how how her partner treats any of her friends badly to push them away. if any of you have been in a similar situation and have advice how to move on please help

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  • Who else has vivid dreams if they take melatonin to help sleep.?

    i have been having really vivid dreams since i have been taking melatonin to help sleep. i really like how vivid the dreams are and unlike some experiences i have never had a nightmare while taking it

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  • is friendship / dating really that important? is there really any bad side effects to isolating yourself from close relationships?

    I have abandonment issues and it seems like every person i have ever cared about leaves. i feel like i would be better if i did not try to make friends or date.

  • From being a light in my life to becoming an all consuming darkness. "ex best friend bad dreams"?

    sorry this is so long as well as for the spelling and grammar mistakes.

    So I recently had a falling out with a friend who has been a part of a good chunk of my life and they meant allot to me, this friend was a light in my life and like a sister... just being around them always seemed to negate any depression or negativity I was feeling and we always had fun together.

    after our friendship died, I have started having these bad dreams. It's like I am standing in nothingness, endless darkness in every direction, including under my feet. sometimes there are two chairs or sometimes we both stand. she appears before me and looks normal except her eyes are completely black. in these dreams she tells me things, hurtful things that I sometimes think about myself or worry about when I am having issues with my depression/anxiety. I just want these dreams to stop or at least understand the meaning behind them if there is any.

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  • is there any way to help with bad dreams?

    someone who used to be a very close friend of mine hurt me, i have been trying to move on, forget them, and get over it but the last few weeks i have been having bad dreams every few nights. i end up very stressed and anxiety ridden both in the dream and then for a few hours after i wake up.

    in my dream they either say things to hurt me or they actually do something to physically hurt me "they only hurt me emotionally in real life".

    i honestly wish i could forget this person entirely

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  • does hypnosis work at all or is it just like the placebo effect?

    i was wondering if hypnosis even remotely works. i am not asking about the type where someone pulls out a pocket watch and makes me cluck like a chicken. i am talking about hypnosis to help with traumatic events or other psychological issues.

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  • why has every phone scam attempt against me been someone with a thick Indian accent?

    is this a pretty typical from there or is it just coincidence the 3 times someone has tried to scam me over the phone they have all sounded like they were from that area?

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  • army housing/marriage question?

    my girlfriend and soon to be wife is joining the army, i am both excited/proud/nervous for her. the issue we are having is that she does not want me to quit my job and she wants me to be able to visit her. we are worried that if i dont live with her 24/7 that she wont get help with housing options. if we get married but i stay in another state will the army still help with a house or will they have her stay in base

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  • I want to build a tiny home, any advice from happy owners?

    My dream is to have a nice looking gypsy style tiny home, i would like to give it solar power and maybe even wind power.

    I have seen just how much tiny homes can vary in price and I want to try to learn to do some of the work myself to save money and just for the experience and education from it.

    I really want to get a drop down flatbed trailer and have seen a few used ones for pretty cheap

    if anyone can give me advice and tips where i can save money and places i should not be worried about spending a bit on or about anything else tiny home i would appreciate it

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  • how bad is army training and will my friend be ok?

    my best friend is doing a 4 year contract, i am really scared about her. she is going into nursing and wont see combat from what i understand. i am scared they will change who she is after she joins in the army and i am worried they wont pick her base preferences and will be sent overseas

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  • What would you tell your 20 year old self?

    I read an article about a person saying what advice they would give themselves at 20. this made me wonder what other people would tell themselves at a younger age.

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  • are radical views on the rise?

    has the world always been filled with more radical/extreme viewed people or is this a change in society.

    i consider myself pretty liberal and one of my best friends has always considered themselves pretty conservative. but the funny thing is we both have grown tired of people in our groups because it seems to us that more and more radical viewed people are popping up.

    he is tired of all the actual racists, bigots, and uneducated types that he sees on his pages he follows and i am tired of the hyper sensitive politically correct types or the irrational accusers that will find any reason to call someone who does not share their view a racist, sexists, or homophobe.

    i even have a friend who is into animal rights and she has had some bad experiences with really crazy extreme people for silly things.

    do you think this will continue to grow until things reach a boiling point or do you think people will learn to live and let live and accept some people have differing views like how me and my friends are

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  • why is being in support of #AllLivesMatter racist?

    i said recently online that i am in support of all lives matter and shortly after was bombarded with comments that i was a racist on the website i said it on. why is it wrong to be in support of everyone's live being respected and protected and not putting one race or group or profession on a pedestal and how is it racist to not favor one group over another?

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