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  • Relocating to Sacramento area - Places to Live?

    I am considering move to the Sacramento area in the Fall. However, I am looking at apts online and don't want to move to a slum. Co-workers have suggested living in Roseville. Are there any GREAT apartment complexes with one bedroom apartments that have a washer/dryer in unit, along with dishwasher? I'm looking for a SAFE and quiet place to live where I won't feel scared to be there alone. I'm a 27 yr old business professional considering to work there in Downtown Sac. I wouldn't want the commute to be more than 30 minutes from where I live, including traffic time in the mornings. I'd like my monthly rent to be $500 - $850. Your thoughts?

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  • Am I Depressed?

    Sometimes I feel very sad and I cry alot. No one who knows me at work would ever think of me in this way - I am cheerful, bright, always willing to help others and laughing. But in terms of my perosnal relationships with people, I can get on a downhill slope in mood. One bad occurance can snowball into other bad experiences. The next thing you know, my bf is calling me a pessimist and asking if I'm just having a bad week, or month? He notices these states of sadness in me where nothing makes me happy. I can become miserable and want to make him miserable to. I hate being this way! I have a great life, job, car, friends, anything anyone could wish for. I don't understand why I feel this way sometimes. Sometimes I just want to cry in bed and isolate myself from everyone. I try to exercise and eat right to keep my body well balanced, and that seems to do the trick but maybe I need to think of talking to a doctor about these problems?

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  • Boyfriend is keeping me from his Daughter?

    I've been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for over a year and a half. I believe we have a great relationship - with the exception of a few issues. One of the issues is that he revealed to me about his daughter after three months of dating, and I met her and would occasionally spend time with her. His daughter is six years old. I would be included in plans like watching movies, etc. with them both. I have never dated anyone with a child before, so I took things as they came. While I love children, and have none of my own, I started to feel some natural jealousy and resentment towards his daughter. Lately, he has had a tendency to exclude me from ALL plans including his daughter. This has made me feel like he either spends time with her OR me, but not together. Ever since I spoke to him about these feelings, he now won't let me see her. I developed a sense of caring for his daughter. It pains me to think I am being pushed away. How should I handle this? I don't know what todo

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